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    Yesterday, 06:23 AM
    Dragonlance is a good example, as it did introduce time travel rather early in its life as a setting theme with the Legends trilogy, and there was a short story collection that included several "what if" alternate timeline scenarios. Dragonlance did a good job using time travel as world-building in the novel series, although I'm not sure how well it was ever used in the RPG books. The Comeback...
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    Monday, 18th June, 2018, 06:58 PM
    This thread is awesome.
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    Sunday, 17th June, 2018, 05:19 AM
    I'm not an FR loremaster, but from what I remember from the gamebooks and the novels is . . . With several of the classic elven subraces being retconned as eladrin during the 4E era, only to return to being elves again for 5E, I would just ignore that bit of setting inconsistency. But there were other eladrin in the Realms during the 4E era. In addition to the elven subraces (was it sun and...
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  • 09:24 AM - scottaroberts mentioned Dire Bare in post Xanathar's, Wizards, and FLGSes Charging For Playspace
    ...ity: you know, and I know, that you could get that product 40% cheaper. In essence you're donating money to me. It feels as if I am ripping people off or depending entirely on their goodwill and, well, businesses don't really succeed if they're relying on people to realize they should *not* take the bargain offered elsewhere. shidaku: I don't really expect people who can host at home to pay for space. The frequency of purchase of D&D accessories, and their price points, does not make enough money to keep a space afloat in and of itself (although in a larger store, cross-gaming customers can buy enough regularly to keep up the space). DMMike: The gaming cafe model is an excellent one--but it's also much more expensive to set up, run, etc...and the best use of such a space's appeal is not to draw an RPG crowd at all; if I were to do it, it'd be pretty much all boardgames and directed towards a dating/youth market looking for something different to do. But that's just me. Dire Bare: I love hearing about successful stores, but I'll point a few things out: first, you're in Idaho; rural areas and the midwest (due to a lack of competition for entertainment dollars) tend to do quite a lot better than places in more urban areas from my knowledge. Second, they make their money from CCGs and minis games primarily. Third, you just said they lost your business because the employees screwed up--a problem that Amazon does not have. Lastly, you *have to* "care whether they're freeloaders", though many FLGS don't. With the exception of the minority who strive to buy MSRP, RPGers essentially have a large contingent of folks who do the equivalent of showing up to a restaurant or bar with their own food and drink, while occasionally buying an appetizer and expecting to stay there for five to eight hours. People like that aren't looking for an amazing *retail* experience, they're looking for an amazing *play* experience--and charging for that is not, in my opinion, unethical. ...

Wednesday, 30th December, 2015

  • 05:21 AM - Hussar mentioned Dire Bare in post [Forgotten Realms] The Wall of the Faithless
    ...qSin See, that's the fundamental breakdown. You are insisting that the Wall must be interpreted as evil. I'm saying that I have no problems whatsoever with a religion that punishes the faithless. Your claims to the contrary ignore one very important fact - when people within those particular cultures you named repudiate the faith of their people, then they don't get to go to whatever heaven that culture claims. Someone who ignores Ma'at and is from that culture, is judged and doesn't get to go to Egyptian heaven. At some point, when can the DM just turn to the player and say, "Get with the program"? Dragon lance as a setting is not about deeply nuanced moral issues. It's black hats and white hats straight up heroic fantasy. It's frustrating as hell to have one or two players who insist on playing a different game than everyone else at the table. Everyone else is playing heroic fantasy but, there's that guy who's trying to change the game to something else. Which Dire Bare answers your question about why I've got such a problem with this. Trying to ignore the level of faith that is important in the setting because it didn't exist in the original boxed set ignores tons and tons of setting material. Good grief, how many gods are there in Forgotten Realms? How many of the factions in FR are directly tied to the gods? Harpers spring to mind. Good grief, Drizz't stories are all about Drow society which is a theocracy. Removing religion from the Drow and what are they? Kinda funny looking elves with a leather fetish? One of the best video games for FR was Baldur's Gate where you actually play the offspring of a god. It's not like faith takes a far backseat in FR. It's right front and centre. Me, I'd rather play a setting for what the setting has to offer rather than try to rewrite the setting to suit my tastes.

