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    Many of you know that I am now a Brand Manager for Pinnacle Entertainment Group, the home of Savage Worlds, Deadlands, Rippers, and the impending Savage Rifts. I mention that here, for those who may not know, as a fair disclaimer - I have a distinct bias regarding Savage Worlds products. I try not to show it too much most weeks, though it's more than fair to say that Savage Worlds is a hugely popular and ubiquitous game system that warrants significant coverage. This week, that bias definitely shone through as three of the five Picks are Savage. All, I truly believe, are worth your time, but I promise to try not to do this too much in the future and keep the spread a bit more diverse. Please don't miss the awesome "Complete Your Bundle" sale notice at the end, as it's over in a few days.
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    Fumble mechanics have been part of the tabletop RPG experience for decades. Even where games don't have a fumble mechanic, many players house rule them in. A fumble is the opposite of a critical hit (or critical success) - its most common manifestation is a roll of 1 in a d20-based game (with a roll of 20 being the critical). Veteran game designer Monte Cook has some thoughts on fumble mechanics, and talks about them and how his Numenera RPG (and all of the Cypher System line) use an "intrusion" instead.  ...READ MORE

    I’m going to talk about campaign prep again today, but from the other side of the screen. This week started a game being run by a friend of mine, Werewolf 20th Anniversary Edition rules (with heavy house ruling she is telling us, but I am really not knowledgeable enough in the rules to be able to really tell what the house ruling is yet) in a semi-original setting. The part about being on the other side of the screen isn’t the complete truth…but we will talk more about that as I go along.
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    The following email just went out to subscribers of Gygax Magazine. It confirms that the magazine is to cease publication following the recent trademark dispute with Gail Gygax and the withdrawal of Luke and Ernie Gygax from the magazine. The company, TSR, however, will continue to produce RPG products, including some adventures and a new espionage roleplaying game.  ...READ MORE

    Weapons are a large part of any fantasy game. Sometimes they are detailed individually, with crunchy statistics; sometimes they are merely left as flavour. However, it can be fun to imagine the weapons your character is wielding. Halberds, maces, rapiers, guisarmes, glaives, arquebuses, firelances, crossbows, and more make up the armories of any fantasy realms. Straight from the pages of [WOIN] Archaic Equipment, the upcoming sourcebook for the What's O.L.D. is N.E.W. roleplaying game system come these illustrations of a wide range of weapons from artist Egil Thompson.  ...READ MORE

    It has been just over a month since I started writing for the site. There’s been a lot of things that have happened in that month, from the 5th edition of D&D finally going OGL to a number of interesting Kickstarters being launched. The end of the year/beginning of the year time can be quiet normally, with everyone recovering from the drag of the holidays, but this year has seen a lot happen. Here are this month’s “quick hits” of the things that you may have missed out on. Roll the dice and see if any of these get a critical hit.  ...READ MORE

    After taking nominations in this thread, it's time to start voting. Let us know what RPGs you are most anticipating this year. The nominations were gathered over a series of days, and culled down to those which were full roleplaying game systems (i.e. not settings, adventures, supplements, or accessories for an existing game). The poll will run for one week, after which I will announce the 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2016. You may choose up to three options.  ...READ MORE

    Here's hoping everyone had a great New Year's Eve, and that your 2016 is off to a rousing (or restful, as needs be) start! I went with a fairly eclectic set of Picks this week, giving some love to a number of off-the-beaten-path rules sets and/or settings. Though it's true that I - like most of you - tend to pick a single set of rules, or maybe a couple (in my case, it's Savage Worlds and Prowlers & Paragons) to focus most of my gaming attention upon, I've definitely come back around full circle. These days, I also like to experiment with new systems and new ideas. I want to know what they can teach me, both about game design and about storytelling. Besides, changing things up can really keep your sense of wonder about this hobby fresh!
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    Throughout 2015, hundreds of RPG news stories have been posted here on EN World. I thought it would be fun to take a look back at the year and see which ones generated the most "buzz". Below, I have listed the most popular news stories of the year measured by number of comments- in other words, the ones which got folks talking. It's a very D&D-heavy list, so I've also listed (separately) the top 12 non-D&D stories of the year. Ironically, the most talked about news story of the year was only four sentences long!  ...READ MORE

