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    The World's Most Popular Roleplaying Game - Dungeons & Dragons - inspires more discourse and controversy over rules decisions than any other game I've ever known (RPG or not). OK, no, Magic the Gathering creates more, but D&D is up there. Every iteration has its diehard fans, and there are always solid reasons for that. So this week, inspired by a submission for the Picks from some DM's Guild folks, I decided to take a walk through the Five Editions and show a neat thing from each...

    This week in E.N. World's Critical Role Roundup the Mighty Nein learn about secret societies of the world, plan for avoiding ambushes and rifle through popular books to fulfill a character's "quest."

    Over on EN5ider, the 5th Edition Patreon -- Welcome to the third adventure in the ZEITGEIST adventure path! In the wake of a villain's defeat, his accomplices flee into the seedy underbelly of Flint. The party tracks down an arcanoscientist selling illegal arms and magic developed in labs owned by the fallen villain, and discovers a curious collection of ancient artifacts.

    Welcome back to our weekly look at tabletop roleplaying game, and accessories, crowdfunding roundup! This week we look a new epic campaign for Coriolis, a love story in the ruins of Chernobyl, settings for Powered by the Apocalypse and Savage Worlds, 5th edition monsters, a new urban fantasy RPG, a collection of 15 games in a single book and more gaming pins! If you have anything you’d like us to cover, or questions about anything we talk about, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact me directly.

    Goodman Games has posted a whole pile of photos of its 5th Edition conversion of Into The Borderlands. First announced in March 2017, these books were available for pre-order in January of this year. Now, the pre-orders are shipping very soon, and photos abound! This is the first in a series of "Original Adventures Reincarnated" line. (Thanks to Jeremy for the scoop!)

    The special features tables for magic items are among 5E’s most flavorful additions. These details grant even the plainest of such items a unique feel. Still, any given list of options only remains fresh for so long. Presented in this series are additional random tables, adding new details and features. In this installment, veteran writer Ari Marmell offers new origins for your magic items.

    Mists of Akuma may be the Meiji – Punk post-apocalypse RPG setting you never knew that you needed. The game enlists your character in the tragic tale that is Soburin, offering a dizzying array of possible cultural hooks to embrace.

    If you've read the novel Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, you'll know that amongst all the many 80s pop culture references featured therein, there is a big tribute to Dungeons & Dragons in the form of a virtual recreation of the Tomb of Horrors and the demi-lich Acererak. It hasn't been clear whether this will appear in the upcoming movie, however (or if it is, I've missed it!) That said, a press release has gone out listing all the companies which Spielberg was able to get permission from, and Dungeons & Dragons is on that list.

    New on EN5ider, the 5th Edition Patreon! Stonewatch is an aging lighthouse that looms above a particularly dangerous stretch of coastline. Its lone, weather-beaten spire rises from a rocky hilltop, as if stubbornly guarding against the thick ocean mists that churn below. The lighthouse itself is manned by an elderly knight in the middle of his final vigil, and a humble village nearby provides a modicum of refuge for passing travelers.

    We've previously discussed the original end goal of Dungeons & Dragons and the rising success of video in boosting the game's popularity, but the enormous success of Matt Colville's Strongholds & Streaming seems like a turning point that brought both of those elements together at the right time. Here's a few theories as to why.

    A rundown of the New Releases that should be hitting games stores this coming week! Board games, card games, RPGs, Wargames, Miniatures and collectible games... hopefully something for everyone! In addition to the games hitting your local store we also take a look at a few RPG PDF releases from the last week that we hope may be of interest. For more information about any of the physical products please contact your local games store.

    Perhaps one of my odder choices for a theme week, but I do find it fascinating how many creators and fans are drawn to the idea of mice (and rats, and related critters) as heroes and villains within genre stories. I mean, let's face it, Secret of NIMH remains one of the most fascinating and well-done "not-Disney" cartoon movies of the 20th century. It also seems using mice is a neat way to get kids interested, as many of these games and products indicate. Last (but most assuredly not least), I get the impression a lot of artists just really enjoy drawing mice in cool costumes...

    Welcome to this week's Critical Role Roundup. This week the Mighty Nein descend into sewers and deal with exploding rats and hatching spider eggs. We have action, new music and a lot more in this week's episode of Critical Role!

    ICv2's periodical industry report has come in for Fall 2017, and the surprising news is that Paizo's Starfinder is outpacing its flagship game, Pathfinder! Of course, the effect may be temporary, as Starfinder was launched around then (and it was Paizo's fastest selling ever product at Gen Con). With D&D in its usual top spot, this is the first time Pathfinder has dropped down to #3.

    Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news! Toys R Us going into liquidation and closing nationwide, more information about Pathfinder 2, hints at Dungeons & Dragons new campaign setting, lots of game announcements from the GAMA Trade Show, and more!

    D&D is itself an extension of mythology and sometimes it’s a good move for the GM to bring a proper legend into their game. Whether to have an epic NPC make an impact on the plot, slack a few jaws in awe, or just as a lark, this column is bringing you the greatest figures of mythology with statistics for Fifth Edition!

    Welcome back to our weekly look at tabletop roleplaying game, and accessories, crowdfunding roundup! This week we take to the stars with a Traveller box set and a big book of sci-fi maps, fight the end of the world, see a Megadungeon get a 5th Edition upgrade, and a lot more! If you have anything you’d like us to cover, or questions about anything we talk about, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact me directly.

    Thanks to Stan Shinn over on Google+ for this scoop! WotC held a presentation at the GAMA trade show today, in which they covered both recent D&D performance (best year ever!), some previews of Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes, and a small hint towards... Spelljammer?

    Back in January 2017, Kobold Press successfully funded a Kickstarter for a pair of 5th Edition books based on their Midgard campaign setting -- a World Book, and a Heroes Handbook. The former, as you might imagine, is a setting guide for GMs; the latter is a crunchy tome containing races, spells, feats, spells, and more. They've kindly sent me over some previews of both books, including the Centaur PC race from the Heroes Handbook!

    Usually this time of the month we would get a new Unearthed Arcana from WotC; however, this month they've posted a one-page preview of May's Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes, showing some random tables associated with the Duergar. Click on the image below for the PDF!
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