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    Today we go looking through the bard's backpack while they are off wooing crowds and taking requests for lovebirds. Expecting a host of romantic pamphlets, we find instead a small collection of useful notes that make for a good read. Tricky those bards are, they probably took the saucy bits with them. Still, you won't be disappointed by this month's selection.

    So you finally slew the Kobald Lich and her minions who have been harrying the kingdom for more than a year. Bloodied but satisfied you and your companions wander over to her pile of loot and start sifting through the valuables. You find a bag full of books; apparently Ashrital, Scourge of the North was a reader. Fortunately, so are you and your eyes alight with the possibility of what strange tomes may lie within. Welcome to the DMs Guild Round Up! There has been so much material created for the Dungeon Master's Guild since its inception, so we want to spotlight some of the great works being produced. Some days it will be Random Loot (like today) and some days it will be a theme. So let's get started and dip our hand into the hoard and see what tomes await.

    Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news! Starfinder in the wild, Pathfinder Adventures comes to desktop PCs, Fantasy Grounds price drop, Fallout coming to tabletop, Games Workshop gets sued, and more!

    I'm going to stick with Theme Weeks for a while and see how that goes. As always, I'd appreciate you letting me know if you like the idea or not. If you do like it, then please feel free to suggest themes for the future! This week (which I rather imagine, like others, will recur more than once) is all about Magic, the Arcane, and how that plays into your game. Sure, there has to be a D&D-related Pick in there, but I think you'll find a pretty interesting mix of stuff across many fields here.

    Becoming more fond of Theme Weeks, I decided this week should feature 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons products. While some may feel the release schedule of official Wizards of the Coast products isn't what they're used to (or what they'd prefer), it's important to note that there's a huge amount of material for the latest edition of the World's Most Popular RPG from both established publishers and super-fans with excellent design instincts and an abiding passion for the game.

    This rather awesome Pumpkin King was posted on Twitter by DM Dicestress of Dead Dice Society. Happy Halloween, everybody!

    So, some of you might have heard about this little Kickstarter I am involved in? Heh, yeah, things are a bit insane for me right now, but fear not! The Picks of the Week march on, and I've got some good ones for you. Have some troubles figuring out a good backstory for your favorite character? There's a great product designed specifically to help you. Want to explore publishing that really cool stuff you've created for Cypher, D&D, Cortex, or Traveller? There's a new venue and set of tools just for that! All that, and the world of Earth AD, the old school Black Hack, and the infinity of the Suzerain Continuum as well!

    This was a huge week for D&D fans (especially those who fancy the 5th Edition), and especially for anyone who has a desire to create and share 5e-driven content, whether as a fan, would-be new publisher, or an established house. The Dungeon Masters Guild - a joint venture between Wizards of the Coast and DriveThruRPG - not only provides a venue for official 5e material to come out digitally from WotC, it sets up a solid mechanism for anyone to create and share 5e material with the world. The current focus is on the Forgotten Realms, but there's little doubt other settings will eventually make their appearance (and availability for creation) on the site down the road. Parallel to this is the release of the long-awaited new OGL terms and System Reference Document for full-scale publishing operations. Understandably, there are a lot of questions about how it all works. If you're serious about doing something, do yourself a favor and read this page, top to bottom, carefully.

    I haven't done one of these in a few months, but I thought it would be fun to do another of my D&D community resources articles where I scour the web for fan-created material so you don't have to. As always, a great place to find a concentrated roiling mass of home-brews, house rules, and fan-created content is the D&D House Rules, Home-brews, & Conversion Library forum right here at EN World. You can find the archive of all 18 of my lists of useful community created content right here.

    Welcome to the latest edition of my D&D fan creation compilation, where I scour the web so you don't have to. And then get mean emails from people whose stuff I didn't see. Anyway, this time I have a 40-page adventure, a new fanzine, random mundane treasure, a way for rogues to be James Bond, and a whole new take on alignments. Enjoy!
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