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Wednesday, 27th February, 2019

  • 04:29 PM - Ratskinner mentioned Flexor the Mighty! in post Why the hate for complexity?
    I'd agree with both Blue and Flexor the Mighty!. I mean, when I was young, I got into game complexity a lot. But I think it was barking up the wrong tree from the goals of play for which I come to an rpg. I'm perfectly happy to play a complicated war or battle game like SFB, even. I think there's definitely a place for complicated rules for competitive environments. However, that's the long way around for a game that's trying to create an interesting story. (And not all gamers come to rpgs for that purpose, either.) And honestly, that's why I come to play an rpg. I think, in a historical sense, a more fundamental problem is that traditional rules are not geared towards "story" at all, so much as they are geared toward a very loosely-drawn idea of "simulation" of a fantasy world.* So, this leads to "fudging" rolls and rules. I mean, you can't have the people who were prophesied to save the world in episode 1 get eaten by a randomly encountered Troll in episode, if I'm going to be fudging rolls, why have all these details ...

Tuesday, 12th February, 2019

Monday, 28th January, 2019

  • 06:54 PM - DM Dave1 mentioned Flexor the Mighty! in post What is your way for doing Initiative?
    We experimented with the Popcorn Intiative for a few sessions. For now, we just roll, highest goes first, ties between PCs and monsters go to the players (and, in the case of player ties, whichever player I wrote down first or whichever player wants to go first - no one has really cared). I roll a separate initiative for each monster type (the 3 goblins get one roll, the one bugbear gets its roll, and the 5 giant rats get theirs). We might try some modified group initiative (like Sacrosanct and Flexor the Mighty! suggest upthread) but where I roll an average for two monster groups (arbitrarily "fast" and "slow"). All players who beat all the monsters sort out their own order, those in the middle do the same, and those at the bottom of the order do the same. In any case, if you use a method that includes rolling for initiative, I highly recommend having players do an initiative roll before the session starts. As people arrive, they can do their roll. If the DM has done the same with some potential monster encounters, everyone can jump right into the action instead of "pausing" a combat for initiative. When the dust settles and the combat is over, the PCs can roll again... you know, in case another combat pops up.

Friday, 7th December, 2018

  • 02:01 AM - dave2008 mentioned Flexor the Mighty! in post Mythological Figures: Odysseus/Ulysses (5E)
    You presume he didn’t read it. I read it all and agree entirely with his assessment. Just sayin’. I did yes, but not for the reason you surmise. After all I agree with his assessment (which I have stated many times and I assume you know since you read it). I made the comment because I think the debate is an interesting read and it might interest Flexor the Mighty!

Thursday, 18th December, 2014

  • 07:20 AM - airwalkrr mentioned Flexor the Mighty! in post HotDQ looking like an early TPK...
    This is a classic DM issue, Flexor the Mighty!, and I hope this does not come off as sounding inconsiderate or rude (I mean to be constructive), but the tools for dealing with it have been around as long as there has been a DMG. What to do when the PCs don't play the adventure module in what is written to be the most likely outcome? Well you seem to have hit on the answer already judging by your post, but maybe you are hesitant to jump to it because it isn't in the book. Start by looking at your campaign setting. If you are using the Forgotten Realms (the default), then there are hordes of other factions and entities that might be interested in what is going on. All of Toril is your sandbox! So toss in adventure hooks of your own design in to give the PCs other things to do for a little while. They do not have to be complicated or take a long time. And you can even weave them into the overall story. But subplots do not have to be limited to running this in the Realms unless you are running this in a world of isolation where the ...

