• darjr

    Long available in PDF format, the 1991 Dungeons & Dragons Rules Cyclopedia is now available as both softcover and hardcover from DriveThruRPG. This collects the Basic, Expert, Companion, and Masters D&D sets (1983-85) in one volume, and is a perfect collectors' item.

    Over on the DM's Guild, a free 28-page Magic: The Gathering adventure by Scott Fitzgerald Gray has been released. "A prison escape for an unlikely group of heroes turns into a race for an ancient relic sought by the Legion of Dusk. Can you brave the unknown and capture the treasure before the enemy does? This Dungeons & Dragons adventure is set on the plane of Ixalan from Magic: The Gathering. It uses 4th-level characters provided with the adventure."

    This issue of WotC's free in-house e-zine Dragon+ contains a Tomb of Annihilation adventure preview preyiew, discussions on the process of creating the boardgame Betrayal at Baldur's Gate, as well as some articles about the Tomb of Annihilation boardgame, a retrospective about boardgames in Dragon, a look at the Neverwinter MMORPGs TOA content, some advice on handling large player groups, a look at The Haunt, an advent on DM's Guild, maps of Chult, and more.

    Tales of the Yawning Portal is imminent, and the preview machine has started to gear up. Below, you can see two pages from The Sunless Citadel (a 3E adventure by Monte Cook Games' Bruce Cordell) as it appears in this upcoming 5th Edition conversion. The Sunless Citadel was a 32-page adventure which was buried underground, corrupted by a magic tree. The original was voted the 2nd best 3e adventure.

    This is a short interview clip with the first player of a wizard in an RPG, posted by David Megarry. Peter Gaylord played in Dave Arneson's Blackmoor campaign as the Wizard of the Wood in the early 1970s. Peter passed away earlier this year, aged 73. This was before D&D; Blackmoor was Dave Arneson's campaign setting, and was initially a wargaming setting and then part of what evolved into D&D.

    According to one of the latest D&D podcasts from WotC with Creative Director Shauna Narciso and Art Director Kate Irwin share that Curse of Strahd will have a pullout two sided map poster. They called 5th Edition "a classic muscle car with modern amenities". Also they talked about already working on the next two storylines when Curse of Strahd was barely just completed. Curse of Strahd is due for release on Tuesday, March 15th (Friday, March 4th - otherwise known as GMs Day - in selected stores).

    WotC has posted two new errata documents - one for the D&D 5th Edition Monster Manual, and one for the Dungeon Master's Guide. These accompany the already existing errata for the Player's Handbook, and the Sage Advice column by Jeremy Crawford. Note that later printings of the books already fix these items - check to see if your book says "This printing includes corrections to the first printing" near the bottom of the credits page. These errata are compiled in two short PDFs. Here are the links you need!

    There's a new 5E tool in town, and it's called OrcPub. "OrcPub aims to be the best suite of online tools available for Dungeons and Dragons. We love all the books, dice, miniatures, and the other trappings of table-top D&D and don't intend to replace the awesome experience it provides, but make it more awesome with tools that keep the game flowing smoothly." It's very slick, uses the D&D basic rules, and is even able to export characters to a full PDF character sheet. Not just a character builder, it also includes a spell creator, a class builder, and a race builder.

    I'm not sure if this constitutes news, not being particularly familiar with where Dungeons & Dragons is sold in the US. I asked Twitter and responses were mixed, so I figured I'd report it anyway and folks could ignore it if it wasn't news. The D&D Starter Set has been spotted by EN World member darjr in Nebraska at a Walmart. Some folks say they've never seen D&D at Walmart, and others are saying they've seen it there before. I've never seen a Walmart, so I'm in no place to comment!