1. Universal_narration
    Also if you have questions about what I will allow in character backgrounds post them here.

    So far the most asked ones are:

    Guns are only a little bit more advanced than the modern guns today.

    You can make up campaigns that you were a part of but please ones that make sense, so no WW3 or America fighting England and Germany or something like that.
  2. 'Ghost'
    Mine's with regards to weaponary. I've chosen weapons but as declan pointed out they're both bolt action rifles which is fast becoming obsolete. So would it be possible to just change them up a little and have them semi-automatic? Also what types of limitations are there to weaponary? because currently my character uses three seperate weapons, 2 rifles and 1 pistol. So can he carry all three into the field or will I be limited to 2 weapons?
  3. Alexander Bauhdric
    This is going to sound stupid, but how long/detailed should our back-stories be? Pages and pages, or just 2-3 paragraphs. I was going to aim for the latter, but I was just wondering.
  4. Universal_narration
    Ghost: Weapons in the armory will be labelled as 'rifle' or 'shotgun' and the like. You can then ascribe whatever model number or look you want for them they will just be the same in terms of stats as someone else with a 'rifle'.

    Limitations to how much you can carry is based on what you choose as your 'spell' level. Each spell level will have a certain amount of EP (equipment points) which you will be able to spend on equipment each time you leave the ship. Each suit also has a certain number of slots to carry weapons, in general the lower amount of spells you have the more equipment you are allowed to carry.

    Alex: As detail as you want, enough to build a character off of basically. Though the more background you have the more I have to work with and thus the more characterisation I can give with certain events. I will try to give everyone equal amount of spotlight but the more you give me to work with the easier it is on me. (Just don't write me a short story of 100 pages or something daft)
  5. Universal_narration
    Other questions asked:

    All members will not know each other before this mission as you have come from widely differing backgrounds and units. You may however choose to write your backstory with another member if you so wish to set up ties to them.

    A note, just because you have worked with another member previously does not guarantee which squad you will end up in. It might up your chances but I can't promise you will work with that person as your roles might be better spread out into separate teams.

    The suits you will use for 'spells' are a very new development in the past 10-20 years. They aren't generally used for current warfare much and thus all of you will have undergone training before the mission to use them. It is alright in your backstory to say your character knew of their existence for one reason or another but they will never have used them before the mission's training.
  6. Universal_narration
    Further questions:

    All the equipment have very generic names. As long as you use the stats of the weapon you buy you can ascribe whatever characteristics you want to your chosen weapon. For example 'Superior Melee' can be a sword or axe or mace etc. Land vehicle can be a tank, jeep, armoured carrier, etc. (anything that could carry 5 people.)

    Also one errata with explosive weapons, if you have advantage with one you roll 3d6 drop the highest. If you have disadvantage you roll 3d6 drop the lowest. Reason for this is explosive weapons want to roll low since they scatter 2d6-R.acc.
  7. 'Ghost'
    I have a couple of questions with regards to campaign specific skills. Firstly what's paksis? I've never heard of it, also whats the point of the firearms skill? I assumed we're all soldiers so we'll all be trained in weaponary and firearms, or am I missing the point.
  8. Universal_narration
    Paksis is the power source used for some of the more advanced armour as well as the power cores used by the Epsilon armours. Most importantly the paksis is what powers the ship, check the Wanderer article.

    Firearms skill is for advanced usage of firearms beyond your own equipment and basic training. Identifying new guns, finer mechanics of weaponry, weapon repair and ballistics.

    Edit: Clarification to 'store'. Store may increase the power of any equipped weapon. This is why the rod that has no power stat still has store since it can increase the power of other weapons.
  9. Aleksandra Zhukov
    It looks like the "wiki" info we had for characters etc hasn't survived the shift. Would it be possible to get that back at some point or is it just a case of waiting.
  10. Universal_narration
    The wiki info is still there, haven't found a way to link it back yet so here they are. The NPCs are on their way back so we will just wait for them, I might open a thread for the new NPCs until we get the function back.
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