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Thursday, 18th April, 2019

  • 11:44 PM - MNblockhead quoted Flexor the Mighty! in post The Washington Post Weighs In On D&D!
    Honestly that is the first thing I thought. I have had friends assume we dress up and put on elf ears when playing D&D since it seems they see that a lot when they come across some random article or picture of D&D players. As someone in their mid-40s who started playing TTRPGs in the mid-80s, I have to admit to similar knee-jerk reactions. But I quickly realized that many of us have become the bullies. Some people like to dress up for their games. Who cares? Cosplay has become an impressive hobby. What does it say about us that we worry that how others enjoy the game will make us look silly? It is decades of ridicule and bullying that many in our hobby experienced that, thankfully, is far less prevalent today, which allows folks to enjoy and express themselves openly in ways we could not. Other than the crappy employment opportunities, I'd love to be in my teens and 20s today.

Wednesday, 17th April, 2019

  • 08:39 PM - Blue quoted Flexor the Mighty! in post Vampire's new "three-round combat" rule
    It seems that this idea of a combat should end at this cinematic point is fire for some games, but games were management of resources is an issue I can't see it being useful. Losing those 4 hp on that last goblin attack may seem meaningless, but those may be the HP that forces the party to decide to pull back and try to recover. Which then gives the goblins time to reinforce, lay new traps, etc. So every HP can have an impact on how the "story" plays out. I thibnk you're making an assumption the "winning by wiping out the goblins" and "there is a twist and the combat ends" are the same thing. If your'e fighting goblins and the combat ends with a retreat horn getting blown and they escape - well, the fact that you took less damage BUT they have reinforcements later at balancing points.
  • 06:04 PM - MNblockhead quoted Flexor the Mighty! in post Anyone else finding their TTRPG spending going down for lack of interest/need?
    ...once they are finally defeated by Rappan Athuck... If you are running Rappan Athuk, the party should be defeated multiple times. You must be talking about the player's finally being defeated and begging you for a new adventure location. :-) My group is only in the first level of the Mouth of Doom. "This is much easier than I was expecting" said one player. Boy are they in for a rude awakening when they get to the Dungeon proper. My obituary list is looking to get filled.

Thursday, 4th April, 2019

  • 05:50 PM - S'mon quoted Flexor the Mighty! in post How to deal with death in RPG?
    Exactly. As a referee I’m just reacting to what the players are doing based on the environment I’ve presented to them. Stab the guy with the riddle instead of parlay? Either way is fine with me. Exactly. I always enjoy unexpected outcomes - though some other players may not enjoy it if their riddle-solving or negotiation is derailed by violence.

Thursday, 21st March, 2019

  • 09:11 AM - thorgrit quoted Flexor the Mighty! in post Casting Begins Soon For D&D Movie?
    Unless the movie has the leads loot a dead comrade then use his body to wedge open a door its just another generic fantasy flick to me. They have to at least go through all the stages of grief over their fallen comrade. Because nobody remembered the command word for that magic item he had, and it's worth a lot less to fence if you don't know the command word.

Wednesday, 20th March, 2019

  • 09:34 PM - Oofta quoted Flexor the Mighty! in post Casting Begins Soon For D&D Movie?
    Unless the movie has the leads loot a dead comrade then use his body to wedge open a door isn't just another generic fantasy flick to me. Were you at my table my last game?
  • 03:21 PM - Quartz quoted Flexor the Mighty! in post Will 5e be the last edition to emphasize print products?
    When I pick up my wargaming magazines each month I always lament there isn't a print RPG mag to throw my money at. the UK has at least 3 major wargaming mags but no RPG mags out there? What are their print runs? From here, Dungeon Magazine had a print run of 40,000. Dragon had a print run of over 125,000 in 1992. Also, their demographics may be different - IIRC wargamers tend to the old (historical) and the young (Warhammer), both groups with higher disposable incomes.

Monday, 18th March, 2019

  • 08:10 PM - Ralif Redhammer quoted Flexor the Mighty! in post Facing demon lords at full strength
    What a bummer! My party of five 9-13 level folks spent almost two hours fighting him. I was surprised that no PCs were killed in the process, but by the end, a few of them had to switch to defensive/healing actions to stay alive. I don’t mind it if luck and/or strategy give PCs an easy win now and then, but for beings like Demogorgon, Tiamat, Acererak and the like, I feel like they should be a gripping, Dark Souls-style, hard-fought win. 3. Final boss fight of the campaign. Demogorgon! I gave him MAX HP and he was at full power despite the fiction of him just fighting off the rest of the demon lords. The party of 6 L10-11 PC pimp slapped him in 3 or 4 rounds. Made their saves and again bonus dice crits dominated the combat. No losses in combat, no real drama, just a total stomp of the immortal prince of demons. Was anti-climactic and honestly deflating.

