Character Backgrounds

Character Backgrounds

  1. Universal_narration
    Post here all the information for your character, using the following format.

    Character creation will be done later when I have finished the ruleset.

    Role in the squad
    (Backstory can be posted or it can be sent to me)
  2. 'Ghost'
    Probably not necessary but may as well put it here for quick reference

    Name: ??? (Codename 'Ghost')
    Gender: Male
    Age: 29
    Nationality: British
    Role: Sniper/Recon
  3. Aleksandra Zhukov
    Name: Aleksandra Zhukov
    Gender: Female
    Age: 28
    Nationality: Russian-Japanese
    Role in squad: Infiltration/ Short range Assault.

    "Well of course I want to go to space. The ship and the actual space alone would be enough but you showed us those new suits and some of the things that they do. If you take off with out me you may have to check for a stowaway. And if I can [SECTION REDACTED AT REQUEST OF RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT FOR REASONS OF NATIONAL SECURITY] then you'll have a damn hard time keeping me off this ship... Commodore"
  4. Alexander Bauhdric
    Name: Alexander Bauhdric
    Gender: Male
    Age: 38
    Nationality: German
    Role in squad: Melee bruiser/Martial artist

    Interview transcription: “My name is Alexander Bauhdric. In Germany, the Bauhdric name is one that is sung out to the sound of church bells. We have protected the Fatherland for generations! By our biceps of stainless steel and triceps of unbreakable honour, we protect our great country from those who mean it ill; while our righteous quadriceps and pure abdominals hold us fast against the evil in this world, and give us the power to overco-

    “Application process? Do my muscles not grant you enough proof of my integrity! Behold them! Would a man with muscles like this lie to you! Would he betray his own indomitable body by letting weakness take root in his mind! I will serve on your ship. I dare the instructors to find me a training regimen that I cannot cope with. If need be, I will carry the instructors on my back while they whip the rest of the crew into shape! This crew will be my family, and as I have said, my family name has a lot to live up to. But alas, if they make the cut, I will protect them like my brothers and sisters. They will know no pain, for I shall take it upon myself to ensure that they will all return home alive, and unscathed. That is my mission, regardless of any exploration we do, or discoveries we make. Bring my family home; alive.”

    Military Record:

    -Burmese Diplomatic Taskforce (Defence duty, East Asia)
    -Tibetan Crisis (Active duty, East Asia)
    -The Unification Skirmishes (Active duty, East/Central Europe)
    -African Unification (Defence duty, South Africa)
    -The Cleansing of Mexico (Active duty, central America)
    -Iranian Second Green Revolution (Defence duty, Middle East)
  5. Mikhail Zhukov
    Name: Mikhail Zhukov
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: Russian
    Role in the squad:Tank

    "I don't want to live on this planet anymore"
  6. Arthur Campbell
    Name: Arthur Campbell
    Gender: Male
    Age: 36
    Nationality: Canadian
    Role in Squad: Bomb Disposal / explosives engineer

    Interview extract: So you see gentlemen I'm willing to allow my fifteen years of service in bomb disposal speak for itself. A fact reinforced by the fact I remain intact where some of my more inept peers lie scattered to the four winds. Despite the nobility of their sacrifice it is not always enough to get the job done. To survive and excel in this field a cool head and intimate knowledge of your job are required, these traits are what I feel have kept me and various squad mates alive over the years and will continue to do so if you should accept me onto this mission. After all the last thing you want on that ship is something exploding.

    Oh? my career as an explosive engineer? Well that is ultimately the smaller aspect of my calling. although I go to great lengths to stay at the forefront of my field the need to sap and crack open strongholds does not often arise. Although as always a cool head is needed. The correct charge will blow a clean hole in their defences whilst leaving the supports intact ensuring that they do not collapse on advancing friendly troops. The ability to precisely and accurately demolish an enemies defences is a fine art, one of the most complex problems any engineer can face, and a challenge that I will always readily accept hsould I be asked to carry it out.

