Character Submission Thread

Character Submission Thread

  1. Living PF Judge
    The following rules will be adhered to when creating a character for play in the Living Pathfinder World. Note that these rules can be changed with a consensus vote and any changes needed to be made to a character will be solely up to the player of that character.

    This is a very simple procedure as we will be following the rules for character creation as they are written in the PFRPG-Core Rulebook with the following modifications:

    1) All characters will generate abilities using the purchase system (pg. 15-16). Using 20 points to purchase abilities. Note that starting age does not modify ability scores in any way.
    2) All players start with 150gp regardless of class with which to purchase equipment.

    Hit Points: Maximum hit points at first level. Hit points per level as below.

    Hit points per Level:
    Characters are given the following options and one must be chosen during character generation.
    A) Roll. A player who chooses this option will roll for their hit points at every level and then add all relevant modifiers.
    B) Max-2. A player who chooses this option will get their maximum hit points for their hit die minus two hit points. And then they will add all the relevant modifiers to that total.

    Please list your choice (either Roll or Max-2) in your HP area. Thank you.

    Character submission should follow this procedure:

    1. Log into the Living Pathfinder RPG Wiki and 'Create an Article' (the link's in the left sidebar) with the name "Character Name (Player Name)" - where the names of your character and ENWorld User Name would be inserted in the appropriate places. Use the 'Blank Page' option when it's presented.
    2. When the page comes up, put the following into the text area:
      {{subst:LPF Character}}
    3. Save the page. (This places the Character Sheet Template on your page)
    4. Edit the page and type in your character information between the '<pre>' and '</pre>' tags in each section. Note that for accurate editing you'll have to click the 'Edit Page' link and then the 'Source' button in the upper right corner. You can also edit one section of the sheet at a time (handy for level ups), but you'll still have to use the 'Source' button.
    5. To make additions to a section (e.g. to add an additional weapon to the 'Weapon Stats' section, simply copy the relevant portion of that section and paste it in the appropriate place. You may delete lines that reference things not relevant to your character (e.g. 'Class 02' or 'Weapon 02') from the sheet if you wish. They are included to indicate the method for adding a class if you choose to multiclass when you level up. If you choose to delete them you can reference the Template (link is on the Home page under 'Player's Guide' section) to see how to add them back in later.
    6. At the bottom of the sheet, use the 'Add Category' button and add the category "Awaiting Approval." (This gathers all of the unapproved characters in one spot for the judges to find them).
    7. Save the sheet and put a post in this discussion thread with a link to your character, indicating that you're submitting for approval.
    8. Judges will look at the character, and post requests for changes in this discussion thread. Once requests from both reviewing judges have been resolved, the judges will indicate 'Approved' at the bottom of the wiki sheet and change the category to 'Approved Characters.'

    Level Ups Should Follow This Procedure:

    1. Note all changes to your character in the 'Adventure Log' and 'Level Up' sections of the Character Sheet.
    2. Incorporate those changes into the appropriate sections of the sheet.
    3. Add the category 'Awaiting Approval' just as you did for your original submission.
    4. Judges will look at the character, and post requests for changes in this discussion thread. Once requests from both reviewing judges have been resolved, the judges will indicate 'Approved' at the bottom of the wiki sheet and change the category to 'Approved Characters.'

    For an example, you can go to the Living Pathfinder RPG Wiki, click on the 'Approved Characters' link under the Player's Guide section, then on the link to Pari Kalikasan.


    Characters will not be allowed to take item creation feats for their characters. And the creating magical items rules will not be allowed in Living PF games. As such the following will be changes made to existing classes -

    Wizard - Lose Scribe Scroll at first level and gains a Spell Focus of their choice.
    Alchemist - Lose Brew Potion and gains Extra Bombs (this if the APG class is allowed)

    ADDED JAN 2:

    Wizards may pick and choose which cantrips are in their spellbook. Or they can just pick "all" as normal.

