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    12 Cheaters and how to identify them.

    Monte Cook and Shanna Germain attended the first of their Ultimate Retailer Events at Astral Games in Medford, Oregon in which they talked about Numenera and answered audience questions. A video of this event will be up on EN World later this week. They were both kind enough to sit down and talk with us at the event's conclusion.

    Five Games to help while away those long weekends.

    GenCon is a big Con, what games should you check out and how can you make the author jealous?

    Facebook the Board Game was recently announced. What could possibly be bad about that?

    Gaming pieces. Plastic, Wood, or Cardboard? Which one makes a game sing for you?

    In the last installment of Do Not Pass Go, in conjunction with EN World's Season of Sexism video features, we met Jennifer and she attempted to guide me through the murky waters of Sexism in Gaming.

    The problem is, as one of the segments of society most often identified as an offender, I feel as if I may not be as well informed about what the nature of Sexism is as displayed at and around the game table as I could be. Hopefully, Jennifer can help rectify that.

    My personal

    I wanted to write an article about Sexism in Gaming, because that seems to be the big theme at ENWorld this week with @morrus and his newly launched video series from UK Games Expo. It seemed like the thing to do and is a fairly hot button topic across the gamescape. So, let's talk about this sexism thing.

    Except I can't. Apparently, I lack experience in the field. I've neither knowingly been sexist, nor been told at any point that I have unwittingly been so. Similarly, I've never

    So there you are, in the cavernous deeps of the Lady Teradyne's slave mines. You've vanquished the Keeper of the Keys, destroyed Slavemaster Grobulus, beaten down the Doors of Penance, and set thousands of slaves free to go back to the cool night air of the surface world.

    All that lays before you is the final, deepest, darkest pit of the whole mine system. The stench of brimstone and the foul refuse of failed alchemical experiments trigger your gag reflex with nearly every breath.

    We’ve all been playing games for a while now, or at least, most of us have. If you are new to Table Top Gaming, then welcome, it’s nice to see you here. Grab a chair and scooch up to the table. We’ve got lots to talk about. Most of us know the basic advantages face-to-face gaming has over gaming on your PC or game console. Even for us experienced experts though, there are some hidden advantages you may not be aware of yet. Things that are, if you play fairly regularly, having an effect on

    Every once in a while you meet the Perfect Gamer. Not the guy who plays a game perfectly or has perfect knowledge of a game’s rules, but the guy who is perfect to play any game with. What makes the Perfect Gamer? Let’s see if we can figure it out.

    1. To the Perfect Gamer all games are relatively equal. It doesn’t matter what game is on the table, the Perfect Gamer is willing to give it a try. Even if it is a game in a genre he knows he doesn’t like, the Perfect Gamer will still

    I’ve got a reasonably large collection of board games. Somewhere in the neighborhood of three or four hundred. For people deep into board gaming, this isn’t really as large as it seems, but for most of the general public that represents more special editions of Monopoly than currently exist. For now at least. We won’t, for the time being, include my collection of Role Playing Games in that total.

    This collection of games has been slowly acquired over the course of the last ten to

    Oh boy! Oh boy! It's that time of the week, again. Yes! Board Game Night is finally here! Thank goodness. Work has been dreadful. The sort of drudgery and frustration that only Cinderella seems to understand. You've been looking forward to this all week long and tonight's the night at last! It's time to prepare. Only 30 minutes to go.

    Of course, you would have been prepared earlier, but you've been given extra hours three days running. You know how it is, you get home tired

    Here is the problem with game design: It is ridiculously easy to come up with an idea for a game, but also, monstrously hard to figure out how to implement that idea. This is made only more complicated if you want your game to be fun for anyone besides you.

    I was recently asked to come up with potential game ideas for production over the course of the next couple of years. Fortunately, I was given a couple days to do this, but only ended up needing one hour.

    Here is

    Last week, posted a list of the 10 Greatest Science Fiction Games of All Time. We like lists, on the internet at least. They're easy to assemble, quick to read and, more often than not, very hit friendly. They drag eyeballs to a page because people want to see what you think the best of the best is and then disagree with it. That generates comments and proves to the author that at least people are reading.

    In the spirit of the list endeavor, I am prepared to disagree with

    A week ago, I was perfectly willing to open with a discussion of Games Workshop, copyright/ trademark law and the difficulty of claiming to own words and concepts that have existed for at least 50 years prior to your sudden decision not to let anyone else use them.

    That was a week ago. I'm told there is such a thing as beating a
    dead horse and this one seems to be in particularly ill health by now. Besides, others have made the relevant points for me. Best let that horse rest in peace,

    I suppose some sort of introduction is in order. I mean, I could launch into a rant about Monopoly right off the bat, but you are going to want some context first. Who is this guy, why is he here and what in God's name does he think he's doing trashing my beloved Monopoly?

    Well, my name, as far as this internet thing is concerned, is Fiddleback. It has been other things, but this is certainly the most recent and most persistent of them. Out in this thing called the Real World I get