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  • Star Wars Saga

    Star Wars Saga

    Category: Campaigns
    Last Activity: Saturday, 27th November, 2010 10:23 AM

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  • Eganville, Ontario, Canada 3.5 D&D

    I am looking up people to get together for a D&D 3.5 game in the near future. I'm a DM with all the 3.5 books at my disposal and am looking to start a new campaign for those who are interested. It can be Eganville, Ontario, Canada or any of the surrounding area as long as you're willing to make the trip to Eganville.

    Send me a message if you have any questions or are interested in participating.


    Category: Campaigns
    Last Activity: Tuesday, 14th December, 2010 02:49 AM

    1 member(s)
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  • chris adlers rpg corner

    this will be a rpg melting pot. any of the rpgs such as deathstalkers, and d&d are going to be played. all are welcome as long as all get along.

    Category: Campaigns
    Last Activity: Tuesday, 14th December, 2010 06:44 AM

    1 member(s)
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  • Leavenworth, Kansas Dungeons and Dragons (any edition) - brainstorming and gaming

    I'm interested in meeting fellow gamers in my local area of Leavenworth, Kansas (or surrounding cities/states of Nebraska or Missouri) who are interested in talking about forming a new gaming group, suffice that we can meet regularly and discuss what we'd like to play and actually commit to something. I already have a few other groups I play with, but it is not enough. And only one of those groups is a regular weekly group. I need something more (at least another weekly group, if not more often!) and so I have also taken it upon myself to dabble in creating my own campaign / game. I'd love to talk to other D&D gamers (any edition) to brainstorm a ton of ideas together ... Let's play!

    Category: Campaigns
    Last Activity: Sunday, 8th April, 2012 07:16 PM

    2 member(s)
  • Hub City Tabletop

    D&D Group in Hattiesburg

    Category: Campaigns
    Last Activity: Wednesday, 12th January, 2011 07:55 AM

    1 member(s)
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  • Monticelo MN gaming group

    we hang out on Friday evenings to role-play and smacktalk. Yes, we totally spelled Monticello wrong.

    Category: Campaigns
    Last Activity: Monday, 17th January, 2011 07:36 AM

    2 member(s)
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  • Storm of Chaos

    Duse's Onine Campaign

    Category: Campaigns
    Last Activity: Monday, 21st March, 2011 09:23 PM

    1 member(s)
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  • Gaia, a Pathfinder based homebrew.

    This is a high magic, high adventure, multi species campaign. Most intelligent species generally get along. Speciesism, racism, sexism, nationalism and all other forms of fanaticism do occur, but mostly not widespread and not widely accepted. You don’t have to like Them, diversity is simply good for business. The gods can, but rarely do, intervene directly in the lives of mortals. Usually they leave it to their clerics and paladins and the Hero’s and Adventurers of the world to see things set right. Technology and science do exist but are never left to pollute or threaten the natural world.

    Gaia is a big world, 32.400 miles around the equator, it has a huge Northern continent, a smaller Southern continent, some big islands and lots of smaller islands. Between Northern and Southern lies the Inner Sea and around them the Deep Ocean.

    Category: Campaigns
    Last Activity: Saturday, 22nd October, 2011 09:36 AM

    1 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    The Planes of Existence
  • Anima Gaming Crew

    I have noticed that Anima did not have a group, and even though it is new i think its something to check out and look at, for those who have played Anima or thought of playing Anima this is the place for you, here we can host games, discuss the game, and guide each other through the whole Anima Gaming experience. Looking for active members and hopefully we will get some soon.

    Category: Campaigns
    Last Activity: Tuesday, 25th January, 2011 05:40 PM

    1 member(s)
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  • 4e D&D

    4e Dungeons and Dragons. Looking for players and DMs to meet regularly at a time and day to be set by those who are interested. Feel free to message me with any questions!

    Category: Campaigns
    Last Activity: Thursday, 5th May, 2011 03:04 PM

    3 member(s)
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  • The Untamed Wilds

    Shakespeare said, "All the world is a stage, the men and women merely players."

    Homebrew Setting:
    This is a magic infusion, early technology, fantasy world. The particular technological age is deliberately set at the late Iron Age moving into the Golden Age of Discovery so that the non-combat related actions of the characters have a direct effect on political, social, and technological development.