    "Death is inevitable, the success of the mission is not" inscription under Arthurs' picture in the Canadian engineering core
  7. Ray Ray
    Names: Rey/Raymond
    Nationality: Canadian
    Genders: Female/Male
    Roles: Pilot/Heavy weapons deployment
    "We were born in war, bodies strewn around us..."
    "Try again, sunshine."
    "When I was only four years old, I heroically defended not one, but two heavy vehicles under fire..."
    "They were ice cream trucks and the kids were throwing rocks, Raymond. Look, ignore my brother for the moment. He's watched one too many old action movies and I think it's impeded his mental capacity somewhat. Hes nothing like this on the battlefield I swear. I'm Rey, but most people just call both of of Ray-ray because we're pretty difficult to tell apart. Who would have thought fraternal twins could look so similar, eh?"
    "Back home, we were known simply as 'the twins' in the local neighbourhood. It felt like some kind of spy name. Rey, we should have trained in the covert division, we've got a codename and everything!"
    "...Yes Ray. Because heavy weapons deployment specialities are amazing on covert missions. Besides, if we were a spy team, we'd be called 'The Stealthy Alpacas'. No question."
    "Psh, and you'd spy on them with one of your noisy planes wouldya, eh? ... Or on the back of an extinct...Alpacamaca-thingy?"
    "They're SHIPS. We're in SPACE. And they're out there somewhere still. I know it."
    After a little bickering and laughter, each twin is called in for separate interviews, as its evident you won't get that much more out of them together.
  8. TheMarauding
    Name: Natalia Gorodvanska
    Gender: Female
    Age: 27
    Nationality: Russian
    Role in the squad: Pilot
    On Earth, Natalia was a decorated member of the Sochi Police department airborne interception squad. She was a rookie for only a few weeks when she was picked to be a trainee on the airborne team. Scoring top marks on the entrance exam for the department put her into the helicopter pilot's seat, and kept her there since.
    "The building was the Gavrilas HQ, and it had been taken over by members of the Free Soviet Russia terror cell. They had hostages on the roof and it was my job to get the team in to do it. It's amazing, all that hi tech anti air weaponry, and nobody could shoot it straight"
    "I know, it's amazing what a twenty year old helicopeter can do, isn't it? My Yuri is an amazing girl, isn't she?"
    "Yuri? It's my little sister's name. I told her I was piloting it and she insisted on me naming it something. So I named it after her. I don't get to see her much due to the hours we work, and it's nice to have something to remind me of her"
    "Well anyway, on top of the building is six men, all armed with heavy machine guns. They look like they're ready for me and the SWAT team when we arrive"
    "I opened fire, just long enough to force them to take cover. And as they dove for cover, I did a fly past and dropped the SWAT boys off on the roof as I went. The FSR never knew what hit them"
    "I trusted them to jump while I was turning, and they trusted me to make sure they were going to land safely, they knew they were safe with me, and it's remarkably disorientating for them if they don't think your team is going to jump on the first pass"
    "And that's why you chose me. In all my time flying, I've never had a casualty. I've picked them up, but I've never been the cause of one"
  9. 'Ghost'
    Quote Originally Posted by Ghost
    Probably not necessary but may as well put it here for quick reference

    Name: ??? (Codename 'Ghost')
    Gender: Male
    Age: 29
    Nationality: British
    Role: Sniper/Recon
    "If it takes more then one shot you're alrady dead"
  10. J. D. Tsuba
    Name: J.D. Tsuba
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25
    Nationality: Japanese-British
    Role in the squad: Navigator/Science Adviser


    Tsuba enters
    "Good evening commodore, please don't get up, we should be able to get this over with fairly quickly. As far as I can judge you have bought me here because you need me, seeing as I specialize in astronomy and cartography, I assume you require someone to navigate your vessel using the stars. This is not all however is it?"
    "Please let me finish commodore, as I am not the only specialist in my field I assume you also require me for reasons other than my academic qualifications, the most obvious part of my background taking that into account is my heritage. Being raised as a citizen of two major global powers, I can glue any separating factions from these two powers that your crew may have affiliations with. That I am quite happy with, however If you intend to use me merely as a general in your sordid campaign, I assure you I will be far from pleased. My talents lie in discovery and research, I will not let myself be used as a weapon of war"
    "If you..."
    "Thankyou for your time commodore, I think we've gone over everything don't you? I took the liberty of re-arranging the crews sleeping arrangements while I moved my instruments into my new Lab, you should find them much more efficient now"
    Tsuba Exits

    "We don't have a Lab..."
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