Tuesday, 10th November, 2015

  • 04:18 AM - Hussar mentioned Dire Bare in post D&D Does Digital Part IV: Online Communities
    Yeah, Dire Bare, I'd say that if you put the corporate decision making processes of WOTC/Hasbro side by side with TSR, WOTC/Hasbro comes out looking an awful lot better, at least in comparison. Heck, no matter how bad WOTC/Hasbro has been, they still haven't gone bankrupt. And, after the massive downsizing at the beginning of 5e, it appears that the staff has been growing again.

Saturday, 10th October, 2015

  • 09:59 PM - TheCosmicKid mentioned Dire Bare in post 5e's new gender policy - is it attracting new players?
    If you want to have a setting where all of these fantasy elements openly exist and nothing else about culture is the same... that can be internally consistent, but you've already got something majorly unrealistic. I think it can handle a few female guards. Unlike elves, women actually exist.I said some groups use the game to "play out the myths and legends of past cultures". As Dire Bare pointed out, "realism" in the context of this conversation means something different than complete historical accuracy; it means maintaining the suspension of disbelief. The goal here is to be "realistic" with respect to the myths and legends, not to the actual history. The players aren't looking to jump into the actual Dark Ages -- they're looking to jump into the literary world of Sigurd or King Arthur. Just as the players in The Dresden Files aren't looking to jump into the real world -- they're looking to jump into, well, The Dresden Files. And in these worlds, both elves and women (and even elf women!) actually exist. Maybe some examples from contemporary fantasy would help illustrate what I'm talking about. Good example: J.R.R. Tolkien. His Rohirrim are Anglo-Saxons, institutionalized sexism and all, because he wanted to let his imagination loose in the world of Anglo-Saxon literature, and a world where women warriors are as normal as men would not look much like that...

Friday, 21st November, 2014

  • 02:46 AM - pemerton mentioned Dire Bare in post DMG Preview: The Multiverse
    Well, it's not properly a torus - but if you imagine the inside of a bicycle tire, with the "sky" where the open part is, you get a city that's got no end in one direction but has walls on the sides.If it's actually the inside of a tyre, than I agree with Dire Bare - describing it as a ring (especially if the edges of the ring have walls) seems like a very minor difference of little practical significance. But the picture someone posted upthread looked like a literal torus to me. Or is that picture not canonical?

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Tuesday, 17th July, 2018

  • 12:26 AM - BookBarbarian quoted Dire Bare in post CHRONOMANCER: WotC's new meta-setting?
    Well said. Time travel has been an especially big feature of Dragonlance. Raistlin's time travel was a key element of the Dragonlance saga. There was a whole 3.5E sourcebook about time-travel in Krynn: Legends of the Twins: Mystara has the Comeback Inn - a time machine which takes the characters to and from the Age of Blackmoor. And also The Nexus from the CM6 module, whereby the party can visit any time or alternate world. Timetravel is, or could be, a prominent meta-setting for the D&D Multiverse. Dragonlance is a good example, as it did introduce time travel rather early in its life as a setting theme with the Legends trilogy, and there was a short story collection that included several "what if" alternate timeline scenarios. Dragonlance did a good job using time travel as world-building in the novel series, although I'm not sure how well it was ever used in the RPG books. I liked the Legends books ove...

Monday, 16th July, 2018

  • 10:46 PM - Polyhedral Columbia quoted Dire Bare in post CHRONOMANCER: WotC's new meta-setting?
    Dragonlance is a good example, as it did introduce time travel rather early in its life as a setting theme with the Legends trilogy, and there was a short story collection that included several "what if" alternate timeline scenarios. Dragonlance did a good job using time travel as world-building in the novel series, although I'm not sure how well it was ever used in the RPG books. The Comeback Inn from Mystara, however, is an awful example. This macguffin allows the party to travel back in time from their medieval fantasy world called Mystara to the ancient, distant past medieval fantasy world called Blackmoor. It's like traveling back in time from Greyhawk to the Forgotten Realms. I'm a huge Mystara fan, and I hated the ridiculous shoehorning in of Blackmoor into Mystara's "ancient past". Once you get past the stupid time travel element, the adventures were interesting on their own however. The Mystara Hollow World RPG supplements at some point touched on time travel, although I don't rem...

