Purpose of This Group

Purpose of This Group

  1. TarionzCousin
    Just a gathering place for the local folks.

    Maybe someday there will be a party and we'll all be invited.

    Or perhaps someone will post the secret handshake you need to know to get into the back room at that cool new game store.

    But in the meantime, I just thought it might be useful to collect names.
  2. Haltherrion
    Thanks for the invite.

    Would it be out of place to start a "who am I" thread? No one needs to reveal any personal info, but some info on what those in the group play, ages, preferences, how they game (at a shop, with long-time group, etc.) would be nifty,
  3. TarionzCousin
    I am currently playing/running a 4E D&D game (rotating DM's), playing in a weekly Gamma World game, running 3.5/Trailblazer Eberron (currently on hiatus), and playing in an Amber Diceless game. In all groups, the majority of the people are 30-45 years old.

    In all cases, I've known most of the other people for at least ten years and all the games are at someone's house.
  4. Tewligan
    My 1e AD&D group has been on hiatus for a few months since I got a little burned out on running it - I'm about to start up a sword & sorcery/Cthulhu/maybe-postapocalypse campaign using the Chaosium BRP rules hopefully within a few weeks. I also play in a Deadlands campaign - love my hard-drinkin' undead preacher character! All the players in both groups are in their mid- to late 30's, with the exception of one youngster in his late 20's. The D&D/BRP group plays at my house, the Deadlands group at another house.
  5. Haltherrion
    My group is mostly late 30s and mid 40s although we have the son of one of our players in the group (age 17). The group has been together for 15 years or so. We play at my place usually.

    We started off on AD&D2 (as a group, I've been playing since OD&D) and have moved with the new additions through 3E, 3.5E and now 4E.

    Here's a plug for one of my gaming friends (I don't get a kick back ) One of my players is a top notch painter. You can find him on coolminiornot.com as sivousplay. Some of his figures below. He does commisions if you are interested.

    More at draft-figures.
  6. Pentius
    Hello, all. Just found this group. I'm a young gamer(23) living just out of the Rose City in St Helens. Figured I'd give a tip of the hat, at least.
  7. Super Pony
    Super Pony
    Thanks for the invite to the group!

    My most recent GM efforts have been directed primarily toward Warhammer Fantasy (1st, 2nd & 3rd editions) & d6 Star Wars (revised edition). My most recent play experience is with Pathfinder, and Dark Heresy/40k rpgs.

    I am in my early 30's and have been playing RPG's since I was 9. My gaming time is truncated by having little children (sub-5 year olds the both of em), and work. As time marches on I will have more time for games again, but irregular or monthly games have been the easiest to swing for me for the last few years. I'm always keen to try new games, old games, and meet good gamers. My available play schedule doesn't leave much room for hopping into a regular weekly or bi-weekly group, but if anyone is ever into planning a one-shot scenario or in need of a gamer to occaisionally fill in a seat (running NPC's, absent players, etc) drop me a line.

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