Saturday, 16th March, 2019

  • 01:04 PM - ExploderWizard quoted Flexor the Mighty! in post Miniature scale creep is out of control!!!!!
    Isn't the new Age of Signmar actually listed as 32mm now? When using 28mm 3d terrain these huge minis just don't work. At GaryCon I was playing Chainmail with 40mm figs and at first I had to make sure they weren't Reaper.... Thankfully Otherworld is still solid 28mm for figs. Just wish I could get them at the local store, but then again the local shops really only carry Bones these days which I don't use for PC models so its internet ordering in any event. Wargames Foundry produces quite a few ranges of 28mm figures. A lot of the historicals work well in fantasy games too.

Thursday, 14th March, 2019

  • 04:38 PM - Sadras quoted Flexor the Mighty! in post Do orcs in gaming display parallels to colonialist propaganda?
    But I'd give 1 XP for the orclings. The laugh is for this comment, otherwise I'd have given you an XP. You seriously give 1XP for orclings, so you're incentivising them to become baby-slayers in your game? Very King Herod/Joffrey of you :lol: I suppose it is like those video-games that incentivise bad behaviour. Usually when I have done that it (introduced wee-folk) it is to raise a complication/dilemma. Once a PC druid retired his character by declaring that his druid would take and raise the surviving 4 wee-gnolls in an attempt to extinguish their inherent evil taint.
  • 02:43 AM - Hussar quoted Flexor the Mighty! in post Do orcs in gaming display parallels to colonialist propaganda?
    Okay I will admit I'm a bit of traditionalist, so I also would not want to see blonde Vulcans. I believe the answer to your post is, for the WotC/community to create more awesome dudes like Duke Ulder Ravenguard, Marshall of the Flaming Fist in our D&D mythos. Why complain and attempt to rewrite (correct) the past when you control the present and future? And why are we obsessing with Tolkien, black hair and darker skinned elves are allowed in FR and many other settings. Do we really need PoC to play every role possible? Vikings? Kerrigan? Mario Brothers? Can fiction just not be? Nope. But, we do need the option. Juliet of Romeo and Juliet was played by a boy for a long, long time. Does that mean that every single stage and movie production of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet must feature a boy playing Juliet? We're obsessing with Tolkien because invoking Tolkien is pretty much the same as Godwinning a thread. It must be obsessed over. :D But, if you'd like, we can point to a swath of work...
  • 12:02 AM - Riley37 quoted Flexor the Mighty! in post Do orcs in gaming display parallels to colonialist propaganda?
    Now watch, D&D playing will spike among Klan members! It's certainly a fast-growing market. Hate groups have surged in the USA since "Unite the Right" in Charlottesville. Perhaps WOTC missed an opportunity, by failing to set up an outreach booth for that event? Were there lots of drop-ins, that week, at the Adventurers League session of the friendly local game store? Could WOTC break into a market dominated by RaHoWa? If you want to know about the RaHoWa TRPG, a search for "rahowa 1d4chan" will get you there, but warning, the description includes quotes from the game itself, and that means a LOT of offensive language including slurs. Flexor recognizes that the Klan still exists. Sadras writes as if racism is over, a thing of the past, and today's young generation could grow up in complete innocence, as long as we hide unpleasant history from them. Why the flowers *would* Dylann Roof describe black people in the same vile terms as his 19th-century and 20th-century predecessors? For the people at ...

