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    Welcome back to our weekly look at tabletop roleplaying game, and accessories, crowdfunding roundup! This week we look a 5th Edition sourcebook for Dragon Kings, the latest updated game in the Chronicles of Darkness series, a supplement for an ENnie award winner, some old school adventuring, new dungeon tiles to spice up your table and a cookbook that'll drive your players insane! If you have anything you’d like us to cover, or questions about anything we talk about, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact me directly.

    A rundown of the New Releases that should be hitting games stores this coming week! Board games, card games, RPGs, Miniatures and collectible games... hopefully something for everyone! In addition to the games hitting your local store we also take a look at a few RPG PDF releases from the last week that we hope may be of interest. For more information about any of the physical products please contact your local games store.

    With Halloween falling on a Tuesday next week, most folks are going all-in with their celebrations and related activities (at least here in the States) this weekend. That's why I decided to call this All Hallows' Eve Week and featured horror-and-spooky gaming products for the theme. I might have gone a bit overboard with the Friday Picks...

    When October comes around, many gamers turn their heads from their regularly scheduled explorations of dungeons to look at a genre within which they do not normally crawl around. We are of course talking about horror. Whether you are looking for a one shot game for your Halloween night, or an ongoing campaign, there are a lot of very good horror games out there in the wilds of your local gaming store (or preferred online retailer) to check out for your horror needs. Let's look at a few of them.

    Weighing in at 680 pages, Mage: the Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition (M20 from here on out), like any forbidden tome of arcane knowledge worth the name, is a massive brick of a book.

    The release of the long-awaited Powerchords inspired me to put the spotlight on my dear friend and valued colleague, Satyros AKA Phil Brucato. Most well-known for his craftsmanship on Storyteller-driven games, you can find his urban fantasy sensibilities flowing magically out into other spaces as well. I am greatly looking forward to what he does next...

    A rundown of the New Releases that should be hitting games stores this coming week! Board games, card games, RPGs, Wargames, Miniatures and collectible games... hopefully something for everyone! In addition to the games hitting your local store we’re also now listing a few RPG PDF releases from the last week that we hope may be of interest. For more information about any of the physical products please contact your local games store.

    White Wolf has announced that World of Darkness creator Mark Rein*Hagen is working on Vampire 5th Edition. Mark Rein*Hegen created the World of Darkness in 1991, and co-wrote Vampire: The Masquerade's first edition in that same year. Vampire 5th Edition has been in development for a while (an "alpha playtest" was released in June), and the lead designer on the game is Kenneth Hite.

    Published by White Wolf in 1999 as part of its line of supplements for Vampire: the Dark Ages, the 94-page Cainite Heresy provides details on a heretical sect within the vampiric world. Part of the apocalyptic "Year of the Reckoning" line of World of Darkness products that traded on real-world millennialist fears, this book is clearly marked on the cover as "For Adults Only" and was published under White Wolf's "mature content" imprint, Black Dog Studios. As the disclaimer quoted above indicates, this book earns this moniker, both in concept and execution. (As is usual for Black Dog publications, there's more than a bit of nudity scattered throughout the illustrations.)

    White Wolf have announced the creation of the Storytellers Vault program to allow fans to create, share and sell new content based on their World of Darkness games. The program is being launched at Gen Con, where White Wolf will be sharing a booth with licensee Onyx Path Publishing (Booth 501).

    This week's theme is Cut It to the Core Week, inspired by the release of Third Eye's Pip System, as well as the fact that you can get all kinds of core rulebooks and other goodies for 25% off thanks to it being Christmas in July at DriveThruRPG/RPGNow. Having the core engine of your favorite game is not only a gateway into all the stuff you really like from your favorite publishers - it's a toolkit to begin crafting your own great ideas into a playable iteration for all to share.

    I'm going to stick with Theme Weeks for a while and see how that goes. As always, I'd appreciate you letting me know if you like the idea or not. If you do like it, then please feel free to suggest themes for the future! This week (which I rather imagine, like others, will recur more than once) is all about Magic, the Arcane, and how that plays into your game. Sure, there has to be a D&D-related Pick in there, but I think you'll find a pretty interesting mix of stuff across many fields here.

    It is with sadness that I report that yesterday the tabletop gaming industry lost one of its giants: Stewart Wieck, who co-founded White Wolf Game Studio and co-created the World of Darkness, and who more recently helmed Nocturnal Publishing. His brother, Steve Wieck (owner of DTRPG) announced his passing on Facebook. Wieck passed away at the age of 49, collapsing after a light workout; the cause of death is currently unknown, and he was believed to be in excellent health. Condolences got to his family from everybody here at EN World.

    Hello everyone! Darryl here with a slightly delayed News Digest that I’m blaming on a tropical storm. We’ve got new details on Tomb of Annihilation and D&D Beyond, news on the Critical Role sourcebook's release, Origins Awards winners, a huge charity stream from Saving Throw, the new Warhammer 40K edition, and more!

    White Wolf has just announced the Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition "pre-alpha" playtest, which you can download and play right now! The company also has an attached survey for playtest feedback. "Today we are sharing with you the Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition (V5) pre-alpha playtest kit, which includes the V5 pre-alpha rules and a special V5 pre-alpha scenario, The Night After. We invite you to download the kit and try it out: invite a few friends to play through the scenario together, talk about it, and then share your opinions with us through the online survey. We appreciate your feedback and value your input." The survey closes on August 1st, so you have about six weeks, after which WW will release the next iteration, the "alpha playtest".

    Yet another weekend where I am at a convention, which is enormous fun, but enormously exhausting. One of the Picks is in honor of said con, actually - I am at MantiCon, both as a member of the Royal Manticoran Navy and as their Gaming Guest of Honor. Meanwhile, take a look at the otherwise all-new stuff in the Picks for Savage Worlds, World of Darkness, Ninja Crusade, and Cartoon Action Hour!

    Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s news. Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition design team announced, teases for the new edition of Warhammer 40,000, Origin Awards nominees announced, a new Pathfinder video game, Mike Mearls does an AMA, and more! Yeah, I stretched more to get this headline than the last one...

    A few days behind the news curve on this one - apologies! Veteran game designer Kenneth Hite, author of Trail of Cthulhu and Night's Black Agents, has been revealed as the lead designer on Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition. Hite announced it via social media, following a live announcement at a World of Darkness event in Berlin -- "Now it can be revealed: I am the Lead Designer for VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE 5th Edition. Some pretty big Doc Martens to fill." There's not a lot more info available yet, but I'll report it as I hear it.

    Always one to keep up to date on the latest gaming trends, I have been finding myself drawn to the classic World of Darkness lately. I know, I'm only just over 20 years too late to jump on this bandwagon, but I have gotten the Vampire: The Masquerade and Werewolf: The Apocalypse twentieth anniversary editions and I've been looking through supplements both old and new, to decide what to put together. My interest was sparked about a year ago, when a friend ran some Werewolf: The Apocalypse games online. I had fun, and I wanted more.

    Hello everyone! Darryl here with this week’s gaming news! And this week is all about controversy. Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition release information (with a controversial hiring), Green Ronin is looking for female writers for Lost Citadel, International Tabletop Day may not be able to meet demand for promotional items, and more! Even this week’s Kickstarters are loaded with controversy!
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