The Meet Cute

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Today marks the day we introduce Ce'rek, Wrex's goblin ranger, into Out of the Abyss. Just a short journal entry this evening to memorialize how the introduction went, mechanically.

For the last seven to ten days, the party has been engaged in combat against kuo-toa guards on the outskirts of Sloobludop, the kuo-toa city on the eastern edge of The Darklake. The party killed the leader--a kuo-toa monitor--and four of seven kuo-toa guards. Three guards ran away to the west, toward Sloobludop. When the guards ran away, they ran heedlessly right past a narrow fold in the rock where Ce'rek had bunked down. The noise woke Ce'rek, who went to investigate--hoping to find weakened drow to pick off. Ce'rek, who has ninety feet darkvision, spotted Kago and Solace. I asked Wrex to make a Stealth roll for Ce'rek, and he rolled a 22. I used this die result as the DC for a passive Perception check for Kago (since Kago was facing Ce'rek's direction but not actively looking), and the DC for a Perception check for Solace (whose player stated Solace was actively looking in that direction). And would you believe that Kobold Stew rolled a natural 20, netting Solace a 24 on her Perception roll?! She had a ten percent chance of a success, and by golly she succeeded. Bully for her. The upshot is that Ce'rek spotted both Kago and Solace, and Solace heard Ce'rek but hasn't seen him because Ce'rek remains outside Solace's sixty foot limit of darkvision. Solace did, however, hear Ce'rek, and can generally point to his location. Now that two characters are aware of one another, I shall sit back and wait for the encounter to unfold. Looking forward to it.