Just Moved Back

Just Moved Back

  1. pbd
    So I just returned to the home state after a long (almost 20 year) absence and am looking to hook up with a gaming group. I'm currently living in Sidney.

    I primarily play DnD 3.5 ed or similar. Haven't taken the leap to 4 ed yet.

    If anyone knows of a local group, I'd definitely be interested. I'm primarily a player and would like to start out at least as a PC.

    I'm 35, male and consider myself a mature gamer. I have been known to joke around and believe that first and foremost gaming should be fun for all involved. I enjoy role play and hack n' slash in about equal measure, but frikkin hate obtuse, overly trapped dungeons (Tomb of gol-durned Horrors) with lots of randomly generated puzzles. (maybe hate is too strong a word, but where did these dungeons come from and why are they here....)

    Looking forward to it.

  2. cleverpig

    I just joined the group on behalf of my my boyfriend any myself-- we don't exactly constitute a group, but we're looking for the same thing you are

    We just moved to Waterville from San Francisco and we're kind of starved for creative social contact If you've had any luck finding a fun, mature group to game with please let me know!

    We have played and run all sorts of games, tending to favor CoC, D&D, several indie games, etc. I'm all with you on roleplaying is great, fun is the goal!

    Sarah (& Scott)
  3. sciu
    Also in the central area of the state, I find myself in Vassalboro, between Winslow and Augusta, across the river from Sidney. Where I want to be is in Eberron, right between Fallcrest and Scarrport, or some other hodgepodge of worlds.

    D&D is my primary love, but I'm not opposed to trying out Deadlands, Rifts, Star Wars, or something else that makes roleplaying roleplaying, and not just living a different life in the same world.
  4. pbd
    My personal preference would be for some DnD 3.5 ed. Mostly because that is what I've played primarily recently.

    Anyone interested? If so give a head count and if you/will DM, if we get to 3 player and a DM I'd definitely be willing to set something up...

    For my own part, It's just me and I may be willing to DM, although I am not an experienced DM and may not be very good at it...
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