Maybe He'll Shoot Me...

Monday, April 25, 2016

Maybe he'll shoot me for mentioning this, but Wrex and I are at this conference together (he is an instructor and I am a student) and of course we met up to say hello and visit. I love how gaming allows each of us to forge this instantaneous friendship with one another. It's like golf, only better. Anyway, Wrex and I are in the booming metropolis of Ft. Wayne, Indiana, a surprisingly chic blue-collar community that has done a lot of re-investment and self-reinvention over the course of the last twenty years. I love Ft. Wayne. It and Columbus are two of my favorite cities in Indiana. Ft. Wayne is a former rust-belt steel town in the Midwest that enjoys this uber chic red-brick worker-bee-meets-bohemian-meets-working-professional vibe. Loads of outdoor trails, a small but vibrant downtown, cool arts and crafts style homes, and--here's the kicker--several good brew pubs.

Mutual attendance at a conference is how Wrex and I found ourselves drinking craft beer at--wait for it--The Hoppy Gnome this evening. Wrex drank Zombie Dust, a renowed (and hard to find) IPA released in limited batches by Three Floyds Brewery. I drank... Well, :):):):). I forget what I drank. Something-something IPA that had eleven percent alcohol and 85+ IBU. It was bitter, grapefruity, hoppy, slightly floral, and delicious. The eleven percent alcohol is probably why I cannot, for the life of me, recall the damned name of the beer. Whatever it was, it was utterly fabulous and I would certainly be content to drink it all this week.

Plus, I found out Wrex has tentative designs on running his own PbP game. At my insistence, he gave me a down-and-dirty brief on what his PbP might look like. I gotta say, it sounds both doable and cool. It's homebrew! Wrex, if you're reading this, I think you should offer it for play.

Seriously. How could we pass up a name like The Hoppy Gnome?! Wish you lot were here.