Wednesday, 11th July, 2018

Monday, 18th June, 2018

  • 08:48 PM - Umbran quoted Dire Bare in post Everybody Cheats?
    Well, not until the game table is flipped and the six-guns come out . . . . "Hey, hombre has a loaded die up his sleeve! Draw cheater!" *bang* "Dangit, Simon! We're playing Classic Deadlands, where there's an explicit rule in the initiative mechanic about keeping a card up his sleeve. This is the third player you've shot this month! Lighten up!"

Sunday, 17th June, 2018

  • 01:57 AM - TrippyHippy quoted Dire Bare in post It's FREE RPG DAY, So Head To Your Local Game Store Today!
    And you know this how? From your extensive marketing research? Why does Impressions (the company behind Free RPG Day) offer Free RPG Day? Why do so many RPG companies participate? Why does WotC, and other companies, put money, time, and effort into in-store organized play? Why is WotC currently making special editions of their D&D gamebooks that are only available in your local FLGS? Because, due to their marketing research, they feel this is a part of the market they need to "connect with" in order to grow. Not the only market, to be sure, but an important segment of the market.I'd be happy to see you compare notes on your marketing research, but seeing as there are only a handful of FLGS in the world and increasingly fewer, certainly compared to the time the Free RPG Day initiative has been operating, it seems a moot point. Anyway, I welcome your aggressive response.
  • 12:22 AM - ardoughter quoted Dire Bare in post Will you make transsexual Elves canon in your games ?
    ….. In D&D, elves have . . . maybe not always, but often been described as androgynous. This hasn't always been reflected in the art, but it's been there from the beginning of the game. Mordy's Tome simply takes that thread running through D&D elven lore and brings it to the forefront, and not all that strongly really. It kinda blows my mind how people are misunderstanding the Blessing of Corellon, and making such a big deal of it. According to the updated elven lore, all elves are somewhat androgynous, both physically and socially (gender differences in clothing, hairstyle, behavior, and "appropriate" work isn't much of a thing in elven culture). A small subset of these already androgynous elves have the "Blessing of Corellon" are super androgynous, making it tough for even other elves to tell which physical gender they are, not that it matter much to the elves. A small subset of the Blessed of Corellon can actually change their gender. ... This would be my take also. So for practical purpos...

Saturday, 16th June, 2018

  • 11:31 PM - TrippyHippy quoted Dire Bare in post It's FREE RPG DAY, So Head To Your Local Game Store Today!
    Should we feel sad for you? Sorry for the bit of snark, but this is a marketing event to help out local hobby stores. It isn't a "holiday" to rain free swag down upon the heads of loyal and good gamers everywhere. It most certainly is a bummer if you don't have any good, local stores, Free RPG Day or not. There are a few RPG companies that offer digital Free RPG Day swag, sometimes delayed after the day itself. Paizo's free module every year is made available as a free PDF file, you can still pick up the modules from past Free RPG Days on Paizo's site . . . for free!!! Other companies do this as well, although I don't have a list. There is a ton of free stuff on all the time, some of it is "Free RPG Day" offerings from this year and from year's past, some of it is, well, just free. Besides, if you visit the Free RPG Day website, you'll find that the offerings are often worth what you pay for them . . . often simplistic quick-start versions of various games, or short intro ...

Wednesday, 13th June, 2018

  • 02:34 AM - Mouseferatu quoted Dire Bare in post Two New Settings For D&D This Year
    I wouldn't call it "poor player behavior", perhaps "inexperienced player behavior". Okay, that's fair. But IIRC, the PHB also makes a point of saying that campaigns are different, and check with your DM. Players should be allowed to play what they want more often than not, but it's not a hard-and-fast rule, and they need to accept that there will be exceptions. I've started numerous games with new groups and asked the DM, "What should I play? Any restrictions?" and be told, "Nope, do what you want" . . . . only to find when I show up to game that my character does not fit into the group dynamic in all sorts of different ways. And that is, indeed, the fault of the DM. But it's also not the situation being discussed. And, IMO, any DM worth their salt says "yes" a lot more than they say "no". If a player wants to play a tiefling monk in a Dark Sun campaign . . . it's not the setting that says "no", its the persnickety or uncreative DM. And here I take serious issue. A good DM may s...

