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June 20, 1972 (46)
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Enjoying D&D 5th Edition!
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I teach middle-school Earth science, and I'm still relatively new at it. So, consequently, I don't have a lot of free time for gaming. I do squeeze in some gaming when I can, and I would be interested in playing almost any game, especially D&D (any edition) and Pathfinder. I also play Magic (poorly) and W40K (Space Marines). I'm also involved in local community theatre, and enjoy hanging out with other mature, educated, and mellow gamers. If you have a serious hate-on for any edition of D&D, then don't bother inviting me into your group, haters tire me.
Boise, Idaho
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Wednesday, 10th October, 2018

  • 03:23 PM - Jester David mentioned Dire Bare in post Kobold Press's Margreve Kickstarter
    Wow, ninjaed. Didn't see they added PDFs over the weekend. But did get the newsletter that mentioned PDFs being added. I'm backer 755 now, because I said I wasn't because they didn't have PDFs. CrimsonCarcharodon, 77IM, Slighted, Matthan, Azhmodai, Rl'Halsinor, Pravus, Dire Bare, Paragon Lost, Zaukrie, Ghost2020? Did you see? Have you got your pledge in yet?

Thursday, 16th November, 2017

  • 09:24 AM - scottaroberts mentioned Dire Bare in post Xanathar's, Wizards, and FLGSes Charging For Playspace
    ...ity: you know, and I know, that you could get that product 40% cheaper. In essence you're donating money to me. It feels as if I am ripping people off or depending entirely on their goodwill and, well, businesses don't really succeed if they're relying on people to realize they should *not* take the bargain offered elsewhere. shidaku: I don't really expect people who can host at home to pay for space. The frequency of purchase of D&D accessories, and their price points, does not make enough money to keep a space afloat in and of itself (although in a larger store, cross-gaming customers can buy enough regularly to keep up the space). DMMike: The gaming cafe model is an excellent one--but it's also much more expensive to set up, run, etc...and the best use of such a space's appeal is not to draw an RPG crowd at all; if I were to do it, it'd be pretty much all boardgames and directed towards a dating/youth market looking for something different to do. But that's just me. Dire Bare: I love hearing about successful stores, but I'll point a few things out: first, you're in Idaho; rural areas and the midwest (due to a lack of competition for entertainment dollars) tend to do quite a lot better than places in more urban areas from my knowledge. Second, they make their money from CCGs and minis games primarily. Third, you just said they lost your business because the employees screwed up--a problem that Amazon does not have. Lastly, you *have to* "care whether they're freeloaders", though many FLGS don't. With the exception of the minority who strive to buy MSRP, RPGers essentially have a large contingent of folks who do the equivalent of showing up to a restaurant or bar with their own food and drink, while occasionally buying an appetizer and expecting to stay there for five to eight hours. People like that aren't looking for an amazing *retail* experience, they're looking for an amazing *play* experience--and charging for that is not, in my opinion, unethical. ...

Wednesday, 30th December, 2015

  • 05:21 AM - Hussar mentioned Dire Bare in post [Forgotten Realms] The Wall of the Faithless
    ...qSin See, that's the fundamental breakdown. You are insisting that the Wall must be interpreted as evil. I'm saying that I have no problems whatsoever with a religion that punishes the faithless. Your claims to the contrary ignore one very important fact - when people within those particular cultures you named repudiate the faith of their people, then they don't get to go to whatever heaven that culture claims. Someone who ignores Ma'at and is from that culture, is judged and doesn't get to go to Egyptian heaven. At some point, when can the DM just turn to the player and say, "Get with the program"? Dragon lance as a setting is not about deeply nuanced moral issues. It's black hats and white hats straight up heroic fantasy. It's frustrating as hell to have one or two players who insist on playing a different game than everyone else at the table. Everyone else is playing heroic fantasy but, there's that guy who's trying to change the game to something else. Which Dire Bare answers your question about why I've got such a problem with this. Trying to ignore the level of faith that is important in the setting because it didn't exist in the original boxed set ignores tons and tons of setting material. Good grief, how many gods are there in Forgotten Realms? How many of the factions in FR are directly tied to the gods? Harpers spring to mind. Good grief, Drizz't stories are all about Drow society which is a theocracy. Removing religion from the Drow and what are they? Kinda funny looking elves with a leather fetish? One of the best video games for FR was Baldur's Gate where you actually play the offspring of a god. It's not like faith takes a far backseat in FR. It's right front and centre. Me, I'd rather play a setting for what the setting has to offer rather than try to rewrite the setting to suit my tastes.

