Episode 2 - Clamp Up

Pondering how to get into the Starport Control complex the party find an unguarded side door, which R5 manages to access.
Once inside the party activate the complex's fire alarm, evacuating most of the personnel.
Overseer Brynn can be heard confirming landing arrangements with an Imperial Shuttle that is heading to one of Mos Shuuta's landing pads.
The complex is surprisingly modern looking and Val fails dismally to persuade the Overseer Brynn to release the clamps on the Star Hawk. A fight with the security droids ensues, and the clamps are released.
Making their way to landing bay Aurech, the team are stopped by two squads of Imperial Storm Troopers who give pursuit.
Loosing the white clad pursuers, the party arrive outside the landing bay and take stock of their situation, realising R5 has been badly hit.....