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    Last week, Patreon - a service used by a lot of RPG creators - announced a policy change out of the blue. They emailed creators and patrons alike, unilaterally telling them that they were essentially passing some costs on to the patrons, and thus increasing the amount of their pledges. Creators - including us here at EN World - watched in horror as our hard-won patron bases, which we've built up over months and years, cancelled their pledges; and we could hardly blame them. Fortunately, the outcry was heard - Patreon is NOT implementing that disastrous change!

    Welcome back to our weekly look at tabletop roleplaying game, and accessories, crowdfunding roundup! This week we look into the dawn of the British Roleplaying hobby and the two men who shaped generations, a collection of dark Pathfinder adventures, a 5th Edition module, a FATE game of cataclysmic war and some beautiful gaming tiles. If you have anything you’d like us to cover, or questions about anything we talk about, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact me directly.

    Chaosium has announced that it will be entering into the realm of digital community generated content, with its Miskatonic Repository program through the OneBookShelf websites. This new program will allow fans and designers to create new settings, scenarios, spells and other content for the Call of Cthulhu role-playing game.

    Dungeons & Dragons is back in the news again thanks to Xanathar's Guide to Everything ranked on several best-seller lists. This isn't a first for D&D -- several D&D books were best-sellers when they launched -- but it is remarkable for an edition that's now several years old.

    You may now vote for the most anticipated tabletop roleplaying game of 2018. Last week, I took nominations; this poll includes all qualifying nominated games. To qualify, it must be a standalone RPG, NOT a supplement, setting, adventure, sourcebook, expansion, or accessory, it must be currently scheduled for a 2018 release, and it must have received at least one nomination last week. Voting will remain open for one week, closing on Saturday 16th December. You may vote for more than one game. Last year's winner, Trudvang Chronicles from RiotMinds, is pictured below.

    Social games are all the buzz thanks to a raft of interviews and marketing pushes by Hasbro and Mattel touting the benefits of "social gaming." Long before these game juggernauts discovered the term, tabletop role-players were gathering around a table and playing games. But the new kids on the block may still be able to teach tabletop gamers a few things.

    Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news! Wizards of the Coast releases codename release dates for four new products and a statement on harassment in the Magic: The Gathering community, CMON releasing a Munchkin board game, Epic Games files a lawsuit with far-reaching effects for online gaming media, and more!

    As we do every year, I'm taking nominees for the big public poll. A game will only be in the big poll if it is nominated here. What's your most anticipated RPG of 2018? Rules - as always - it must be a standalone RPG. NOT a supplement, adventure, sourcebook, expansion, or accessory. It must be scheduled for release in 2018. If they were coming out in 2018, Dungeons & Dragons would count; Xanathar's Guide would not. Taking nominations for one week. Post your nomination as a reply below.

    The mecha-robot craze reached its peak in the 80s, but the controversy over who owns the Japanese-imported robot designs continues to rage on as nostalgia-fueled games hash out the rights. A recent lawsuit filed by Harmony Gold against FASA's founder is proof the battle isn't over.

    I’ve known Rone Barton of Iron GM Games for years, so when he shared some big news about their forthcoming Kickstarter for Grimmerspace – a Starfinder compatible sci-fi horror setting -- I jumped at the opportunity to interview him. He had quite a few surprises to share, not the least of which is the involvement of two well-known media personalities pictured here!

    Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news! The 2017 Toy Hall of Fame inductees announced, WizKids developing Magic: The Gathering licensed products, Talisman returns to Asmodee (sort of), Cards Against Humanity gets political, industry business news, and more!

    Game publishers are expected to be Jacks or Jills of All Trades, but a lot of things end up falling through the cracks. The reason why are many, and the primary one is that the bulk of the people publishing tabletop role-playing games are working with budgets that are pared pretty close to the bone and that often doesn't allow publishers to hire the experts that they may need to get their games the attention that they want. That is really the main purpose of these irregular Media 101 articles, to give publishers some tools to help them. In today's article I am going to discuss something esoteric and arcane: the press release.

    Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news! This week’s column was delayed a day for a variety of reasons, including my mother having surgery (she’s okay), so I want to focus on some good news (and a lot of segues) before we get to the…fourth week in a row where I have to write about something bad. The Last Unicorn is getting a roleplaying game! A new Wizards of the Coast job posting may give hints for D&D’s future! Lots of news about movies, television, and games! And more!

    Want a job designing Dungeons & Dragons products for WotC? They're hiring! A new job opportunity has been posted on Hasbro's jobs website. "This position creates D&D products, such as a book updating a setting to 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons. It is responsible for leading one product at a time, while providing feedback on other products in production. The person in this role is responsible for the final product, and must oversee and coordinate the work of designers, writers, and editors to combine individual contributions into a cohesive whole. This position is also responsible for ensuring that the product is consistent with D&D game mechanics and that new game material is properly playtested."

    If you noticed that the kids' costumes who knocked on your door last week looked better than ever this year, you're not alone. Thanks to the spread of geek culture, pretending to be someone else has become so commonplace that it's raised the costume game -- to everyone's benefit.

    Harassment in gaming is getting more and more attention as gamers are making the stand that they will not support sexual harassment, the harassment of the LGBTQ+ or people of color. In the latest controversy over dealing with harassment at conventions, the North Texas RPG Convention, a self-styled old school gaming convention, has decided to take a stand against those in the tabletop RPG hobby who have been harassed at conventions and other spaces.

    Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news. The game industry mourns the loss of one of its own, Eclipse gets a second edition, Privateer Press has a new miniature line, lots of RPG-related Humble Bundles and charity news, and more!

    H.P. Lovecraft's particular brand of weird horror has gone on to influence a wide variety of modern media that is distinct from the vampires, werewolves, and Frankenstein's monsters of yore. The tabletop gaming world -- led by Chaosium -- has more than its share of Lovecraftian games. But if past Kickstarters are any indication, Lovecraft's name alone is not a guarantee of success.

    Chaosium Inc’s Call of Cthulhu is one of the best-known RPGs in gaming with numerous official products as well as third party expansions to the franchise. While the majority of these produce outstanding products, some of those third party publishers have collected money via crowdfunding, then gone months between backer updates, and have yet to fulfill their commitments. Around Gen Con 50, Chaosium made announcements that addressed several of these unfulfilled third party products.

    Hello my fabulous fans and welcome to another exciting round of the PAIZO NEWS ROUNDUP! For this special event we’re bringing back an all-time favorite: the Third Party Bonanaza! Those busy beavers are always making more stellar content, so let’s get straight to work! First, Starfinder, and then to Pathfinder.

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