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Palanthar Larp Utah

Palanthar is a Utah Larp and welcomes you to a world of sword and sorcery wrapped in political toil during an age where the line between good and evil is not so evident. It is a time that will not be defined by lords and kings, but by adventurers and thrill seekers in their pursuit for what is most valued to them, whether that be treasure and fame or to become an icon for a personal cause. The time is now to make your mark on the world of Palanthar!

Palanthar is a high fantasy, medieval based live action role playing game (LARP) located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our story takes place within the world of Palanthar on the continent of Cyrus. As you explore the 'Abandoned Lands' you will discover forgotten cities, ruined keeps, endless caverns and forbidden tombs. Immerse yourself in hundreds of ongoing plot lines filled with political intrigue, mystery and wonder. Your options are as endless as your imagination. Check us out at or on Facebook at Palanthar Larp Utah

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