Episode 1 - Escape from Teemo's Henchmen

Running through the sun baked streets of Mos Shuutta, Nikki Tokk, and Valwarl'okk, the two Twi'lek fugitives take cover in the local cantina.
Attempting to hide within the shadowy booths within the cantina, they are dismayed to hear the squeals of the pursuing Gamoreans as they are spotted.
Trapped in a dead end, the entrepid Twi'leks fight their way free to be be told by the bar keep that their is a ship in for repairs if they have the stones to take it.
Nikki finds out the ship in question is called the Star Hawk, a YT1300 freighter owned by a particularly nasty Trandoshan call Trex. She also finds out that the ship has a faulty Hypermatter Reactor Ignitor which Trex is hoping to acquire from Vorn Tel-Ovis, the local shop owner.
Visiting the shop, Nikki and Val manage to steal the ignitor with the help of R5-K3, the hard done by Astromech Droid owned by Vorn. R5 is persuaded leave Vorn's abusive ownership, and escape with the two Twi'lek .
R5 informs his new found compatriots that the ships docking clamps will need to be released at Starport control, if they want any hope of stealing the Star Hawk.

The session ends with the trio pondering how to get past the security droids on the main doors......