Open Supers Games

Open Supers Games

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  1. pawsplay
    A thread for discussion and comparison of open supers games. Of the top of my head:

    Foundation: A World in Black and White (possibly worst d20 product ever)
    Four Colors to Fantasy
    d20 Silver Age Sentinel
    Mutants & Masterminds
    Adventure! and Aberrant, d20

    What else is out there? Anything FATE-based, for that matter?
  2. Walking Dad
    Walking Dad
    Blood and Vigilance

    DCA would count as M&M?

    Has Superworld open up (BRP is OGL now)
  3. Treebore
    Don't forget Wild Talents, and i am pretty sure Savage Worlds has a supers resource. Or maybe it was/is in development.
  4. Walking Dad
    Walking Dad
    Are ORE and Savage Worlds open games?

    But yes, SW has superhero support.
  5. Relique du Madde
    Relique du Madde
    Walking Dad,

    DCA is Mutants and Mastermind's 3e and it is OGL.
  6. Walking Dad
    Walking Dad
    I know, that is why I wanted to group it under M&M.

    Still not sure about ORE and pretty sure SW is not.
  7. pawsplay
    SW is not. It has a generous fan license, though.
  8. Walking Dad
    Walking Dad
    Hey, I think I have all above but supers20. I prefer the M&M line most. ORE lacks any form of balancing, Adventure and aberrant are to setting specific. SAS is developed by Steve Kenson and looks a bit like a M&M beta.

    'Four Color' and 'Blood & Vigilance' have the advantage to be very compatible with the WotC products.
  9. Relique du Madde
    Relique du Madde
    Silver Age Sentinels was originally Big Eye Small Mouth (tri-stat/d20 tri-stat) re-engineered for Super Heroes.

    I'm pretty sure that Steve Kenson brought the idea to Guardians of Order because GoO was too fixated on Anime at that point of time that they refused to look outside of their anime box at all the genre opportunities that existed for their rule set.

    Luckily, after SAS came and went, Steve Kenson took his ideas and work from SAS, refined the system, and evolved it into M&M.
  10. Vigilance
    Paws: I bought Foundation, and I would also call it the worst d20 book ever written. Its not even close.

    I love supers games and its a thrill to have so many to choose from, not only as a player and GM but as a writer.

    Its a great time for open supers gaming (and for supers gaming period actually).
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