Map thread

Map thread

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  1. Universal_narration
    Post here for questions about the map and when you are ready to start combat.
  2. 'Ghost'
    Ok, uploaded my image, I can see it in the collection of images but it won't let me edit the map, how do I place myself on the map?

    This is gonna be a pain to learn XD but needs must

    edit: Actually no worries, figured it out ^^

    Ready. Most of you will have already guessed this but for those that don't know me, my token is Jonah from Jormungand.
  3. Arthur Campbell
    Righto arthur is now present in the form of a very happy cartoon eskimo, it displays his inner feelings, and KABOOM is a grey beetle thing.

    My only action will be to cast blast shield on myself.

  4. Arthur Campbell
    double post fail
  5. Universal_narration
    When you post your token on the map remember to save the map so the token stays there.
  6. Aleksandra Zhukov
    I'm sam fisher. And my holo is the blue woman, an inverted colour one is the other holo when out.

  7. J. D. Tsuba
    Posted and up, FYI I am Lelouch Lamperouge and I have cast a gravity well (weird spinney thing). I believe I am ready, though If my teammates want to know exactly what my spells do, they should PM me :-)
  8. Alexander Bauhdric
    Moved myself, and will do nothing else. READY.

    FYI I am the Face of Alex Armstrong.
  9. Ray Ray
    I'm the fancy man with the moustache and hat. Posting now.
  10. Universal_narration
    Sean has graciously made damage charts for every character so you can tell each other's statuses. Link to it here:

    When you get damaged you fill in using the colour tool from top to bottom of the appropiate column I rolled when damaging you. Green for the first layer of damage, minor damage. Yellow for the second layer of damage, major damage. Red for the last layer of damage, critical damage.

    Be aware all minor damage disappears after combat, major lasts for two days which can be sped up by medical attention and critical up to two weeks.
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