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    Pathfinder Online has a new release designed for new players - the 9th release since January. It includes a 15-day free trial period (after which it will cost you $15 per month). At Paizocon this year, a new trailer was released - it features Nhur Athemon, from the Emerald Spire Superdungeon. Add to this new creatures such as Duergar and Elementals, Pathfinder Online seems to be picking up steam!
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    Sword Coast Legends will be released for Windows on September 8th, 2015. In new news, there will be versions for the XBox One and Playstation 4 later in the year, also! "We're excited to announce that Sword Coast Legends will now officially release on September 8, 2015, while today's newly announced Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game will become available late 2015."  ...READ MORE

    inXile Entertainment has posted a video trailer for the Torment: Tides of Numenera video game, the game that's half the spirtual successor of Planescape: Torment, and half a new game based on Monte Cook Games' popular tabletop RPG. "Thanks to its more than 90,000 backers, Torment: Tides of Numenera continues the thematic legacy of the critically acclaimed Planescape: Torment. Set in Monte Cook's tabletop role-playing world, Numenera, the newest Torment asks: What does one life matter? With this #1 most funded Kickstarter video game, inXile is creating a rich RPG experience that explores deep, personal themes."  ...READ MORE

    There's been a lot of info about the upcoming Tales of the Sword Coast video game, but not so much on the Dungeon Master's campaign building tools end of things. A recent interview with Gameranx contained a few - vaguish - new snippets on the subject, direct from Dan Tudge, the lead developer of the CRPG.
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    This week, an opportunity to buy a ton of great Oriental Adventures stuff and help the people of Nepal, on top of all the other great gaming stuff I took note of coming out of DriveThruRPG.
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    If you wanted to know what real-time Dungeon Mastering looked like in the upcoming Sword Coast Legends D&D video game, here's a preview. "Join Technical Director Ross Gardner and Design Director Tim Schwalk as they face off in Sword Coast Legends’ highly anticipated Dungeon Crawl mode featuring real-time Dungeon Mastering." Sword Coast Legends is the Forgotten Realms-based video game coming later this year from game producer N-Space.
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    Today (Thursday) at 3pm EDT, or 7pm GMT, there's going to be a live-stream demo of the upcoming Sword Coast Legends video game. The livestream will be hosted by Dan Tudge, who runs n-Space, the company making the game, along with other staff from the company. "Tune into the action as the intrepid adventurers look to find an alternate route into the city of Luskan in order to meet an informant, but find themselves in a struggle for survival against the undead swarming the city’s slums."
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    Some more information about Sword Coast Legends has emerged. interviewed D&D's brand director, Nathan Stewart, and Dan Tudge, the president of n-Space (the video game company behind the upcoming game). They mention that the Neverwinter Nights comparisons are warranted and discuss DM tools, starting races, and other tidbits. (thanks to Jeremy for the scoop!)  ...READ MORE

    An upcoming Dungeons & Dragons video game based on the new D&D 5th Edition rules will allow groups of up to four players to cooperate in online games run by a real human Dungeon Master. Called Sword Coast Legends, it's coming this year, and is being developed by n-Space and Digital Extremes. It sounds very much like a game partly inspired by the Neverwinter Nights video games.

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    Feargus Urquhart, one of the execs from Obsidian Entertainment, which is behind an upcoming Pathfinder-themed video game, told Polygon why the company chose to go with Paizo rather than WotC for tabletop fantasy inspired games. "One of the reasons we actually went with Pathfinder was ... how do you say it? I'll just say it: We were having a hard time figuring out how to move forward with Dungeons and Dragons." The issue, he says, is that "D&D is a part of Wizards of the Coast and WotC is a part of Hasbro" and that he would "love to see D&D be bought by someone and become what it was before... Become TSR again."
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    We've known about it since last August, but WotC has just made their official announcement about the Elemental Evil storyline slated for March. Set in the Forgotten Realms, Princes of the Apolocalypse is a campaign for levels 1-15 and includes the genasi as a new character race. Additionally, a free download in March will include more new races, and tie-ins with the Neverwinter video game will be released. The Adventurer's Handbook is not mentioned.
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    Matt Sprange has posted The State of the Mongoose, the yearly address covering what is going on behind the scenes at Mongoose Publishing. Highlights include a new way of doing business, a new skirmish game set in the ancient word, a 3D WWII dogfighting miniatures game, a new look for the Traveller RPG, the new edition of Paranoia, miniatures for Judge Dredd, plus some news about video games.
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    You can now sign up for early enrollment for Pathfinder Online! For $100 you get three months of play and various early enroller perks; plus you get in before the Open Enrollment starts in 2016 and get to establish settlements and be part of the growing economy. "The River Kingdoms are being crowdforged by the first players in the world. This is a chance to shape the world you will inhabit."
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    The Neverwinter: Rise of Tiamat - Official Gameplay Trailer features the titular monster, Tiamat herself! This is the fourth Neverwinter module – Tyranny of Dragons – and launches on November 18th. "As the Cult of the Dragon look to resurrect the five-headed draconic goddess Tiamat from the Nine Hells, adventurers must band together to prevent the catastrophic takeover of the city of Neverwinter. Neverwinter: Rise of Tiamat complements the storyline in the new tabletop adventure module from Wizards of the Coast,  ...READ MORE

    In the third of my EN World Autograph Sessions, I interview Ryan Dancey. Ryan is the man who brokered the acquisition of TSR by WotC, and who created the Open Gaming License - which is the license responsible for most third party D&D content for the Pathfinder RPG. He has also worked on the Eve Online MMO at CCP. We cover a wide range of topics throughout his career, from his start, through the TSR acquisition, the OGL, and on to MMOs and his current project, Pathfinder Online. Sometimes a controversial figure, nobody could say that Dancey  ...READ MORE

    You can now watch the full ENnies playlist - either the entire ceremony, or just pick the awards you, or your favourite publisher, were featured in.
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    WotC's PR agency just sent along this press release:

    Today, Wizards of the Coast provided a glimpse of what Dungeons & Dragons will offer in 2015, with new digital offerings set in the Forgotten Realms from partners including Backflip Studios, Beamdog and Cryptic Studios with Perfect World Entertainment.

    Click for more about D&DThroughout 2014, D&D has ignited excitement in the game industry with a celebration of the brand’s 40th anniversary, the launch of new rules for the tabletop RPG, and the exciting and engaging Tyranny of Dragons storyline.

    Digital plans for next year were revealed at PAX Prime today during the “2015 Videogames in  ...READ MORE

    Is there another Pathfinder video game coming? We all know about Pathfinder Online from GoblinWorks (and I'll be talking to Ryan Dancey about that at Gen Con, amongst other things). But this looks like something different. The folks at the Know Direction podcast spotted it. Obsidian, as you likely know, is a large video game producer. [threadcm][/threadcm] [EDIT - apparently the source was a Facebook  ...READ MORE

    EN World News

    • The first two ENNIES DREAM DATES have been posted! Paizo Publishing and Evil Hat Productions are the first two on the block. Each involves attending the ENnies with the company in question, as well as other perks and prize goodies. The proceeds from the auctions are used to help fund the ENnies every year.
    • Southern Oracle discusses supplements added to his games over the years, including Oathbound: Domains of the Forge, and a couple of Monte Cook's books (Eldritch Might, and Requiem for a God).
    • Vote for your most anticipated RPG of 2013! The results of this secret poll will be announced soon! [threadcm][/threadcm]
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