Thursday, 7th June, 2018

Tuesday, 5th June, 2018

Monday, 4th June, 2018

  • 11:26 PM - MoonSong quoted Dire Bare in post Will you make transsexual Elves canon in your games ?
    Justify? There is no need, you either make it a part of your world or you don't. It fits in well with established elven lore in D&D, and it makes elves more different than humans . . . which is a good thing. Too often various D&D races are just humans with pointy ears, short and cheerful humans, short and grumpy humans, short mischievous humans, humans with devilish features, humans with fur, claws, and pointy teeth . . . I find it amusing how this idea bothers some of the folks in this thread, and the contortions some are going through to say "no". Honestly, this stuff bothers me. It is distracting, calls attention to itself, and changes the overall feel of the campaign from "Let's have some fun escapism" to "let's reenact some kinky immature stuff". I will not adopt this on any game I run, won't invite it, and won't allow it without good reason. -Making a player feel accepted and welcome is a good reason; giving someone carte blanche to start making everyone uncomfortable is not-. Un...
  • 09:11 PM - Jester David quoted Dire Bare in post Will you make transsexual Elves canon in your games ?
    I think you should change the title of your feat to "Princes of the Universe". Also, in the feat text, I think it could be improved with adding a "yeah!" inbetween the first and second sentences. Didn’t want it to be too obvious...
  • 08:42 PM - Magus Darkwind quoted Dire Bare in post Beadle & Grimm's Waterdeep: Dragon Heist - Platinum Edition
    I think it's pretty clear they intend to include *more* that we've seen so far . . . but, agreed, hard to throw them $450 based on the extreme lack of details so far. That has got to be one box of awesome if I'm going to fork over $500 for the "Dragon Heist" kit, and then maybe another $500 for the Undermountain kit which is sure to follow. I think Dragon Heist, alone, could be worth it as a giant kit for Waterdeep with the right amount of art, props, inserts, etc detailing and adding to the city. It's all speculation, though, and that's a real hard pill to swallow with a price tag this high.

Thursday, 17th May, 2018

  • 02:18 AM - Ilbranteloth quoted Dire Bare in post Unearthed Arcana May 2018: Centaurs and Minotaurs
    IMO, it all depends on if minotaurs are "monsters" or "people" in your game. If they are monsters, I would expect players to treat them similarly to animals . . . if they are dangerous it is OK to kill them, if they need to be captured for some reason, it is okay to declaw, dehorn, or otherwise "make them less dangerous" . . . as long as it isn't done cruelly. If they are people . . . big difference. Removing the horns from a person (minotaur, tiefling, or some other horny race) is a violation, a disfigurement, and is an evil act. Even if, over time, those horns can grow back. Of course, in the real world, humans commit evil acts all the time, often justifying them in the name of safety. How your players deal with captured foes can make for some good roleplaying with interesting moral choices. If I'm the DM, and the PCs capture and dehorn a minotaur . . . that minotaur (or maybe his friends) is going to show up later with a pretty serious grudge against the party! More story! Personally, I f...

