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DDN Playtest PbP in Eberron

[b]System:[/b] Dungeons & Dragons: Next (current playtest packet, updated as they are released)
[b]Setting:[/b] Eberron
[b]Format:[/b] Play-by-Post

[FONT="Century Gothic"][SIZE="5"]Gang War Looms, Sharn Watch dispatches Crack Team to Dark Undercity![/SIZE][/FONT]

Intrepid members of the Sharn Watch head into the dark territory of No Man's Land in search of a dangerous murderer, the infamous "Raven". Gangs in Sharn's undercity and the towers above gird for an all-out crime war, and only the capture of this nefarious criminal can forestall the bloodshed. As they race to bring a cold-blooded killer to justice, secrets and perils unknown await. Survival, much less success, is not guaranteed.

Will they succeed in time, or is will this be the premature end to their careers in the greatest city on Eberron?

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