Character Backstories

Character Backstories

  1. Nezkrul
    Please post your character's backstories here.
  2. drydenofasturia
    Red's father was a nobleman and once served as a master tactician for the king. He was one of the very best. He married a duchess, retired from his service, and stated that he would have a plethora of sons to carry on his legacy.
    Instead, he ended up with 5 daughters. He refused to let that stop him though, and went on to train them all to carry on his name. Masterful on the battlefield, two are fairly high-ranking officers in different military units, one is a Captain of the Kingís Royal Guard and another is a professor at the Royal Military Academy. Every one of them is extremely successful. Every one of them, that is, except Red.
    She was about to graduate from the officer academy when a scandalous affair got her kicked out unceremoniously. She still doesnít speak of what truly happened to this day and the record has since been sealed to preserve her fatherís legacy.
    Her father and mother, ashamed of her failing, cut her off from the family and told her that she would have to earn her way back into their good graces.
    She was at her witís end when she saw a flier go up around town asking for female soldiers to participate in a bloody battle royale in the stadium to earn fame and riches. So desperate as she was, Red signed up. They ended up fitting her with the cooper-red suit of full-plate armor which would become her namesake. She dominated the battle and came out on top.
    However, knowing her family would never approve, she wears a red scarf to cover most of her face. It was originally white; torn from her virgin gladiator garments on that first day of battle, but has since been stained red by the blood of her many fallen foes.
    Sheís been fighting her way to the championship ever since in hopes of reclaiming her fatherís love and acceptance and of one day putting all of her sisters to ultimate shame by becoming the greatest woman warrior and leader of all time.
    Along the way, sheís become well known in the arena for rallying the other gladiators to her side and finding incredible ways to survive in the most dire of straights. Her tactical training and love of wargames from her academy days are sometimes all that manage to get her and her allies through certain-death situations.
    Her divinity was earned when she found herself toe-to-toe with a celestial lion in the arena and defeated it. Many other gladiators helped her to win, but she alone survived the encounter, delivering the death blow herself to the creature. She then took upon herself the symbol of the Lioness; proud, courageous, cunning, brave, and strong. A true Queen of Beasts and a power not to be underestimated in battle.
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  3. Liltroll2
    The circumstances of my birth are very loving. I have two parents and a younger brother, all of whom are still alive. I can’t say that about many in my race, but its good to know that Yondalla has watched over my family. My parents are both followers of hers, My mother, one of her clerics, my father one of her paladins. They met and fell in love while serving as guards to one of her temples.

    Of course my youth was eventual as I was like all halfing children, curious, and full of wander lust. It’s not that I was a bad child, in fact I wasn’t even chaotic like most of my brethren. Rather I was just curious to how the world around me worked. Of course, things like that were not always looked upon with smiles by Ulfer hand of Yondalla, and Lidkis the templar, also known as my parents.

    They should be happy though, my younger brother Ulrid, ended up being a liberator of misused items. Also known as a thief, but you should never use that word to him, he apparently doesn’t think he is doing anything wrong when he takes items from other people and repurposes them to his own means. The last I heard from him he was with a group of explorers that enjoyed cave diving and treasure seeking. Thankfully, that puts him as the black sheep of the family. My own profession comes from the time I spent with the bats in the woods. That is where I met Moritmer. He was just a tiny bat when I first met him. Nothing bigger than the size of a human hand. But he has since grown. And I am getting ahead of myself.

    When I was younger, my parents were appointed to guard a caravan of followers of Yondalla as they went on a pilgrimage to her great temple in a larger city. I was just on the cusp of adulthood at the time, already seeing myself as a possible cleric of Yondalla I was going to make the journey myself to commit myself to Yondalla’s church as my mother before me. Along the road the group was set upon by a group of Orc’s nasty creatures as such, and the services of my parents were set forth to end the creatures before they could end us. The issue, I got to cocky, and my attempts at defending the caravan also lead me to get separated from the people. Me, alone, with another Orc set forth in a glorious battle in which I came out as the victor. Not before being greatly wounded though. I remember before taking my last breathe, Moritmer coming to me, I remember feeling that he should come with me. Be my companion, and honestly if it wasn’t for the bat, who was very small at the time, I would have perished from my wounds.

    I woke up several days later, in the temple of Yondalla to the sounds of Mortimer being chased by several clergy attempting to either kill, or get him to vacate the temple. It was my turn to save the poor young bat, and doing so I sealed our lives together forever. Well, at least in my eyes, forever. The road to my recovery left me at the temple, unable to return to the home of my birth with my parents, and being almost an adult anyway I took the time to start learning where my future was going to go. My recovery was long, and often boring. To help keep my place, I started to tend to the garden, soon learning that my thumbs were very green, and caused it to prosper under my touch. Never before had yondalla’s temple had an abundance of food to help the community, I started to understand greens better then the fellow people of the town, and the call of nature sang to me.

