Bone Diggity

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Boneyard encounter calls for 3d4 skeletons. But the party is 3rd level, so I tossed in 1d3 minotaur skeletons, too. This lead to the quixotic result of 8 skeletons and 1 minotaur skeleton. What the hell, right? In truth, I rolled 9 skeletons but swapped one out for the minotaur. Let's see those area of effect spells, people!

Though, now I'm wondering about the backstory that yielded 8 skeletons and 1 minotaur skeleton. Were these Greek soldiers sent on a mission to destroy The Minotaur? If so, where's the labyrinth? And shouldn't there be, I dunno, gold somewhere?