Ynas Midgard
  • Ynas Midgard

    The Hero's Journey is a Swords & Wizardry Whitebox variant, the personal hack of James M. Spahn, author of the acclaimed White Star. The rules are simple and well-worded, and the book implies a humanocentric, mystical sort of fantasy backdrop, but you could also just rip the game apart for neat alternate rules for your own campaign.
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    Rabbits & Rangers is a collection of character options and alternative rules that support cartoonish fantasy. It is explicitly compatible with Labyrinth Lord and, by extension, other B/X D&D and AD&D simulacrums. The silliness factor is pretty high, and if an adventuring party comprised of a Crow Magic-User, a Rooster Fighting-Man, an Owl Cleric, and a Skunk Thief riding snailodons and domesticated lizard mounts doesn’t get your engine revving, this supplement might not  ...READ MORE