    Of course, the true secret that I had was that young plants love to be sung to, just as young children do. Over time Yondalla seemed to speak to me through nature. I don’t know why I didn’t hear it before, but I started to sense her more and more outside of the city walls, calling to protect the community that was beyond the walls of human built homes.

    Of course, as I did I learned her magic, I learned her special brands of changing called wildshaping. I teamed up with a small group of people several times to right the wrongs of the world, to laugh, and bleed beside them. But nothing prepared me for what my brother had become.

    I feel the need to stress again, that my brother is not evil, but he is a great shame to our family, as it came out that the rogue soon had ascended to the higher ranks within the guild of thieves in the town. Organized crime, is not something a child of a paladin should be known for, and my parents disowned him. Sadly, I haven’t been able to let go of him yet, and should he really need me, the feeling of obligation still resides that I should help him.

    But now, now my power is much more than I could have thought it would ever be. Mortimer seems to have a bit too much to eat, and with each battle in the name of Yondalla, he became a stronger bat, soon reaching the heights easily of a dire bat, and beyond that a creature of legend. Of course, I still think of him as the small bat that would sit in my hand and chirp at me to go eat bugs.

    Now I feel the stirring again, Something big is coming, something that Yondalla has been preparing me for. I can’t tell why my road is leading me here, but the community, the earth seems to need me to prepare, and so I shall, no matter where the road takes me.
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  4. gargoyleking
    Thaklorís Story

    Thaklor was an orphan living on thestreets of Eltabbar when he was discovered by the high priest of the temple ofKossuth.He was effectively Ďsavedí fromthe headsmanís axe after having fought and killed the apprentice of a highranking wizard.Though Ďsavedí could bea misrepresentation.Life in the land ofThay is harsh on itís citizens.From theslaves who toil in the mines to the apprentices of high wizards, life isfraught with peril, intrigue, and harsh living conditions.Even the mighty Szass Tamís unlife isconstantly met with threats from both without and within the nation he ruleswith an iron and undying fist.But nonesuffer such harsh conditions as the acolytes of the temples of Kossuth.Even as it is the state religion, it couldjust as easily be toppled by any myriad of missteps as any mortal, or immortal,being in the country could.As such, thetemple rides itís acolytes hard, their rites are trials by the flame and manydo not survive to join the priesthood.

    As such, their clerics are oftenfit both mentally and physically.Thaklor not only survived his trials, many he in fact surpassed with anunusual grace.By the time that heascended to the cloth he was a well-known up-and-comer in Thay.It wasnít long before the high wizard whoheíd wronged heard of his exploits and began sending assassins to lay himlow.Some of these, by divineprovenance, he avoided while others found an all too prepared opponent.All somehow were found burned to a crisp uponthe steps of the high wizardís mansion.None could ever seem to account for how they got there, nor how theywere killed.

    After receiving his Vestments,Thaklor was sent on a pilgrimage.Partially to get him away from the High Wizard and his assassins,although the priesthood also had other hopes for him.Thaklorís mission was to find an ancientartifact called The Heart of Fire.Itwas the first, in fact only, gift ever given to the followers of Kossuth.Not much was known of it beyond the fact thatit was said to be a powerful artifact which had the power to bring any of thetrue faith closer to Kossuth.Any otherswould simply be instantly burned to ash.

    It took Thaklor 5 years ofsearching through ruins and ancient libraries to find that which hesought.When at last his party ofadventurerís breached the chamber of an ancient cathedral to find a glowingorange stone floating over a pedestal.One of the shiftier members impetuously reached out to touch the stoneand was instantly incinerated before his companionís eyes.The flare was so bright that his companionswere blinded for a good few minutes, after which all they could find of theirfriend was a shadow upon the wall.Theothers opted to leave the relic and promptly left the room.That is, all except for Kossuth.It took them a minute to realize that theircleric was no longer with them.But whenthey returned, all they found were fresh scorch marks on the walls, and the gemwas now nowhere to be found.BelievingThaklor dead they returned to Eltabbar to inform the temple of his demise.