Wednesday, 16th May, 2018

  • 08:08 PM - plisnithus8 quoted Dire Bare in post Unearthed Arcana May 2018: Centaurs and Minotaurs
    There is a difference between an animal and a human being. Yet, human beings are animals. Monsters are fictional, but there is a real difference between a monster and a person. And yet, some fictional creatures cross the blurry line and others are seemingly both at once. In the real world, categories are rarely absolute or binary, and they aren't anymore so in fiction, as much as we might like things to be clear, simple, and absolute. I'm at a loss to help you further understand the difference, blurry as it is, between a monster and a person. To me the concepts are as simple as the difference between an animal and a person, despite some creatures in the Monster Manual crossing or blurring the line between the two. Why bring it up? You can do things to animals you should not do, ethically, to people. You can do things to monsters that you should not do to people. In the real world, that's often how we justify committing evil upon others, is to "dehumanize" them, to consider them other than ...
  • 07:02 PM - plisnithus8 quoted Dire Bare in post Unearthed Arcana May 2018: Centaurs and Minotaurs
    But your players characters, evil or otherwise, can't think of ways to "nerf" a minotaur captive other than sawing off it's horns? A bound captive with cladding fixed to it's horns would probably do the trick, no maiming required. Probably a lot less time and effort to boot. Not to mention magical solutions, as we are playing D&D after all. I would think cutting off the horns would be the first thought; thinking through other options may not be something they have time for or consider worth time if they had it. As for cutting off horns being time-consuming and full of effort, it seems like swinging a sword at a horn would be much easier and less time consuming than trying to think of what spell might work (plus having to use a spell slot, etc.) or trying to find something to cover it and then bind it to the horn so it won't come off and then hope that it would prevent an attack (and then potentially losing the resources of the padding and rope). Is there a moral dilemma? Sure. But not cu...
  • 06:51 PM - plisnithus8 quoted Dire Bare in post Unearthed Arcana May 2018: Centaurs and Minotaurs
    What's the difference between animals and people? There are no monsters in the real world, not truly, but they abound in our fantasy and sci-fi games. Monsters are not people, they are aberrations, corruptions, dangerous beasts that not only can be killed but *should* be killed by heroes protecting civilization. People are sentient beings just like you and me, but might have fur, or horns, or a tail. They can certainly commit evil acts, or just be violently opposed to other races . . . but wantonly killing, maiming, or violating them without regard is evil, just as it would be in the real world. The difference isn't always easy to judge. Are tieflings people? Are actual devils from the pits of hell people? If you and I, both human, were enemies, and I captured you . . . would it be okay for me to strip you naked and shave off all of your hair forcefully to prevent you from hiding dangerous weapons? Would it be okay for me to break your fingers to prevent you from wielding a swor...
  • 06:00 PM - plisnithus8 quoted Dire Bare in post Unearthed Arcana May 2018: Centaurs and Minotaurs
    Not quite what I meant. Of course, we often (although, not as often as you might think) play characters that differ from our real selves. What I meant that folks treating D&D as an excuse to act out in ways that are less than human, or humane. Playing characters that are "evil" can be okay, unless you are using that as an excuse to act out in grossly violent, racist, or predatory ways. The kind of games I avoided in middle school (a looong time ago) and gave D&D a bad name were the types with players acted out creepy rape, murder, and torture fantasies. To each his own I guess, but those aren't games I would ever participate in, and I find unhealthy for the individuals and for society. A more down-to-earth "evil" game or character can work really well. If the party is mostly evil or amoral PCs and decide to dehorn a minotaur captive (minotaur "person", not minotaur "monster") knowing full well the morality and potential consequences for such an act . . . OK, but don't be surprised how the ...
  • 05:32 PM - plisnithus8 quoted Dire Bare in post Unearthed Arcana May 2018: Centaurs and Minotaurs
    We are all going to handle that divide a bit differently in our games, but I think it's worthwhile to do so mindfully and not use the game as an excuse to act out in ways we wouldn't in the real world. I don't know of any of the players I have played with that role-play as themselves. They don't want to act the exact same way in a game as they do in IRL. They choose an alignment and a race and a class and a background with goals and flaws and all the rest that would have them act differently than the person they really are. They are playing a role. As a DM, moral dilemmas are one of the tools I use to challenge players, to see how their characters would act. I want them to be mindful of what they have their characters do, what choices their characters make. I try to have my NPCs act within their character, and if that means they are smart and cruel, then cutting off the horns of a prisoner is something they might do. I don't hold players to making choices based on alignment; their characters a...
  • 04:50 PM - plisnithus8 quoted Dire Bare in post Unearthed Arcana May 2018: Centaurs and Minotaurs
    Depends on the setting, the DM, and player agency . . . I would never nerf a player's character like that, regardless of the setting I'm using. Maybe if all players agree on playing a "dark" game. If I was a player and a DM did that to my character, I'd probably leave the group. If the setting treats minotaurs as a "civilized" race, heck, even if it doesn't . . . doing something like that is a horrific act. Something an oppressive, evil government would certainly do, but that for player agency and story reasons I would find a way for the character to escape having a part of their body removed. For most real-world creatures (I believe), antlers and horns grow back . . . but very slowly, and for a sentient being, it would be more about the violation than about a permanent disfigurement. Most of players I DM wouldn't think twice about cutting the horns off a minotaur they captured as a way of protecting themselves against it having a weapon. If one of the players was captured instead of killed ...

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