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Thursday, 17th January, 2013

  • 12:42 AM - Upper_Krust quoted Fieari in post 3.5e to 4e conversions
    Hey Fieari amigo! :) The problem I have with penalties to hit is that they are too severe in 4th edition, particularly to those people who would thematically be best off with an orichalcum weapon. The rogue in my group has the to-hit required to utilize a 100% pure orichalcum blade, because he's optimized so that he should never miss on an attack, and merely rolls for crits. Orichalcum seems silly for his character, since he has very little strength, but he could do it. Yes but how the heck would he meet the strength pre-reqs? Meanwhile, my group's tank, buffed up with a strength score of 24 right now, would REALLY suffer from even a -2 to hit, and would effectively need to crit just to hit on some of the higher percentages, but he's the one that thematically SHOULD be wielding weapons forged from a dying star. I think the method of integrating orichalcum into 4E is a difficult one because of the level cap and the lack of damage variance. If this was 3E then you would need to put some ser...

Friday, 11th January, 2013

  • 12:06 AM - Upper_Krust quoted Fieari in post 3.5e to 4e conversions
    Hey Fieari mate, don't know how I missed this post. Sorry about that. I had to work the 4th, 5th, 8th and 9th this past week but I almost always check the forums every day. Anyway...onto your idea. Here's a proposal. The idea is to simulate the strain of wielding something so heavy, with significant penalties. Orichalcum weapons must be enchanted with a weight-reducing spell. While the weight is reduced, the weapon acts purely as an adamantine weapon. However, with a minor action (encounter power?), the weight can be increased momentarily, increasing the base-weapon damage (and thus, can be multiplied by dailies and whatnot). The strain of doing so is sufficient to drain your healing surges. The amount of surges needed is based on the number of size categories it would have simulated-- cumulative. So increasing your base damage 1 step is 1 healing surge. Increasing 2 steps is 3 (2+1) healing surges. Increasing 3 steps is 6 (3+2+1) healing surges. And so on. In addition, whether hitti...

Thursday, 20th December, 2012

  • 02:00 AM - Upper_Krust quoted Fieari in post 3.5e to 4e conversions
    Hi Krusty, Hey Fieari amigo! :) apologies for the slow reply, had to work last night. My players are finally 4e epic, having earned every inch of it from level 1 over the past year. Which means I'm starting to use some IH stuff, and converting it to 4e. I figured starting a thread on converting old stuff would be helpful. I should have converted the epic bestiary when 4E was released. I'm a bloody idiot. :blush: But in general, how do you think strength score requirements should be brought into 4e? In particular, my players are about to obtain a large quantity of Orichalcum, right after stopping said large quantity from crashing into the planet, possibly splitting said planet apart in the process. When I was initially designing my 4E Immortal Tier, I developed something called Legendary [Ability Scores]. Unlike the 3E cosmic ability, this didn't double an ability score, but instead was like an Epic Destiny dependant upon your ability score, rather than your level. So you would get powe...

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