    1) Walking Dad
    2) GlassEye
    3) Mowgli
    4) InVinoVeritas
    5) Aldern Foxglove
    6) HolyMan
  2. Living PF Judge
    This place is held to list all characters and if they are as of yet approved/unapproved I hope to make them links for easy reference.

    In Progress/Awaiting Approval
    Orin (fireinthedust; Unfinished) (Orin)

    Elros (GandalfMithrandir; Approved - GlassEye, Mowgli)
    Kanli the Mad (InVinoVeritas; Approved - GlassEye, grufflehead)
    Alnar (Luinnar; Approved - Walking Dad, Mowgli)
    Markas Shieldheart (HolyMan; Approved - GlassEye, grufflehead)
    Nathan Tchanlach (jkason; Approved - grufflehead, Mowgli)
    Orlando Furioso 'Fury' (GlassEye; Approved - Mowgli, grufflehead)
    Pari Kalikasan (Mowgli; Approved - grufflehead, GlassEye)
    Ta-Am-Ath (Walking Dad; Approved - grufflehead, Mowgli)
    Tahn Staful (SelcSilverhand; Approved - grufflehead, Mowgli)
    Theo Richard "TR" Finnegan (Alaxk Knight of Galt; Approved - grufflehead, Mowgli)
    Willow Whitemane (Vertexx69; Approved - Mowgli, GlassEye)
    Zelena Andu (Songdragon; Approved - GlassEye, grufflehead)
  3. Walking Dad
    Walking Dad
    Could you post the sample sheet somewhere else, so we could simple 'quote' it to get the format?
  4. GlassEye
    Somewhere else in our discussions WD suggested we use the regular pbp forum to play in until we can convince the administration to give us our own section under the living forums. I'll add to that idea and suggest that we put our characters in the Rogues Gallery or whatever it's called now (NOT the Plots & Places forum). When we get our sub-forum we can always move the thread to that location. In the meantime, having our characters there might attract some additional attention.
  5. HolyMan
    Markas Shieldheart/Unapproved

    Game Info

    Race: Human
    Class: Fighter(favored)
    Level: 1
    Experience: 0
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Languages: Common
    Deity: The Ruler (aspect as yet unknown)


    STR: 17 +3 (07pts) +2 racial bonus
    DEX: 12 +1 (02pts)
    CON: 14 +2 (05ts)
    INT: 11 +0 (01pts)
    WIS: 12 +1 (02pts)
    CHA: 13 +1 (03pts)


    HP (Max-2): 16 = [1d10 + 2] + 3 (feat) + 1 (favored class bonus)
    AC: 19 = 10 + 5 (armor) + 3 (shield & feat) + 1 (DEX),
    AC Touch: 11 = 10 + 1 (DEX)
    AC Flatfooted: 18 = 10 + 5 (armor) + 3 (shield & feat)
    INIT: +1 = +1 (DEX)
    BAB: +1 = +1 (FIGHTER)
    CMB: +4 = +3 (STR) + 1 (BAB)
    CMD: 15 = 10 + 3 (STR) + 1 (DEX) + 1 (BAB)
    Fort: +4 = +2 (base) + 2 (stat)
    Reflex: +1 = +0 (base) + 1 (stat)
    Will: +1 = +0 (base) + 1 (stat)
    Speed: 20'
    Damage Reduction: N/A
    Spell Resistance: N/A

    Weapon Stats

    Longsword(melee): +5 = +1 (BAB) + 3 (STR) + 1 (feat)/ DMG = 1d8+3(S), CRIT 19-20x2
    Dagger(melee): +4 = +1 (BAB) + 3 (STR)/ DMG = 1d4+3(P or S), CRIT 19-20x2
    Dagger(range): +2 = +1 (BAB) + 1 (DEX)/ DMG = 1d4+3(P or S), CRIT 19-20x2
    Warhammer(melee): +4 = +1 (BAB) + 3 (STR)/ DMG = 1d8+3(B), CRIT x3