    - Races / Character Description -
    All characters should be humanoid, meaning 2 arms and 2 legs. No tails, wings, feathers, or scales at inception, of a relative height from 4' to 8', with general earth tone coloration (melaninic) or yellow to reddish (caratenoic) or some hue from black to white (chromatic). Star Wars has its own diversity. The people of this world are more uniform.

    - Classes / Levels -
    In a beginning adventure to a beginning campaign. The term beginner is important. Classes are only relevant to the players own vocabulary and archetypal design not to the playable mechanics of this system. Diversity is pliable to all, free of penalty. Beginning age of characters should be late adolescent to early adult for relative plausibility.

    - Equipment / Money -
    As per the introduction, the technological age is late iron. This is important to starting gear. Suits of armor have never even been heard of, much less seen. Metal weaponry does, of course, exist but it is general and simple. Rapiers and katanas and such are yet to be designed, waiting on character input and alloy component discovery. Some indigenous peoples are still using weaponry made of stone or bone.

    All characters may begin with a simple melee weapon no larger than a longsword or single-blade fighting axe and/or a simple bow (long or short) with 20 arrows. If choosing knives, small swords, or hand axes, a character may begin with 2. Clothing should be homespun, wool, or cotton, no armor yet. Shields or bucklers are small and will be made of wood or hide.

    The base currency is a medium sized coin made of tin that has various names from the 4 cities where it is minted but the same value. All characters are considered to have acquired 20 coins at the start of play. This is more than adequate. You will see.

    This may come across as strange, but the system of origin for your character is irrelevant. I can use whatever stats you already have to relate them to what is important to keep track of development through play. Everyone has a favorite archetype or character. The question is can you take it and develop it through your own ability to play it, outside the rigid parameters of a gaming system? Where would you take it if the next step were entirely up to you?

    Technical Mechanics are based on percentile and advancement is a point-buy system.

    The world is called The Untamed Wilds

    Category: Campaigns
    Last Activity: Friday, 19th April, 2019 09:41 PM

    7 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    PG 8: Paranormal Development
  • JM

    Char gen stuff

    Category: Campaigns
    Last Activity: Wednesday, 10th April, 2019 05:43 AM

    1 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:

    I am new at the game, and I appreciate any advice that you can give for me.

    Category: Fan Communities
    Last Activity: Friday, 5th April, 2019 05:11 PM

    2 member(s)
  • Creative Mountain Gamers

    Creative Mountain Games sold its first offering in December 2001 under the Open Game License.
    Visit Creative Mountain Games -
    Keep up with the Grymvald Gazetteer (Campaign Setting) website -
    The MF CMG (Medieval Fantasy Combat Miniatures Game) and MF WARS (Medieval Fantasy Wargame and Roleplaying System) website -
    Follow CMG on the CMG Google Group -
    Facebook -!/profile.php?id=1315595608
    Twitter @MarkCMG

    Last Activity: Thursday, 14th March, 2019 01:00 AM

    431 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    April Showers of Savings
  • World of Kulan

    A group open to anyone who is interested in learning more about my homebrewed World of Kulan campaign setting for Dungeons and Dragons v.3.5.

    Last Activity: Monday, 28th January, 2019 03:26 AM

    29 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    START HERE: World of Kulan
  • Dallas-Fort Worth Gamers

    A group for gamers in the greater Dallas and Fort Worth metroplex.

    Category: Locations
    Last Activity: Sunday, 27th January, 2019 07:51 PM

    58 member(s)
  • Dungeons and Dangers of the Blight

    No Description

    Category: Campaigns
    Last Activity: Thursday, 24th January, 2019 09:21 PM

    7 member(s)
  • Dragon Helm

    A play by post D&D campaign

    Category: Campaigns
    Last Activity: Thursday, 17th January, 2019 02:43 AM

    2 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    Hunting the Hunters
  • Future Fantasy

    WOIN Science Fantasy.

    Last Activity: Wednesday, 16th January, 2019 01:12 AM

    1 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    What is Future Fantasy
  • Iron DM 2011 Judges

    A place for Iron DM Judges (past & present) to discuss Iron DM stuff.

    [size=1]With thanks to Pbartender for the image![/size]

    Last Activity: Saturday, 24th November, 2018 01:58 AM

    This is a private group.