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    Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news! Star Trek Adventures opens its playtest to the public, official MLP gaming news, the ASA says Hello Games didn’t use deceptive advertising, Steve Jackson Games new products and organized play announcements, and more!

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    The public playtest for Modiphius' Star Trek Adventures tabletop RPG has launched worldwide with over 5,000 players in a storyline penned by writers including Dayton Ward (NYT bestselling author) and Scott Pearson. The living campaign will run until mid-2017, when the core rulebook is released, taking place in the unexplored Shackleton Expanse near Starbase 364. Different playtest experiences are available depending on which group playtesters signed up for, with different groups focusing on combat, diplomacy, and so on.  ...READ MORE

    It sounds like CBS is going to be doing a lot of licensing of Star Trek merchandise in the next year or so, to coincide with the show's 50th anniversary, and it's looking like Gale Force Nine might be launching a some kind of hobby game. Liz Kalodner of CBS Consumer Products reports that "in toys and games, Gale Force Nine will launch a new Star Trek hobby game title, Spin Master will launch RC vehicles and USAopoly will develop new Star Trek themed board games." That's not all they're doing, of course - there's lots of watches and toys and novels and 3D chess sets and the like coming, too, but it's the hobby game which interests us here on EN World! Thanks to Sentinel Marshall for the scoop.  ...READ MORE

    Sometimes you need to produce spontaneous scientific jargon in your game. Your PCs need to oscillate the anterior nadion actuator or invert the ambient access manifold. Maybe it's important that somebody harmonise the magnetic flux stabiliser. Technobabble, a feature of Star Trek and Doctor Who, can inject some atmosphere into your game. The following table uses a d66 (roll d6 twice, the first being 'tens' and the second being 'ones') to randomly generate one of 46,656 different combinations.  ...READ MORE

    With the passing of Leonard Nimoy, thoughts of Star Trek roleplaying games sprang to mind. Over the years, there have been several - FASA's version in the 1980s, Last Unicorn Games' version, plus Prime Directive (which also had GURPS and d20 versions), and Decipher's Star Trek RPG (not to mention various tabletop starship combat games, board games, and card games). My own personal history with Star Trek roleplaying games lies back in the 80s with FASA's game and dozens of supplements and adventures, and I still have a soft spot for that game, and it's what inspired me to write my own sci-fi RPG, N.E.W.
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