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    Welcome to the first of my Critical Role recaps! This is a new weekly feature here at EN World that will follow the Dungeons & Dragons campaigns streamed via the Critical Role channels on YouTube, Twitch and the enhanced offerings on Geek & Sundry streaming service, Alpha.

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    A quick announcement - short and sweet! Our first Critical Role column is coming this Friday from Annie Bulloch, who will be covering the show with news, summaries, announcements, and recaps every week. Stay tuned each Friday for Critical Role news and discussion!
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    The Verge talks about D&D, live streaming, and the current popularity of tabletop roleplaying. Livestreaming is a big thing these days; it used to be a video game phenomenon, but tabletop gaming now has a massive presence.
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    The pre-order for the Tal'Dorei Campaign Guide, the D&D 5th Edition campaign setting book written by Matthew Mercer and James Haeck, published by Green Ronin, and based on Geek & Sundry's popular Critical Role web-series, was launched a few days ago (with overwhelmingly popular success, I'm told). It's a full-colour hardback book, 144-pages in length. James Haeck was happy to answer a few questions about the book, and about working with Matt Mercer, and Green Ronin was kind enough to send along a couple of gorgeous previews, which you can see below.  ...READ MORE

    Critical Role's Matt Mercer posted about behaviour within the Critical Role fanbase. It very much reflects conversations we've had here on EN World about the RPG fanbase as a whole, and the D&D fanbase specifically. Whether you're talking about Critical Role specifically, or your thoughts about any tabletop gaming rule or product, I'm sure you understand what Matt is talking about.  ...READ MORE

    Two of the biggest hits coming from the new surge of online tabletop gaming programming unquestionably are Wil Wheaton's Tabletop and the D&D live stream Critical Role, both from Geek & Sundry. Today, Legendary Pictures announced yesterday their new video-on-demand service Alpha which includes big changes to these shows. The service will cost $4.99 a month and give early access to many Nerdist and Geek & Sundry shows including Co-Optitude, The Dan Cave, and Because Science two days before they're released on other outlets such as YouTube. But the two biggest names have bigger changes coming.  ...READ MORE

    Critical Role, the weekly web show from Geek & Sundry, usually features a game of D&D 5th Edition. However, tonight (April 18th) at 7pm PST (3am GMT) the show will feature a one-off game of Pathfinder. It's being sponsored by Paizo and the Syrinscape sound app. The session, run as usual by Matthew Mercer, will be a three-hour session; the press release (below) says it focuses on "their goblin module". Also playing will be Marsha Ray, Taliesin Jaffe, Ashly Burch, Phil LaMarr, and Ivan Van Norman.  ...READ MORE
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