1. Double Botch
    Welcome to the OpenRPG gamers group. Please take a moment to introuce yourself.

    General Info: OpenRPG is an open source program that facilitates tabletop play online. If you're not familiar with the program then I encourage you to go to OpenRPG.com, download it, and give it a try.

    Feel free to use this group as a way to promote your own OpenRPG games and find others to play with.

    OpenRPG works well in conjunction with a voip(Voice Over IP) program as well. Ventrilo is my program of choice. Teamspeak is also a popular option.
  2. Double Botch
    I call myself Double Botch due to botching two critical rolls in a row during a Hunter: The Reckoning game with some friends.

    I played using OpenRPG a couple of years ago. You'd know me as Duermo, the boomerang-weilding trap-guinea-pig halfing, if we crossed paths during that time.

    I like OpenRPG because it lets those of us who can't make games due to travel time play on our own schedules. I'm hoping that once I'm back into the swing of DnD again I'll be able to DM some RPGA games using the program. I've been out of the game for a while due to some schedule constraints, but am looking forward to playing again.
  3. Loki-Letheren
    I'm Loki, just your run of the mill D&D 3.5 player.

    Nice to be here although it looks as though you could use other members. I used to surf the Mayhem Gaming server on OpenRPG a lot, played games, DMed a couple. My characters vary greatly from each other. One game I might play a game and when a new game rolls around I might be a rogue. I'm currently looking for an online game on OpenRPG or something of that nature, though finding one with my particular likes and dislikes has proven to be quite a challenge. I value role-play over hack'n'slash and dungeon crawls, and would prefer to be in a long-term game rather than short ones that only last a couple adventures. Anyway, that's me. Later~
  4. Mazerik
    Hello all! I am new to playing D&D. Well, actually I used to play long, long ago so it is pretty much the same as being new. I want to play, but don't really have the time to go anywhere. I am interested in being able to play online but have never done it before. Please let me know if there are any games that I could join, or even if someone would be willing to DM a game for me to play so that I could get the hang of it.
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