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    Beyond the world of mortal ken lies another, a nightmare world of profane alien gods, nightmarish tomes of eldritch lore, bloodlines tainted by elder secrets, and forgotten places whose existence makes a mockery of established history. You will find a world where Cthulhu dreams no longer in his house at Rílyeth in Leagues of Cthulhu.

    The inaugural scenario in Palladiumís Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures has two possible outcomes: rescuing a military installation from those lovable, cuddly, psychopathic, psionic miscreants, the Terror Bears or annihilating 75% of the country in a sudden launch of the nuclear stockpile. Little did anyone know this adventure would launch a line that outlasted the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles license at Palladium Books.

    There are two ways of rating fictional characters that you want to add to role-playing games (and other types of games as well). These are the functional method and the emotional/perceptual method (for want of a better name).

    There are some role-playing games that aim to strip out complexity wherever possible - in the rules, in character creation, even in the setting itself. And then there are those like the Infinity RPG Core Book which choose to embrace it; to lean into a universe stuffed to the brim with backstory and try to lay down mechanics for everything it throws at you.

    Itís been five years since I first read Savage Worlds and until rather recently my experience was left to that of an appreciative reader. Iím certain some of you know this experience. You have something and want to run (or play), and paid good money for it, but everyone in your group is non-pulsedÖ Thatís recently changed since my longtime friend and Fantasy Grounds GM introduced Savage Rifts (reviewed here) and Deadlands into our somewhat regular sessions. This Review is a brief delve into Deadlands Players and Marshals, Reloaded handbooks for Savage Worlds.

    What did I do to change the mechanisms of Spelljammer when I devised my own version?

    Welcome to the Cypher System Creator Roundup! Unlocked during Monte Cook Gamesí Worlds of the Cypher System Kickstarter campaign, the Cypher System Creator program is an option to distribute and/or sell official Cypher System crowd-sourced content. Setup within DriveThruRPG and RPGNow, the model is similar to the Storytellerís Vault (World of Darkness), and the Explorerís Society (7th Sea) in that individual creators can share their Cypher System content as long as it conforms to the content guidelines for the program, which can be found here.

    Many comic book universes have undergone a revamp that updates heroes and clears out any complex continuity. The New 52, Rebirth, All-New All-Different Marvel: the list goes on. Now we see the pre-eminent super-hero game get a similar treatment with Green Ronin's Freedom City 3rd edition for the Mutants & Masterminds game. Is this the perfect jumping on point, or do changes make things difficult for users? Read on and find out!

    Itís been a while, Roundup fans, but worry not, the PAIZO NEWS ROUNDUP is back and chock-full of news from the Golem and all your favorite games! We got more updates for the War for the Crown Adventure Path, and more books for the discerning Dungeon Master. Letís get started!

    This week on Critical Role we see Xhorhasian assassins, cosmic dreams, intra-party drama, surprising character revelations, a callback to Campaign 1, and a mid-episode level-up!

    Hello everyone, Darryl here with this weekís gaming news! Steve Jackson Games makes an April 1st announcement that turns out to be true, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Fourth Edition gets a release date, find out more about your favorite game designers through #AprilTTRPGMaker, and more!

    Spirit of 77 is a combination of street racers and kung-fu fighters, cross-country road races, and big scores in the big city with a killer '70s soundtrack. If you have ever wanted to cross paths with Bigfoot and punch him right in the face because heís asking for it, then Spirit of 77 is for you.

    The grizzled warrior sitting across from me squinted at me with his one good eye, I assume trying to size me up with his intuition. "Are you calling me a fossil?" The scars on his arms leered at me, looking as if their very history would reach out any moment and strike me. "Uh, no. I was asking if you have any tomes on dinosaurs?" I tried to swallow my whiskey with a confidence I wasn't feeling.

    Most role-playing game adventures depend on the player characters going out into the world seeking adventure. They leave their homes or bases of operation and travel to a dungeon, a wizard's tower or a newly discovered planet. But sometimes an adventure designer wants to take the story to the players' doorstep.

    Welcome once more to our monthly roundup of offerings from the Statosphere, the community-generated content portal for the Unknown Armies RPG. This month, we're breaking from tradition to look at just one product...and it's a doozy.

    With the latest in their string of popular games based on licensed properties, Modiphius Entertainment has released their take on the character of Conan in their latest game for their 2d20 System of rules.

    EN World's Christopher Helton talked about the need for more local tabletop gaming conventions and, to that end, I attended AndoCon (March 9th to 11th, 2018) in Peachtree Corners, Georgia (Greater Atlanta). This was an intimate tabletop gaming convention anchored by Ando Poore and housed in a Marriott. Born of Ando's love of gaming and community, the 2018 edition was funded via Kickstarter and managed a nice guest list despite being the same weekend as Gary Con X. Creators Sean Patrick Fannon, Eddy Webb, Eloy Lasanta, Jason Stone, Craig Campbell, and more attended to debut a variety of games as well as to game.

    I enjoyed playing Spelljammer in conjunction with the 1e D&D rules back in the day - I'm a naval guy at heart. For those who don't remember, it's FRPG in outer space, with different physics and magical spaceships that often resemble creatures such as sharks or wasps, for 7th-13th level. (There was a brief version in Dungeon Magazine for 3e as well.) I read that we may see a new version for 5e, so I dug out some old notes in order to discuss the design of the original game.

    In writing these articles I have come to understand how many people are voiceless in the collective imaginary land that is role playing games. I hope that these articles make our hobby and industry a place where more people are welcomed and encouraged to become involved. Which brings me to North America, the part the second.

    This week in E.N. World's Critical Role Roundup the Mighty Nein learn about secret societies of the world, plan for avoiding ambushes and rifle through popular books to fulfill a character's "quest."

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