Elenore Raithen, was a human paladin of Heironeous and a great champion of the innocent. She fought in many campaigns against evil dictators, chaotic forces, and vile monsters. She did not hesitate when the church of Heironeous sent her to lead an army into the great Orcish Empire of the Pomarj to bolster the forces of Keoland’s staunch allies, the Principality of Ulek who were holding the line against the advances of His Most Ferocious Majesty, The Despot Turrosh Mak.

For more than a fortnight Elenore’s forces fought the armies of Turrosh Mak and there was no sign of either side gaining an upper hand.
That all changed during “The Campaign of the Three Hills”.
Elenore’s forces were overwhelmed by the forces of Turrosh Mak due to false information magically implanted in the mind of a scout who reported far fewer numbers then there really were and movement of enemy troops where they were not moving. With her forces divided and her troops outnumbered by more than 9 to 1 her men were decimated after a heroic stand.
Turrosh Mak personally handed Elenore as a war-prize to the his orc War Chief Kursfang Bloodletter.
The War-Chief delighted himself in her pleasures for months. She prayed to heironeous for his death more than for her escape. Evertime his troops won a campaign he took out his vitory on her. Everytime his men lost ground he also took that out on her. He commanded that she cry out, to beg for him to stop and show her mercy but that was one pleasure he could not take from her.
Her prayers did not go unnoticed. One night, after a particularly bloody battle, the Great Moon Luna rose full and red that night while the full Lesser Moon Celene crossed its path in an eclipse. A deep fog wrapped the land and seemed to settle over the War Chief’s encampment.
By the time the rising sun burned away the midnight fog all in the battle camp were dead from a wasting disease… all save Elenore Raithen.
By the will of Heironeous and the strength of her body Eleanor Raithen escaped her bondage.

Her raped and torn body had made it back to Keoland as she was ready to burst with the fruit of her captor.

She collapsed in front of the Church of Heironeous in Gradsul, a major port town on the southern boarder of Keoland at the Azure Sea.
As her body died her identical twin sons were born.
The High-Priest Andrer Lazbern ordered to have the bastards destroyed but his hand was stayed by the half-elf monk, Storm Disciple Zaeldra Barkfist. She told him that she shall raise these bastard sons of Heironeous. Since then Zaeldra has been their mother, protector and teacher.

Unlike his brother Dench. Gell never excelled at the martial lifestyle of the monks who raised them. After coming to age and being explained their past and who their mother was Gell decided to take a version of her last name for his own. His brother chose to honor the woman who raised them.
Gell would spend his days leaving the monestary to walk the streets of Gradsul and explore. He loved exploring the city almost as much as he loved to innocently figure out how to get into places he was not supposed to go into. Locks and doors fascinated him. However, the city guard did not share his amusement in breaking into places he was not allowed into. Many times his brother Dench would have to bail him out or pick him up from the watch commander the human Gliven Harcor.
One day Gell opened a door he really should not have opened and it changed his life.
There was a test for a new disciple of Dalt… an entrance test. However the new disciple had gotten killed by a goblin thief in a nearby alley during a robbery gone wrong. Gell came across a door in an alley he knew was not there the day before. This intrigued him as did the fact that the door had no lock, handle, or hinges! He spent the better part of the day trying to figure out how to get inside when it finally occurred to him that the one thing he had never done was simply ask politely to be granted entry. That’s when he met the priests of Dalt. After a series of discussions they sent him to begin studying the art of locksmithing by apprenticing under Gradsul’s master locksmith (and worshipper of Dalt) the human Patra Emons. Gell had finally found a patron deity who appealed to him… Dalt.

Gell's days are filled with spending time in Gradsul at Patra Emons shop and fishing with his brother Dench on the “Azure Queen” with Blill Kline the human owner of the fishing boat. Gell has also been known to frequent one of the local mercantile stores in Gradsul called “the Whatever Whenver” which is owned and run by the halfling Willona Gladplate. He has gotten discounts on goods from her for upgrading her stores locks and doors.

Gell always seems to take the easier road and enjoys travel in seedier circles when outside the church. Like Dench, he is a good hearted person who has never caused harm to another who has not deserved it, but Gell is not the martial or religious student Dench is.
Neither brother has ever left their home town of Gradsul in the Great Kingdom of Keoland... yet.