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The long journey home (Invite Only Community)

The year is 2180, a time of a technological boom. The party are all members of a military contingent that is on board the space exploration vessel, Wanderer. The main purpose of the vessel is discovery and exploration, into the outer reaches of space. On board the Wanderer are numerous scientists, diplomats, linguists, diggers, mechanics and pilots that will be used for exploring any planets or other interesting locations they arrive at. The military contingent on board, named Starseeker, is made up 100 soldiers hand picked by the Commodore of the Wanderer, Katsuya Okado. Starseeker is composed of 18 squads of 5 men and a command retinue of 10 men including the commodore. Each team is designed as a balanced squad to protect the people on the vessel in case of any difficulties the ship might sustain during it's travels. Not many complications were forseen which is why there are only 100 soldiers out of the nearly 2000 men on board the wanderer.

This is the first deep space exploration vessel that has state of the art equipment on board, thus the importance of the mission is critical. After the first jump into space the Wanderer veers of course ending up in a place far beyond where the crew intended. The Wanderer also has become damaged in a mysterious assault as soon as they arrived at their unknown destination. After surviving the initial attack it is up to the soldiers of Starseeker to help the crew survive on the long way back to Earth.

The campaign will start as you are leaving Earth's atmosphere.

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