• Mistwell

    American rock band The Mountain Goats has just announced a new album called In League With Dragons, inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, and set for release on April 26th.  ...READ MORE

    At Game Hole Con, WotC hosted a "State of the Industry" panel, featuring Chris Perkins and Mike Mearls. Nerds on Earth was there to record the audio (listen to that here). Amongst other things, they hinted at the next FOUR products, mentioned that the Mystic, Artificer and Revised Ranger were upcoming, and indicated that D&D is now the most popular it has ever been since the 1980s. They also mention the release schedule, settings, novels, and more.  ...READ MORE

    As far as D&D fan creations go, this one is right top there among the best. Some of the folks over at Reddit have combined efforts to create a collection of new monsters, with full colour artwork and stat blocks. Currently 91 monsters strong, you can download the PDF completely free. Monsters range from the Clockwork Pest at CR 1/4 up to the Umalog, The Ceaseless Hunger at CR 30. Others include the Fusion Elemental, Gnoll Deathknight, Ice Golem, Magma Bear, and many more. The stats were done by StoneStrix; the art by a wide range of folks.  ...READ MORE