    Racial Traits

    * +2 to one ability score - chose STR
    * Medium - (no bonuses or penalties based on size)
    * Normal speed - Base speed is 30 feet
    * Bonus feat - chose Toughness
    * Skilled - +1 skill rank at 1st level, and +1 skill rank whenever a level is gained
    * Languages - Common

    Class Features

    * Bonus Feats - added at 1st level and every even level thereafter


    Prof. with all simple weapons (fighter)
    Prof. with all martial weapons (fighter)
    Prof. with light, medium, and heavy armor (fighter)
    Prof. with all shields (fighter)
    Toughness (human bonus)
    Shield Focus (first lvl)
    Weapon Focus-longsword (fighter bonus)


    Skill Ranks: 3 = [2 + 0] + 1 (human) + 0 (ranks from favored class)
    Max Ranks: 1 ACP: -6
    Profession(guard): +5 = +1 (ranks) + 1 (WIS) + 3 (class skill)
    Diplomacy: +2 = +1 (ranks) + 1 (CHA)
    Knowledge(local): +1 = +1 (ranks) + 0 (INT)


    Equipment                    Cost  Weight
    Scalemail                    50gp   30lb
    Shield, heavy steel          20gp   15lb
    Longsword                    15gp    4lb
    Dagger                        2gp    1lb
    Warhammer                    12gp    5lb
    Traveler's Outfit            free    0lb
    Bedroll                       1sp    5lb
    Rope (50'hemp)                1gp   10lb
    Backpack                      2gp    2lb
     -flint and steel             1gp    0lb
     -torches(4)                  4cp    4lb
     -rations,trail(4days)        2gp    4lb
     -waterskins(2)               2gp    8lb
     -crowbar                     2gp    5lb
     -hammer                      5sp    2lb
     -pitons(4)                   4sp    2lb
     -sack,empty                  1sp   .5lb
     -spade                       2gp    8lb
     -peasant's outfit            1sp    2lb
    Belt Pouch                    1gp   .5lb
     -whetstone                   2cp    1lb
     -mirror,small steel         10gp   .5lb
     -potion:stabilize(lvl0)     25gp   .5lb
    Treasure: 1gp, 7sp, 6cp Gems: none
    Total weight carried: 110 (medium load)
    Maximum weight possible: 86light, 173medium, 260heavy


    Size: Medium
    Gender: Male
    Age: 31
    Height: 6'-1"
    Weight: 220lbs
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Skin Color: Light complexed
    Apperance: need
    Deamenaor: need so far all I know he is a nice guy
    Background: working is complicated it involves a purple worm and stuff

    Adventure Log
    None yet

    Level Ups
    N/A only first level
  6. grufflehead
    HM - I'm not sure how the approval process works in other living games. Do we need 2 judges to sign off?

    Regarding your character, I found a couple of small things to change:
    - your CMD includes your DEX mod so should be 15 not 14
    - you've costed the Stabilise potion correctly, but it is a level 0 spell not 1st
  7. GlassEye
    Grufflehead, in L4W they need one judge and one other to verify the character. If we did the same it would take a little pressure off those of us that have volunteered to judge.

    HM, this is even more minor than what Grufflehead found but:
    - CMD is a static number (like Armor Class) and so doesn't need the '+' sign (because it's not a modifier to a die roll)
    As far as I can tell, everything else looks good.
  8. Living PF Judge
    Please post your characters to the Living Pathfinder RPG Wiki.

    Characters submitted prior to 07/26/2010 can be found here as well:

    Character Thread: Living Pathfinder
  9. Walking Dad
    Walking Dad
    Sorry, I will post my character ASAP. I'm still a bit intimidated by the sheet...
  10. Maidhc O Casain
    Maidhc O Casain
    Put me down as a character judge.
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