Tuesday, 10th November, 2015

  • 04:18 AM - Hussar mentioned Dire Bare in post D&D Does Digital Part IV: Online Communities
    Yeah, Dire Bare, I'd say that if you put the corporate decision making processes of WOTC/Hasbro side by side with TSR, WOTC/Hasbro comes out looking an awful lot better, at least in comparison. Heck, no matter how bad WOTC/Hasbro has been, they still haven't gone bankrupt. And, after the massive downsizing at the beginning of 5e, it appears that the staff has been growing again.

Saturday, 10th October, 2015

  • 09:59 PM - TheCosmicKid mentioned Dire Bare in post 5e's new gender policy - is it attracting new players?
    If you want to have a setting where all of these fantasy elements openly exist and nothing else about culture is the same... that can be internally consistent, but you've already got something majorly unrealistic. I think it can handle a few female guards. Unlike elves, women actually exist.I said some groups use the game to "play out the myths and legends of past cultures". As Dire Bare pointed out, "realism" in the context of this conversation means something different than complete historical accuracy; it means maintaining the suspension of disbelief. The goal here is to be "realistic" with respect to the myths and legends, not to the actual history. The players aren't looking to jump into the actual Dark Ages -- they're looking to jump into the literary world of Sigurd or King Arthur. Just as the players in The Dresden Files aren't looking to jump into the real world -- they're looking to jump into, well, The Dresden Files. And in these worlds, both elves and women (and even elf women!) actually exist. Maybe some examples from contemporary fantasy would help illustrate what I'm talking about. Good example: J.R.R. Tolkien. His Rohirrim are Anglo-Saxons, institutionalized sexism and all, because he wanted to let his imagination loose in the world of Anglo-Saxon literature, and a world where women warriors are as normal as men would not look much like that...

Friday, 21st November, 2014

  • 02:46 AM - pemerton mentioned Dire Bare in post DMG Preview: The Multiverse
    Well, it's not properly a torus - but if you imagine the inside of a bicycle tire, with the "sky" where the open part is, you get a city that's got no end in one direction but has walls on the sides.If it's actually the inside of a tyre, than I agree with Dire Bare - describing it as a ring (especially if the edges of the ring have walls) seems like a very minor difference of little practical significance. But the picture someone posted upthread looked like a literal torus to me. Or is that picture not canonical?

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Sunday, 19th May, 2019

  • 05:21 PM - Tazawa quoted Dire Bare in post See Live Action D&D Cartoon Characters In This Car Commercial
    Heh, no. While it would be cool, that's not what is happening. Nothing more than a very cool Brazilian car commercial. With the additional footage seen in Bedir Than's link, we might get a series of commercials, or maybe even a long-form commercial, but not an actual movie. I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's unlikely Renault even has the license from . . . well, however holds the rights to the cartoon. I bet none of the commercials or footage mentions "D&D" or any of the kids names. Although, since I don't speak Brazilian, I can't be sure. Sigh. Unfortunately I think you are right. I read a bunch of translated Brazilian nerd websites and it appears that this was a one off for Renault in Brazil. They probably do have a license. They did a Hulk themed commercial in 2017 that used the same CGI as the Marvel movies. Hopefully whoever handled the licensing takes notice of what a good job they did and tries to build on it. 🤞🏻

Friday, 17th May, 2019

Thursday, 16th May, 2019

  • 05:58 PM - J. H. Frank quoted Dire Bare in post Warhammer 40K Wrath & Glory Now To Be Produced By... Cubicle 7!
    I'm a little confused over these comments. If you already purchased the core book, you won't have to do so again. They are not putting out a new or different edition, just including errata and minor revisions. It's the same game. Revised can mean anything from “incorporates errata” to “entirely new edition the game.” And given the chilly reception the original, rushed version of the book received, there’s very little reason to assume it will only be minor changes. Especially since “only incorporates errata” would not even deserve a mention, and they made sure to be clear that revisions are taking place.

Thursday, 21st March, 2019

  • 05:23 PM - Gladius Legis quoted Dire Bare in post F. Wesley Schneider Is D&D's New Editor
    To express your dislike of something, there is no need for hyperbolic exaggeration and claims that something is completely worthless and/or universally disliked when this is demonstrably untrue. Well then "demonstrate" that what I said is untrue? Oh, wait, you can't. But I can point you in the direction of Paizo's own forum, where nearly every thread on PF2's playtest was negative. Or Reddit, where discussions on PF2 were again largely negative. That I agree with nearly every complaint fielded is beside the point. All you have to say is, "Hey, I don't care for that, I'm sticking with PF1!", although probably not on a thread about WotC's new hire as really, it's irrelevant to the thread topic. It's quite relevant. F.W.S. left Paizo in 2017, which was most likely at the early stages of PF2 development at worst and maybe even before it entirely. That he wasn't greatly involved in what is shaping up to be a bad system over at Paizo, makes me relieved for the future of D&D now that he's at WOTC. ...
  • 05:35 AM - Gladius Legis quoted Dire Bare in post F. Wesley Schneider Is D&D's New Editor
    Dumpster fire? Hyperbole much? No, because it's 100% accurate. Not just because of my own displeasure with the PF2 playtest, but the practically universal negative response to it.

