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    These pages, kindly sent along by Worldscape writer (and Paizo publisher) Erik Mona come straight from this month's upcoming Pathfinder Worldscape comic book - the genre mashing series which will have Pathfinder characters meeting pulp heroes such as Red Sonja, Tarzan, John Carter and more (complete with game stats!) Erik tells me that this page show "Valeros’s encounter with a White Ape of Barsoom as well as the first comics appearance of the lamia matriarch Xanesha, the Rise of the Runelords NPC responsible for more Pathfinder PC deaths than probably anyone else." You will be able to get the first issue on Wednesday, 19th October.  ...READ MORE

    Layout on [WOIN] Building A Universe is nearing completion. You can see some sample pages below (see if you can spot the amusing autocorrect error changing the meaning of a sentence quite profoundly - don't worry, it'll be fixed!) As well as appearing as an independent softcover book in its own right, this is the final chapter in the compiled future-themed WOIN hardcover, NEW, and that means that the first hardcover is not far away and you can launch your sci-fi campaign exploring the final frontiers of galaxies far, far away!  ...READ MORE

    A couple of weeks ago, I shared a preview of Mists of Akuma, the Eastern Fantasy Noir Steampunk setting for D&D 5th Edition coming soon from Storm Bunny Studios. That preview showcased a bunch of feats from the setting. The preview I have today is all about dragons - giant snakelike Imperial eastern style dragons! We have the Hakanokishi (man, autocorrect does not like that word!), and underworld dragon, in its wyrmling, adult, and ancient forms. The Kickstarter for this 5E setting is coming soon, so be sure to check out the previous preview. I have a couple more to share between now and then!  ...READ MORE

    Are you a fan of Eastern Fantasy Noir Steampunk? I'm not 100% sure what that is, but I do know that Storm Bunny Studios is prepping for a D&D 5E supplement called Mists of Akumal which will be Kickstarted throughout May. Designer Mike Myler has sent me along some exclusive peeks at what they have in store - a 200 page book with new races, land and prefectures, backgrounds, and class options. This preview takes a look at some Martial Arts Feats!  ...READ MORE

    For those not lucky enough to be near a preferred store, Curse of Strahd is still four days away (Tuesday 15th). WotC is still scattering snippets and previews around like confetti. Here's what I've scooped up. Enjoy!  ...READ MORE

    Curse of Strahd contains a random d100 table of various gothic trinkets. Take a quick look at the first few items on that table! Locks which open when blood is dripped on them, the wig of someone beheaded, invisible ink that can only be read at sunset, and more. Curse of Strahd comes out on Friday in preferred stores, or 11 days later on March 15th everywhere else.  ...READ MORE

    Here's a look at the table of contents from Curse of Strahd (which hits preferred stores in two days, and everywhere else 11 days later on March 15th). It shows the entire adventure, along with quite the pile of maps, handouts, and more. Barovia gets 10 pages, and the Village of Barovia a further 7; Castle Ravenloft itself gets 30 pages. Also visible are things we've seen previews or sketches of, such as Old Bonegrinder.
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    Curse of Strahd is approaching fast. Here's a few quick, early peeks at the book itself, and of one of the miniatures from Gale Force Nine! These include the book, a glimpse of the fold-out map, Strahd's miniature astride is Nightmare steed, the full set of Tarokka cards, and some art from the book.  ...READ MORE

    An important skill in running a combat encounter in a tabletop roleplaying games is creating varied and interesting battles. To that end, Pelgrane Press has a new book coming out entitled High Magic and Low Cunning: Battle Scenes for Five Icons, which contains no less than 45 set piece battle encounters designed for various tiers of play. These battle scenes are connected to five of the setting's thirteen Icons: the Orc Lord, Prince of Shadows, Archmage, High Druid, and The Three. Pelgrane has very kindly sent me along a preview of the third battle in "Rafting Razoredge Gorge", the Orc Lord themed series of battles. The PCs have been rafting down a river while being attacked by orcs, and now they've come to a stop right beside the main orc camp. Take a look!  ...READ MORE