    Little more than a year after his disappearancea mysterious pile of ash was found upon the steps of the high wizardís mansion.
  5. Napalm42
    Janus Crownsilver (Helm)

    The man who would take on the mantle of "Helm" was born was a human born to House Crownsilver in Cormyr. The second of five children, Janus was second in line to the title of Lord Crownsilver, and expected to adhere to ancestral tradition of the second-in-line devoting themselves to a clerical position with which to act as confidant and advisor to the heir, his brother Howard. Janus was groomed into personality much like his father's. A stoic, good-natured young man who followed the orders of those above him and the laws of Cormyr itself.

    It was almost obvious then, that when the time for his clerical studies came Janus felt drawn to Siamorphe, and her sphere over noble rule and obligation. Different from expectation however, was Janus' manifestation. As a child, Janus preferred action over theory, devoting himself to his studies with a blade and physical training over the expected noble education beyond martial tactics and drill. He was not comfortable sitting in one place for far too long, and always needed something to do. As such, the young man barely into his twenties manifested his connection with the goddess through his martial proficiency, his divine abilities lending him sudden strength and clarity through the swings and clamor of combat.

    His training lasted about eight years, before he was anointed as a Crusader of Siamorphe. During his training, he still filled his noble responsibilities and by his birth in a royal house and the influence of his father -- as well as Janus' own achievements-- saw him appointed as Lord Protector of Arabel, his hometown.

    Originally a ceremonial title above Captain of the Watch, Janus changed the position through force of will. Over time, the position gradually became one of actual merit and authority beyond the prestige. Janus coordinated the efforts of the Watch and eventually Arabel's own Purple Dragon regiments upon legislature that gave the office of Lord Protector military coordination powers outside of imminent wartime. The next near-decade saw a resurgence of the lands around Arabel, with carefully orchestrated patrols and watchpoints set to guard Arabel's citizenry from bandit attacks, and the city thrived.

    Eventually, Cormyr was subject to a declaration of war by the returned Tanthuls of Thultanthar, and from the east the Shadovar came, with the goal of blanketing Cormyr in darkness and despair for their Lady of Despair. Daerlun and Marsember fell first, as the remaining cities bolstered their defenses to see out the siege. Arabel was subjected to siege less than a year later.

    Janus, along with the other military high commanders who survived the initial incursion, coordianted the defense of the city. Under the press of the Shadovar, Janus implemented a strategy of refortification, dismantling home and estates, as well as breached or unnecessary segments of the city walls to rebuild the city's walls around breach points. Arabel's wall quite literally undulated and shifted with the press of the Shadovar, the shades gaining only the barest of meters each time they would breach the outer wall to find a hastily constructed new wall just behind their own breach. Sally points were sealed, and gated barred by construction debris and rubble, but the defenders could only hold so long cut off.

    Eventually, the descision to evacuate Arabel was made. A tunnel was built in secret by engineers and the city's few mages to evacuate the citizenry beyond the besiegers. With the trickling-out of the workforce, work on the city's adaptive defenses slowed, and the Shadovar inched closer and closer to a true breach. Janus struck up a voluntary effort to raise a defense force that would protect the city to its fall, largely composed of residents, braver peasantry, and the Purple Dragons who found Arabel and its surrounding lands to be home.

    Three days before the evacuation completed, the Shadovar breached. The volunteers found themselves hopelessly outmatched, but they needed to hold off the attackers to buy the evacuation time to complete and the engineers time to hide their escape route from pursuers. Janus and his men held out using guerilla tactics and clever positioning for five days, before the Shadovar cleared enough rubble to allow the bulk of their forces into Arabel itself. Janus was the last of the volunteers to remain alive, fighting what would have been to the death, had he not dissapeared in a flash of silver light just before the stroke that would've ended his life at the hands of a Prince of Shade.

    The time Arabel bought for the Kingdom of Cormyr allowed a successful defense of the remaining countryside, as well as the retaking of Marsember. Eventually, with allies closing in, the Shadovar agreed to a ceasefire, and withdrew from Cormyr. Janus' apparent sacrifice was credited as instrumental to the defense of the country. He was assumed killed, his remains never found.
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  6. akahdrin
    Akahdrin Fireal
    Born to a changeling couple in an ancient elven city. Akahdrin was raised from an early age to “adapt” to his surroundings by blending in, noticing traits and quirks of those around him to easily be lost in the crowd, to be just another face among thousands.

    Akahdrin was taught the art of swordsmanship early in life, but it never took hold. Other elves always thought him to be somewhat of a conundrum. “An elf who can’t use a sword? There are stranger things in the world.” This was a common response to Akahdrin’s youth. During his teenage years, his family was discovered to be infiltrators within the elven
    empire. His former “people” exiled him into the desert and left him with nothing but a dagger and a canteen with no water in it. The thirst drove him mad. He wandered the desert for years, moving from oasis to oasis. Consuming every piece of life he could find within his path to sustain his own.

