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  • Tale of the Twin Suns: Tales From The Brokenlands

    Welcome to Alsheria! This is another continent that is part of the Tale. It has Eastern flavor and is unique in its own right.

    You don't have to know anything about the primary continent to jump in and play a character in Alsheria. New races and classes are available as character options as well as familiar Oriental races and classes. Alsheria is best summed as one part Xen'Drik, one part Oriental, one part post-War of the Burning Sky and one part Tale of the Twin Suns. Take from that what you will.

    This group will be for the creation and expansion of Alsheria. Sometimes I get burnout working on the primary area of the Tale. I came up with the idea of Alsheria on 12/11/08 during a sleepless night. Support and encouragement means a lot to me as it helps to keep the ideas flowing.

    Category: Campaigns
    Last Activity: Sunday, 22nd February, 2015 11:44 PM

    14 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    Native Races of Alsheria
  • Arcanum of the Stars

    Arcanum of the Stars is both the name of my Dragonstar campaign and one of the main forces behind that campaign. However, Arcanum of the Stars (AotS), the campaign, isn't going to be just about that one power group. Many other resources whether D&D, D20, or something else entirely has influenced how Arcanum of the Stars has developed and will continue to be developed. And not only is Arcanum of the Stars a campaign, it is also designed to be a Dragonstar resource for other players and GMs to add new material to their own Dragonstar campaigns.

    Category: Campaigns
    Last Activity: Wednesday, 4th June, 2014 07:46 PM

    15 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    Arcanum of the Stars
  • C4bal

    A group for 4E fanatics.

    Members can learn the secret handshake and get access to our secret meeting place on EN World.

    Prerequisite for membership: An undying love for 4E, the willingness to defend it with your own life, and a sense of humor.

    Category: Campaigns
    Last Activity: Saturday, 1st August, 2015 08:41 AM

    24 member(s)
  • Leymos Runners

    No Description

    Category: Campaigns
    Last Activity: Friday, 9th January, 2009 11:49 AM

    1 member(s)
    This group doesn't have any discussions yet.
  • Atlanta Area Gamers

    A network of Atlanta area gamers. Let's play!

    Category: Campaigns
    Last Activity: Thursday, 4th February, 2010 12:50 AM

    3 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    The Dresden Files RPG
  • Mist Campaign

    Rel's 4e campaign set in the Mist World.

    Category: Campaigns
    Last Activity: Friday, 26th February, 2010 03:24 AM

    5 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
  • Castle Builders & Crusaders!

    A group dedicated to those of us that play Castles & Crusades.

    Fell free to join up and chat about what ever you want regarding the sytem, rules or homebrew worlds!

    Category: Campaigns
    Last Activity: Saturday, 21st August, 2010 08:58 AM

    19 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    Fantasy Grounds C&C?
  • Outre Realms

    A group dedicated to the civil discussion and positive promotion of OOP or otherwise obscure roleplaying games, Outre Realms is about treading the less travelled road to adventure.

    Category: Campaigns
    Last Activity: Wednesday, 19th June, 2013 11:11 PM

    1 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    Announcement: On Hiatus
  • Athens GA Pathfinder campaign

    Looking for new adult players to join long running sunday afternoon gaming group in Athens, GA. Current players are men and women, from their late 20s to mid 40s. They are also cool, fun people with real jobs and good hygene that also like to gather socially to go downtown etc. as friends outside the game.

    Category: Campaigns
    Last Activity: Thursday, 19th February, 2009 05:27 AM

    1 member(s)
    This group doesn't have any discussions yet.
  • Wilts/Hants Roleplayers

    Wilts/Hants Roleplayers meet weekly on a Wednesday evening in Shipton Bellinger near Tidworth, Wilts, 1930hrs onward.

    We're running an ongoing D&D 4e campaign (currently mid paragon as of early 2012). Also another table runs Hackmaster (kinda 1st ed D&D) and if we get the numbers we hope to also run ad-hoc one off RPGs and board games etc.

    We're all professional, family people & the group is very friendly!

    Send me a message if you're interested.

    Category: Campaigns
    Last Activity: Friday, 24th February, 2012 08:47 PM

    1 member(s)
    This group doesn't have any discussions yet.

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