Proposed Items.... Your Thoughts?

Proposed Items.... Your Thoughts?

  1. Rathan
    Proposed Items:

    All items will be posted in a thread created for an item shop. Feel free to do a bit of role play while posting in said thread to purchase items. All purchases must be noted in the item shop thread so there is a record of bought items.

    Potion of Greed: 5Yen (One-Use)
    Once drank, this potion allows you gain two yen every round in a battle for up to four rounds regardless if you win the round or not. If the battle ends before your four rounds are up, those rounds are wasted and you do not get yen for them, so use this item wisely.

    Standard of Battle: 3Yen (One-Use)
    This item if carried into battle gives you the ability to do double damage (2 points or flags for winning the round) for one round. This item must be used before the judge makes his decision for the round not after so choose your use of this item wisely.

    Smoke Bomb: 4Yen (One- Use)
    This item allows you to negate an entire round and may be used after the judge has made his judgment for the round.

    Foresight: 4Yen (One-Use)
    You may generate two moves for one round and pick which one you feel would be best to use. Both moves must be posted in battle and then you must make note of which one you plan to use.

    Relentless Training: 10Yen
    Gain one rank in your current tier instantly upon purchase of this item.

    Escape Disgrace: 3Yen (One-Use)
    If you loose a battle, rather than falling into disgrace use this item to reverse the loss of rank in your current tier.

    Imbue Item: 7Yen ( 7Yen per Purchase: Max 5 Sig styles or locations per person)
    This item really isn't an item at all it's more of an add on to a flavor text item your character may own. For each time purchased you may imbue an item with a signature style or location of your choice thus gaining the benifits of the power of the style or location as it applies to awarding you immunity or extra points for winning a round.
  2. Knight Otu
    Knight Otu
    At a glance, I'd say the relative prices look good, though I'd need to see them in action. You'll probably want to note that items are generally single-use.

    Potion of Greed: I presume that those yen are in addition to those generated already?
  3. Rathan
    Indeed if you gen'ed a yen move while this potion is active and win the round you would still win the regular yen as well as the two yen per round for four rounds....

    I'll change the items to read one use....... thanks for the catch my friend
  4. Knight Otu
    Knight Otu
    Foresight: I've been wondering how it would work in a strategy match with hands - would you choose two moves from the hand (which'd kinda mean a whole lot of nothing since you're also choosing from the two chosen moves, anyway), or do you choose a move and generate a move?
  5. Rathan
    I would either do one of two things... make this item not usable in a strat match.... OR.... your suggestion one chosen move from a hand and one random gen'ed..... which would you feel would work better in game with simple rules but looking to entice players... my vote is with one from hand one randomly gen'ed as you suggested..

    anyone elses thoughts?!
  6. Knight Otu
    Knight Otu
    Obviously, my preference would be that an item shouldn't become useless simply due to choice of battle type. You paid good Yen for them, after all.
  7. Rathan
    Agreed and I'll change the item list soon... thankyou.... on a side note.. I think you Phoenix and I are pretty much the only ones still interested in this game anymore :/
  8. Rathan

    There are days I miss this game for no apparent reason... I just do lol
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