Conquest of the Universe

Conquest of the Universe

  1. pawsplay
    My new project, working title Conquest of the Universe, is underway. It's a d20-based space opera game.

    I've put out an auction for the cover art:
  2. pawsplay
    Does anyone have experience with BESM d20 they'd be willing to share? Here's a post in the main forums where I'm asking for feedback:
  3. pawsplay
    Reposted from the main forums:

    This is about Conquest of the Universe, my OGL space fantasy game.

    Well, I've reached that stage where it's becoming clear that not all of my bold new ideas are suitably compatible, and it's time to lay down the bones of my d20 science fantasy book.

    The following are definite:
    - I really like Conviction (True20) and have my own tweaks on how to use it
    - Modular backgrounds, akin to True20 Backgrounds, BESM d20 style Race packages, or Fantasy Craft Origins, are in
    - I have settled on stat blocks keeping some common points of interface with at least some of the major d20 game lines; no altering the defense/save mechanics radically, for instance
    - Hit points
    - I need some way to attach some pieces of equipment to PCs, eg. beam swords for Knights, vehicles for pilots
    - Probably using something damn close to the Pathfinder skill list, maybe with some M&M 3e flavor

    The following are not definite:
    - Using BESM d20 Attributes as character building blocks vs. hardcording special abilities and using menu options for alien race creation
    - Going with that, hardcoding premade options versus laying all the "tinker toys" out to see, for instance, specifying Heightened Senses (psychic) versus simply saying Psychic Sense or something like that
    - Preserving BAB, AC, and the three saves, vs. perhaps consolidating BAB and AC into Combat Bonus (a la True20) and folding all saving throws into Resistance as a defense, and then using attributes for actual saving throws versus conditions and effects
    - Energy point based psionics versus basically using the True20 supernatural power mechanics
    - Professional Classes (Soldier, Pilot, Noble, etc.) vs. roles (Warrior, Adept, Expert, Knight, in one possible configuration)

    It's kind of at a tipping point, whether I'm going more BESM d20 toolkit versus True20 mix-and-match. The big tension is PC creation modularity vs. simple choice-driven character creation.

    What are your thoughts?
  4. Sanglorian
    I'm not a fan of build-your-own-powers and other 'tinker toys'. I'd prefer a few key awesome powers that I can choose from than a system which allows me to create awesome powers ... and allows me to create non-awesome powers too.

    By the same token, I'd prefer professional classes over roles every time. They're a clear and logical corralling of powers and abilities and give distinct roles to each player.
  5. pawsplay
    Are you familiar with True20 or Fantasy Craft? Both use origins/backgrounds to define archetypes like Pilot, Musketeer, etc., while the classes are more generic (FC less so). As a continuum,

    Basic D&D (role equals class equals archetype) ->
    D&D 3e (class somewhat equals role and archetype) ->
    Fantasy Craft (classes, roles, and archetypes relate to each other but are separate)
    <- True20 (roles only, archetypes handled separately, with your class being largely self-defined)
    <- GURPS (archetypes are presented as a starting point, there are no formal roles or classes)
  6. pawsplay
    I thought I would comment. At this point, I am stripping down the core engine and rebuilding it. CotU is going to have a lot more True20 in it than I originally planned.
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