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Keepers of the murder pass. (Invite Only Group)

Campaing set in the world of westeros, played with the «song of ice and fire roleplay : a game of throne edition».

A noble familly with a tainted pass strugle to climb at the top of the noble housse of the vale of arryn. Ancient rivality menace to tip the balance of power in the wrong hands.

The long summer is at the end and it meens trouble and isolation for the stoncrush family. Set high in the mountains of the moon, they have the responsability to keep the savages clans at bay by keeping a passage in the mountaing called the murder pass.

The young heir of the house struggle to find a place in his lord father's heart and, helped by is younger brother and first-born sister, they decide to play the game of politic to gain support of others minor house in preparation of the long winter.

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