Episode 3 - Escape from Mos Shuuta

Thinking up ways to can their way past the guards at the landing bay, the team can see Captain Trex in heated conversation with an Imperial Officer.
Again Val fails to persuade the droids the team past and have to fight their way past, getting badly wounded in the process.
The Star Hawk blast off from Tatooine, wuth two Tie fighters in hot pursuit. The nimble hands of Nikki gets the Hypermatter Reactor Ignitor installed in record time, allowing the ship to jump to light speed before the Tie's can give out any serious damage.
R5 performs an analysis of the ship and finds a hidden power source below hold number 2, near the engine room. On closer investigation a hidden compartment exists under the floor holding 3 cryo tubes and a power reactor. Only one tube is occupied - a sleeping Twi'lek male.