Wednesday, 27th February, 2019

  • 10:05 PM - Celebrim quoted Flexor the Mighty! in post Why the hate for complexity?
    Oh I don't mind the hero getting larger than life to a degree but I'm more referring to accurately modeling weapons and armor really. But swords are sexy and pole axes aint. One thing that I find if you start attempting to model the various factors involved somewhat reasonably is that what works on a battlefield doesn't always work for someone whose job is to explore steaming jungles, trap filled tombs, lightless caves, and reeking mires. One advantage that swords have over pole axes, however much all other things being equal on a tournament floor the pole axe wielder has the advantage of the sword wielder, is that swords are ever so much wieldier than pole arms. A soldier can put an axe over his shoulder and march, and fight on a battlefield, but I dare you to be doing what my players have to do wearing plate armor and carrying a pole axe. You just don't have enough hands, and you have no good way to store the thing when its not needed because it's longer than you are. You'll find that if you ar...
  • 09:18 PM - Blue quoted Flexor the Mighty! in post Why the hate for complexity?
    I would love a game that more accurately modeled medieval combat and weapons, and made combat full of mechanical options and choices...but every system like that I've tried was a chore to run and bogged down at the table. So I went back to an OD&D philosophy and system and things are fine. Respectfully, I'm not sure I would. Riddle of Steel (a Conan-expy RPG) was lauded about the realism of the combat - and was upfront that three okay combatants vs. a mighty hero would end on the side of numbers. Getting ganged up was very realistic - and therefore deadly. I like slaying dragons and wading through hordes of goblins. My hobby is an escape, it needs only be to realistic enough to feel right and give me a sense of tension and risk - and needs to be unrealistic enough that we can be heroes and fight those dragons. (On the other hand, I'd definitely play that as a pocket game against friends.)
  • 05:00 PM - Morrus quoted Flexor the Mighty! in post Of Balrogs & Ents: Warhammer “Mass Combat Fantasy Roleplaying Game”
    I've got 2e but man that is sweet. Is that this one? 105089

Tuesday, 26th February, 2019

  • 11:49 PM - Retreater quoted Flexor the Mighty! in post DnD Beyond is having quite a sale
    If you buy the books on there and play a regular game, then in 5 years it closes you think you wouldn't get your 20 dollars worth? I'm not going to buy only one book for $20. I'd need the Player's Handbook, DMG, MM, Campaign Book, etc. All told, I'd be spending well over $100 to get digital versions of my collection - just what I'm using right now. Plus, I don't find the usability of it that great. For starters, the back button takes you out of the app and back to the phone's home screen instead of a simple "page back" function. So if I'm DMing an adventure, click on the stat of a monster and want to back out to the room description, BAM I'm out of the adventure and need to reload everything. Terrible design.

Friday, 22nd February, 2019

  • 06:07 PM - S'mon quoted Flexor the Mighty! in post What paints do you use?
    Yes, yes you are. I often will do a coat of gloss then the coats of a really matt varnish like army painter anti-shine. Depends on if its a PC mini that will have a lot of grubby mitts on it. I mostly GM in dimly lit pubs; often the light reflecting off my glossy minis is about the only illumination we have! :p
  • 11:12 AM - S'mon quoted Flexor the Mighty! in post What paints do you use?
    Never had that issue with Vallejo. I give them a a couple coats of a matt varnish, army painter mostly, and haven't had issues. Any paint on a pewter mini will wear off in play unless there's plenty of varnish. I agree, I don't find Vallejo GC any worse for this. I guess the very thick Army Painter paints might be slightly better, but in any case I prefer a thick coat of clear varnish for my gaming minis. I generally prefer gloss varnish too - I know, I'm a barbarian. :D
  • 12:26 AM - pogre quoted Flexor the Mighty! in post What paints do you use?
    Never had that issue with Vallejo. I give them a a couple coats of a matt varnish, army painter mostly, and haven't had issues. I'll be an echo. Never had any issues with durability with Vallejo and I have been using it a long time. Don't know about Scale 75 - only started using those a year ago. So far, so good.

Thursday, 21st February, 2019

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