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  1. pawsplay
    So what projects are people working on? I know Raven Crowking has his baby, of course.
  2. freyar
    I will plug the on-going work of the EN World Creature Catalog, though I honestly couldn't sort out whether it's truly open, still operating under a d20-like handscake agreement from the pre-Necro-Tome-of-Horrors days, or just under WotC's radar. Some of us have thought about doing Pathfinder work on some kind of basis, but demiurge1138 is the only one who has any real product out.
  3. Walking Dad
    Walking Dad
    I would love to try something, but as no-English native speaker with no credentials either, the chance for any success is pretty small. Anyone has a good suggestion?
  4. Relique du Madde
    Relique du Madde
    One thing I always wanted to do was create source book for one of the two settings I have in the back of my mind ( I often use one of them for pbps). If anything, I'd use Mutants and Masterminds to do it since its the one of the only OGL systems that I feel is flexible enough to handle some of the setting's vagaries without snapping.

    I often debated on how to go about it. Personally, I like the idea of a shared universe and how it allows a setting to evolve and incorporate the work of others (though shared universes can be problematic), but for some reason something has always held me back from even creating a rogue gallery on Atomic Think Tank, ENWorld, or even
  5. Vigilance
    I am currently working on an ICONS setting called the USHER Dossiers. It will tie up and expand the setting material in my WWII books, as well as Public Enemies.
  6. Raven Crowking
    I have my baby, of course.

    Who would ever have thought that it would be so much effort going from the Beta Playtest to the full first release, though? It seems as though I have been bogged down describing equipment forever.

    And the general game rules/combat/magic sections require massive revision for clarity of content....and to fix problems that arose in playtest!


    P.S.: Although not Open Gaming, Stars Without Number is available free on Lulu, and is worth taking a look at if you are interested in sf games! I very much enjoyed reading through it, and look forward to running a SWN campaign!
  7. Raven Crowking
    double post
  8. gamerprinter
    The Kaidan: a Japanese Ghost Story setting Patronage Project has just begun this last weekend, after finally collecting its necessary budget. For those who don't know, Kaidan is a feudal Japan inspired horror setting, with twisted reincarnation rules, darkly non-human races in a humanocentric setting, presence and curse of yurei ghosts as well as a plethora of demons, spirits and shape-changer beings. Expected release sometime in March 2011, this is a publication under Rite Publishing.

    I also intend to begin work on my Iron Age Celts setting sometime in the next year, perhaps developing this on my own, and not as a patron project.

    I also have ideas towards creating an urban bounty hunter campaign, though still very early in development on that.

    All these settings are intended for use with PFRPG system.

    Michael "GP" Tumey
  9. gamerprinter
    Endless Terrain Battlemaps - I think qualifies for Open Gaming...

    An invention of mine from about 4 years ago, I call Endless Terrain Battlemaps. Imagine a set of four, double-side printed, full color and laminated 11" x 17" encounter scale maps - each set of four designed to comprise a generic terrain map of a particular type. The edges of each map are geomorphic meaning, you can line up any map adjacent to another and the graphics are contiguous - they match up perfectly. The maps are available with square grid, hex grid or no grid, at 1 inch = 5 feet.

    While the product already exists, I am looking to update the current maps and begin creating a different terrain set each month: heavy woods, dungeons, swamps, endless alleys, badlands/desert, caverns, etc.

    While initially the maps will be targetted for use as Fantasy Gaming aids, as standard terrains they could easily be used in modern or any RPG genre, after the first six months of fantasy terrain map designs, I plan to offer other genre ETB designs secondary to the current fantasy set. In mind, my first modern map tiles set will be Endless Parking Lot - as a parking lot works for most any modern location: mall, office building, treaury department, prison, amusement park, anything really at all.

    I am trying to build a website that will be called with a plan to offer 1 free downloadable PDF 11x17 map - essentially a single face of one of the ETB sets. While the Endless Terrain Battlemap sets are designed to be fairly generic in design, the free maps will contain specific designs like a cabin, a ruin, a cavern entrance, a lake. The free map designs will correspond geomorphically to the current ETB set offered on a given month.

    The free maps give the site its name, and works to attract visitors to the site. While these maps are available for additional cost printed and shipped, the files will be available for free download to anyone who does so.

    My goal is to have a current Endless Terrain Battlemap set at $19.95 each for general sales, however, if a client becomes a subscriber, I will offer the same ETB set at the same $19.95 (plus shipping), but I will include the 4 free monthly maps as 2 more double side printed 11 x 17 laminated maps as a free bonus to subscribers.

    I don't know how feasible a $19.95 monthly subscription will be but that's my current plans.

    I consider this an Open Gaming supplement, as it can be used for any RPG system - 4e, PF, 3x, GURPS, HARP, Rolemaster, WH, virtually any system.

    While I prefer designing settings and adventures, I think these gaming aids will prove to be more successful financially than the adventures, but all these activities work together as my inclusion to supporting the industry.

  10. Walking Dad
    Walking Dad
    The link above isn't working. I corrected it for you:

    Kaidan: a Japanese Ghost Story
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