Thursday, 14th March, 2019

Wednesday, 13th March, 2019

Tuesday, 12th March, 2019

Sunday, 3rd March, 2019

Sunday, 11th November, 2018

  • 06:37 AM - Jester David quoted Dire Bare in post Ravnica & Dungeon of the Mad Mage Are In Stores Today!
    Sorry Jester, just giving you a hard time. I'd say beholders losing eyestalks isn't a bad thing. :) You’ll be happy to know that another FLGS got their shipment, and I managed to find time to get a copy. (My Star Trek Roll20 Game was cancelled for the week. So there was time to kill.) Had to guilt/beg the wife for a ride and burn an hour. But got the book. And got to see the comic store I practically lived at in high school is doing well, having expanded to the two neighbouring lots. They must be doing better than they were in the ‘90s and 00s. That was awesome to see.

Saturday, 10th November, 2018

  • 04:24 PM - MNblockhead quoted Dire Bare in post Ravnica & Dungeon of the Mad Mage Are In Stores Today!
    Jester, you might end up saving money . . . but everytime you purchase from Amazon instead of your FLGS, a beholder loses an eyestalk. I have two game stores within 10 minutes drive (one about 5 minutes away when traffic is low) and many more within a 20 minute drive. I preorder all WoTC books on Amazon. Yet, I still pay about as much money at game stores as I do on Amazon and Kickstarter combined. But that money isn't from books. Game stores can't compete on price and convenience. If their business model is the charity of gamers, they have no reason to exist. Shaming people for not buying books from their "F"LGS is silly.
  • 03:17 AM - Jester David quoted Dire Bare in post Ravnica & Dungeon of the Mad Mage Are In Stores Today!
    Jester, you might end up saving money . . . but everytime you purchase from Amazon instead of your FLGS, a beholder loses an eyestalk. *shrug* I say “FLGS” but the store in question is 27km away. (About 16.5 miles.) So not really “L”... Oh, and I don’t drive. So if I make a trip we’re talking the better part of the day in public transportation. My wife works near there, so I rely on her to snag books for me. However, this next week we’re having a staycation. This is her last day for 9 days. Driving 27km and back for a single book seems silly. And a waste of gas. And kinda dangerous on the current icy Alberta’s roads. (Seriously... it’s deadly right now.) If I Amazon Prime the book I’ll get it pretty much the same day as I would from said store and it will save me $$$. Sucks for the store... but I tried. (Plus, I’ve already ordered my collector’s copy of the core rulebook set from there. So they’re not entirely losing my money.)

Saturday, 27th October, 2018

  • 03:16 AM - Umbran quoted Dire Bare in post The Power Struggle for Dungeons & Dragons' Soul
    Would D&D fare better under a smaller company's banner without a corporate overlord? Depends on what "better" means. Would it reach more people under a smaller company's banner? Probably not. Would it be able to leverage FLGS for organized play events nearly as well? Again, no. Would there be a DM's Guild of such magnitude that you can readily find the kind of content you want? Maybe, maybe not. Under a smaller company, content creators would have less fear of a corporate overlord from stepping on them when they crossed a line of abuse of license. But, they'd have less of a market of fans to deliver that content to, so I'm not sure that'd be a win....

Tuesday, 9th October, 2018

Monday, 24th September, 2018

  • 05:44 AM - MNblockhead quoted Dire Bare in post …Wait till you see Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage (Spelljammer?)
    So, why quibble what is and what is not a mega-dungeon? That's the kind of conversation that makes our hobby look rather silly at times. Yeah, THAT'S what makes our hobby look silly to the uninitiated. I think the moment you say "I'm playing a half-elf wizard" you should be beyond worrying about looking silly to other and just double-down and argue term definitions and stealth rules like they're important. That said, with sincerity and gravity, I hereby second the motion for formalizing the definition of "mega-dungeon" as "big-ass dungeon." But, uh, let's now open the floor to debate on what we mean by "ass" in this definition. I've seen the work of some innovative dungeon designers who might take this a little too literally.

Monday, 20th August, 2018

Monday, 13th August, 2018

  • 11:17 PM - Egg Embry quoted Dire Bare in post Introducing "Sengoku Punk" by Warsong 2E
    So, I guess Bajie survives the Season 2 finale! I'm a Netflix Badlands-watcher. :) You know, until you mentioned it, I hadn't realized season 3 had aired. Now I need to catch up. As for Bajie, I was spoiled on that in a preview at some point (which, now connecting dots, should have alerted me about season 3).

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