Maine Gamer Shout-out!

Maine Gamer Shout-out!

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  1. Exquisite Dead Guy
    Exquisite Dead Guy
    Oakland, Me

    Game Systems
    Castles & Crusades - enthusiastically familiar
    Call of Cthulhu/Delta Green - very familiar
    Gamma World - haven't played in years, but love 1e/2e
    Traveller - haven't played in years
    Star Frontiers - haven't played in years
    Deadlands - never played, but always wanted to
    Lots of card and board games!
  2. Steve-Dave
    Belgrade, ME

    Game Systems
    D&D (any edition) - Very familiar, but it's been a while
    Open to almost anything

    Currently LFG
  3. Exquisite Dead Guy
    Exquisite Dead Guy
    If anyone is interested there is a gaming convention and a Ren Faire on August 2nd & 3rd.

    NEGACON is a gaming convention at University of Maine @ Farmington.
    Maine Ren Faire is being held in Manchester.
  4. Garnfellow
    Pittsfield, ME

    Game Systems
    D&D (3.x, Pathfinder)
    d20 Modern
    Ars Magica
  5. Lab_Monkey
    Brunswick, ME

    Game Systems
    D&D (4e preferred)
    Open to other games as well
  6. Exquisite Dead Guy
    Exquisite Dead Guy
    Yet another event of gamer interest:
    Seventh Annual Fort Knox Medieval Demo Saturday, September 6th, 2008
  7. jmcleod76
    Lewiston, ME

    Games Systems
    D&D (3.x preferred)
  8. pbd
    Sidney, ME

    Game System(s)
    DnD 3.5 preferred, but have played others.
  9. cleverpig
    Scott & Sarah

    Location: Waterville, ME

    Games: Anything! We love CoC, D&D, myriad boardgames, Indie RPGs, etc.

    Anybody out there?
  10. Grassette

    4e or whatever.
    currently attending college so I gotta work around that.
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