    If you're using a mobile phone to read EN World's news page, you'll have noticed the new mobile theme which makes browsing the news much easier on a small device. There's also some new functionality for quick posts, should you want to ask a quick question or post a quick comment without diving fully into the forums. If you hit the "What's New?" button at the top right of the mobile news page, you'll see a feed of the latest forum posts. You can quickly select a forum and make a post directly from that screen. Additionally, hitting the little camera icon allows you to upload one image to your thread.  ...READ MORE

    I'm not sure this is the best advert for D&D, but what happens when you play Dungeons & Dragons online via a service such as Twitch, and one of the players falls asleep? And, to add insult to injury, begins to snore loudly? This video from Poke Your Eyes Out Games shows exactly this. The DM tries in vain to wake the player up, while the other players roll around with unrestrained mirth. This never happened in any of Wil Wheaton's or Vin Diesel's games!  ...READ MORE

    If you're familiar with Loot Crate, you might find Dungeon Crate to your tastes - it's essentially Loot Crate for tabletop gamers. For a monthly subscription, you get a regular delivery of surprise goodies. The crate arrives every month, and you don't know what you'll be getting, but will include things like gaming accessories, maps, shirts, buttons/badges, and dice. Additionally, a digital crate is thrown in, which includes a map, home-brew modules, character sheets, etc.  ...READ MORE

    One thing that most fantasy roleplaying games have in common is a range of exciting, fantastic locations. While new monsters and spells are easy to come buy, unique and memorable adventure locations are a little more sparse. Over on Kickstarter right now you can find a book which provides you with 15 interesting locations - a mad king's cursed castle, an ancient structure beneath the ice, and so on.
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    Gen Con is betting bigger! The convention, which is the largest hobby game convention in North America, is expanding its events into the nearby Lucas Oil stadium in Indianapolis from 2016. Numerous large events will be moving to the stadium, including True Dungeon. Gen Con is approaching 200,000 turnstile attendance (that was 61,000 unique attendees) last year - it's growing quickly. The city's downtown hotel capacity, sadly, is not. 2016 Gen Con is from August 4th-7th.  ...READ MORE

    Welcome to the start what is going to be an ongoing column here at EN World. I am going to talk about a lot of different things over time, but mostly I am going to talk about the things that grab my attention, and grab my interest, in tabletop gaming. There will be reviews and commentary about role-playing games, as well as digressions into card and board games, and the communities around them. There will be news at times as well.  ...READ MORE

    Winter Fantasy, the convention in Forte Wayne, Indiana, is returning on February 3-7. There's going to be a Dungeons & Dragons presence, as usual, Adventurers League content and the premiere of the Season 4 Epic adventure opening. There's also going to be a new program called The D&D eXPerience. It's similar to the VIP program they used to have, and includes a members-only headquarters for resources and staff access. This will be Winter Fantasy's 40th year! More information as and when it arrives.  ...READ MORE

    Ken Whitman is a man who has been discussed at length across the RPG community in recent months. With a history of undelivered products and unfulfilled Kickstarters, his name has become synonymous with broken promises. After going radio silent for a while as his most recent failure-to-launch raged across the community, his d20 Entertainment website popped back up on Black Friday asking people to pay him $5 in return for nothing, in a move inspired by Cards Against Humanity.  ...READ MORE

    If you're like me, and like to have a little collection of news icons on your mobile phone to quickly catch up on news sites which interest you, you might be pleased to know that EN World has joined that club! When viewing the news page on a mobile phone, you'll notice that it has a whole new mobile appearance designed for quick and easy news consumption. Of course, if you preferred the old way, just hit the "Desktop Version" button at the bottom - it will remember your choice on future visits.  ...READ MORE

    It sounds like the ultimate dream for gamers: being paid to play the hobby you love. With the advent of new technology and a more accessible player base, the idea isn't quite as far-fetched as it used to be. Is it really feasible to become a "professional game master"?

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    Check out this rather awesome walkthrough poster of Out of the Abyss by comic artist and illustrator Jason Thompson. "Jason Thompson illustrates the misfortunates of a group of adventurers as they navigate the Underdark and play through the story featured in Out of the Abyss." The map contains spoilers! It's available in three sizes/resolutions over at the official D&D website. Click here or on the image below to jump there.  ...READ MORE