Underdark Honeycomb

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The fear I have in doing a long adventure in play-by-post format is that players never really get a wide-scale view of the world in which they're playing. I'd like to remedy that a little by sprinkling this journal with short entries on notable terrain features and cities of the Underdark. Consider these entries solely player knowledge. I'll start with an overview of the Underdark, which is not a subterranean expanse occupying a single flat layer beneath the surface world, but instead is a tiered realm with some levels close to the surface and others deeper. It helps to imagine the Underdark as a honecomb of layers. There is, for example, the Upperdark, the Middledark, and the Lowerdark. The names are, I think, self-explanatory. The Uppperdark consists of areas that are closer to the surface world, while the Lowerdark contains areas that are set more deeply down into the earth. In addition to those three levels, there are also certain terrain features that span all depths. The Labyrinth is one such structure that spans the Upperdark, Middledark, and Lowerdark. I have mentioned the Darklake a few times in the IC. The kuo-toa settlement of Sloobludop sits perched on the eastern shore of the Darklake. The Darklake, it turns out, is part of the Middledark. Most of the larger Underdark cities are in either the Upperdark or the Middledark; only one appears to be in the Lowerdark. The module does not tell us how many miles or kilometers beneath the surface each layer is. Though, I would be willing to bet that in some AD&D supplement somewhere there is just such a unit of measurement. AD&D is good like that.