Leaping Into Fourth Level

Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Leap Year! Congratulations, everyone has earned 4th level. Each character gets either an ability score improvement or a feat, your choice. If you opt for the ability score improvement, you can either increase one ability score by 2, or you can increase two ability scores by 1. You may not increase an ability score above 20 using this feature. You may, if you wish, multiclass. There is a wide variety of source material available to you for your level up; please see the originating post in the OOC for the full list. The permitted Unearthed Arcana articles are linked both here in the Community page, and also in the originating post of the OOC. As a reminder, Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide is an approved source, as is the Elemental Evil Player's Companion. The former is a for-purchase hardcover, the latter is available for free, with a link provided in the originating post of the OOC.

In addition to the feats in the approved source material, here are two custom feats available to all:


The Underdark has heightened your non-visual senses.

Using nonvisual senses, such as sensitivity to vibration, keen smell, acute hearing, or echolocation, you can maneuver and fight as well as a sighted creature in bright light.
Prioception negates invisibility and darkness affecting objects and creatures within 15 feet of you.
Prioception lets you spot an invisible creature within 15 feet, but that creature can still attempt to use Stealth to hide or gain cover.
You are immune to the blinded condition.
When you exit the Underdark or any other dark area after a prolonged stay and re-enter natural light, you suffer Sunlight Sensitivity for one hour.


You have studied Faerzress after having encountered it and intuitively understand its interaction with the weave of magic.

You do not need to make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw to cast a divination spell into an area containing faerzress. Your divination spells work as normal even when targeted into such an area.
You are able to teleport into, within, and out of a faerzress-suffused area without needing to make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw.
Areas suffused with faerzress are less tainted by chaos to your trained eye. In the event you roll a 1 on the Wild Magic Surge table, you need not roll an additional effect on the Wild Magic Surge table.
You gain +5 to the first Wisdom saving throw made while within a faerzress-suffused area to resist madness.