    Everything was normal until the day when he gazed upon an obelisk standing as a beacon in the middle of the waste. Akahdrin, now accustomed to the harsh conditions of the desert, moves towards this curious structure. He reaches it and tries to decipher the words, but it’s not written in Elven or the common tongue. He clinches his fist and hits the obelisk. He screams out, “Aahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!” He falls to his knees and sobs. “All of these years alone, wandering, and for what?”

    The obelisk began to shake until it split down the middle. A bright pillar of sunlight and sand erupted from it with a strange being presenting itself to Akahdrin. This beast, a mixture of lion and human gazes up Akahdrin. Speaking in an unknown tongue, the beast laughs and walks away. He pauses, looks back at Akahdrin and pulls his head from Akahdrin to the
    distance with a motion to lead. Akahdrin quickly ran up to the beast. They walked for months, what seemed to be in circles at times. This foreign language eventually became a 2nd tongue. He learned of this beast’s life and of his species, the Sphinx. They became the closest of companions as Akahdrin had nothing but respect for the waste that had gave him life, granted a harsh one which was the Abu the Sphinx’s home.

    Eventually the two of them arrived at a series of pyramids and Abu said, “At last, our journey will begin.” Akahdrin immediately said, “Begin!? Haven’t we been just trying to stay alive for months?” Abu responds, “That was just a test to see if you were worthy to even see this place. Now the real trials begin.” They walk into the great structure that is completely lit with a great array of mirrors set up to move the light around. The walls are filled with empty slots with the remains of others from the past and with large sand statues vigilantly standing guard, or at least they seemed that way. The two reached the center of the pyramid and there was a simple stone obelisk coming out of the ground that stood about 4 feet tall. Abu says, “Go ahead Akahdrin, touch it and prepare.” “Prepare for what?” Akahdrin questions. Abu simply gives the same smile he gave day in and day out, the kind that you just can’t trust, but at the same time gives you comfort.

    Akahdrin reaches out and places his hand on the obelisk. The obelisk begins to glow and sand begins to swirl in a maelstrom around him. The feeling of splendor and awe overtakes Akahdrin and he falls to his knees. After he feels the storm within the room pass, he opens his eyes and before him stands a group of skeletal figures, all wearing various kinds of armor. There were also fierce creatures made of sand, some kind of dried mummies, and some strange beasts that seemed to mix undeath and nature. “Abu, it is good to see you on the day of Midsummer. I see you have found someone who is worthy of our order.” Says the skeletal figure in the middle of the group. “I have.” Confirms Abu. “He has shown me his love and respect of the waste and the vital importance of commitment and loyalty. He also has learned our language.”

    The skeletal figure reaches out to Akahdrin and says, “Come here. We are the Dusty Conclave. We are the protectors of the waste. We will teach you our ways, if you think you are worthy of it.” Akahdrin, terrified at the idea of working for the undead trembles and says, “Are you....liches?” The figure confirms it and Akahdrin immediately feels rotten to the core and thinks to himself, “Liches think I am worthy...what does this say about me?” A whisper in his mind says, “It says that you are loyal, dedicated, and a survivor.” Akahdrin shakes his head and the figure laughs. “The liches you have heard of, is not the same as the dusty conclave.

    Traditional liches are corrupted wizards, the dusty conclave is a group of dedicated priests and druids that seek to preserve the waste at all costs and of course to spread it. We are not all evil by nature, but if some want to be, they can. I prefer to look at us as keepers of balance in nature within the waste.” After being caught completely off guard with very thing that just happened and this invitation to an order is completely foreign. Akahdrin didn’t even have to infiltrate this group to adapt, he just had to be himself. He quickly devoted himself to the conclave and became a priest of the waste. He trained as a priest for a number of years before finally beginning his trials on being a Walker, the first of many steps on his ascendancy to lichdom. The first step was just a simple touch or curse if you may. The original figure he met, Rhask Fireal, touched him on the forehead and whispered an incantation. “This thirst will overtake you at times, but it will guide you to life. Sometimes this life will be ally and other times it will be foe. Protect the waste, spread the waste, be the waste. I don thee, Akahdrin Fireal, Walker of the Conclave.”

    Akahdrin thinks to himself, “Fireal, I like that name.”

    He is given his armor and weapons along with a plethora of useful items and is sent on his way. Rhask says, “You have the power to find us now. You have the power to change. You can help or hurt, the choice is yours. We expect to see you every Midsummer day. Walk with pride, brother.”
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