    Weapons are a large part of any fantasy game. Sometimes they are detailed individually, with crunchy statistics; sometimes they are merely left as flavour. However, it can be fun to imagine the weapons your character is wielding. Halberds, maces, rapiers, guisarmes, glaives, arquebuses, firelances, crossbows, and more make up the armories of any fantasy realms. Straight from the pages of [WOIN] Archaic Equipment, the upcoming sourcebook for the What's O.L.D. is N.E.W. roleplaying game system come these illustrations of a wide range of weapons from artist Egil Thompson.  ...READ MORE

    The Faerie Ring is an upcoming book for D&D 5E and Pathfinder which focuses on fey monsters, races, and more. It's designed to bring in the fey mythos, with mysterious and powerful fey lords, locations, and more. The folks behind it have sent along some enticing previews for me to share with you. "The Faerie Ring expands the fey options for both players and GMs using either Pathfinder Roleplaying Game or 5E and creates new opportunities for meddling where you probably shouldn't. It introduces new fey monsters, playable fey races and other character options, fey big bads or patrons (or both!), fey cities and planes and other locales, and more."  ...READ MORE

    Pelgrane Press has kindly sent along an awesome 7-page preview of their upcoming 13th Age Game Master's Screen and Resource Book (I love showing off previews!) The GM Screen contains, as you'd expect, various tables and reference material from 13th Age. The Resource Book (which is what the below previews are of) is a book of advice and rules for various aspects of play, including creating instant adventures, using terrain in battles, crafting interesting backgrounds and memorable NPCs, and more.  ...READ MORE

    The D&D Extra Life campaign just passed $90,000 -- which means another preview from Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide (which released last week in preferred stores, and will be available everywhere else from November 3rd). This time, we get a look at the Duergar entry! If they hit $100K, we get to see the hi-res labeled map of the northwest portion of Faerün, from Amn to Icewind Dale and the Moonshae Isles to the Dalelands.  ...READ MORE

    Kobold Press is continuing its D&D 5E offerings with a new Kickstarter which is set to launch today (Monday). I'll update this article with the link when it arrives (update - it's now live), but the project is a new 5E monster book called Tome of Beasts. Kobold Press, of course, made the Tyranny of Dragons adventures for WotC. They've kindly sent along a preview of this new book - an eye golem - which is one of the more than 300 monsters in this book.
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    Courtesy of WotC's Extra Life charity game is the latest preview from Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide (November 3rd). Following on from the previous previews, the Preface, Contents Page, Greenflame Blade cantrip, and Urban Bounty Hunter, we now have a good look at the Mastermind, a new rogue archetype.
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    WotC has released a preview of the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide (due for release November 3rd) as part of its Extra Life charity gaming weekend. Different monetary goals will release additional content. This first preview is of the preface from the book, and introduces the guide and the history of the Forgotten Realms setting. The Table of Contents is up next, if they manage to raise $50,000.
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    Kobold Press (those architects of Tyranny of Dragons) is about to release a new D&D 5th Edition product. This will be a 30-page PDF by Dan Dillon, called Midgard Heroes, which details a bunch of new races and backgrounds for 5E player characters, and should be hitting virtual store shelves tomorrow (I'll update with a link when it does). They've sent along a preview of the book - a full writeup of a new race, the Trollkin!
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    Forbes has covered the upcoming 256-page Out of the Abyss with a look at some of the whimsical Alice-in-Wonderland inspired NPCs from the adventure. Characters like Rumpadump & Stool (a myconid and his companion), The Pudding King, the Svirfneblin twins Topsy & Turvy, Prince Derendil the elf prince polymorphed into a quaggoth, Buppido the insane derro, and the ragtag group of Underdark misfits known as The Society of Brilliance (which includes a mindflayer with a missing tentacle, a mute troglodyte scout, and a kuo-toa cleric) all feature.
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    WotC has sent along a Derro-themed package today. This is a page from Out of the Abyss (the upcoming adventure, September 15th), plus an additional piece of Derro-tastic art. Derro, as you may know, first showed up in 1982's The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth. Degenerate dwarves, they are evil and sneaky, and often feature powerful magic-wielding savants in their midst. Not only that, though - this page also shows an index of all the new NPCs and monsters in the adventure, sorted by Challenge Rating!
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    The website Critical Hits has a preview page from the upcoming Out of the Abyss adventure for D&D 5th Edition. The adventure has September 15th release date (11 days earlier for preferred stores) and was produced by Green Ronin for WotC. The preview shows some details about underdark outposts, along with a few areas.
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