Game Thread posting rules

Game Thread posting rules

  1. Nezkrul

    Please add color to your posts!You can use whatever colors you like.

    My personally preferred colors and symbols are:

    ~Thought texts are enclosed with the WEAK APPROXIMATION (~) symbols, like so, and are in red.~

    "Dialogue is enclosed in quotation marks, like so, and are in blue"

    Descriptive text is simply text without any enclosing marks. You can make descriptive text bold, if you want to emphasize something. Or you can use italics. Or you can do both.

    For all out of character things, like dice roll results for any reason, you should put them in an OOC box, by typing a left bracket [ , followed by ooc, followed by a right bracket ] and when you are done with the info in the ooc box, type the same thing again but put a / infront of ooc, /ooc, inside the brackets.
    OOC: It will look like this if you did it correctly

    Dice Rolling (This is the official online dice rolling system that the game will use. You should join dice room Gods and Monsters: Legends Reborn to make your rolls. Then put the results on the game thread in an ooc box)

    All game thread posts are strictly for in-game things. There will be open discussion threads for players to ask questions and muse about stuff both game related and unrelated.

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