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Friday, 17th October, 2014

  • 04:26 PM - nogray mentioned ephemeron in post How to buy-off +2 LA?
    I'm going off memory, being away from my books at the moment, but here goes: At class level 6 (3*LA, ECL 8), you can buy off your first LA. You do this by paying 7000 XP, which should reduce your ECL to somewhere in the level 7 region. You can repeat this at level 9 (ECL 10), paying another 9000 XP. There is no guidance as to what to do in your case, where you have missed the first opportunity. Were I DM, I would happily let you retcon the character's advancement, but I could see someone ruling you had to buy it off at your current level (costing you 8000 XP) and three levels later (costing 10000 XP at level 10/ECL 11). ---------------------------------------------- Note that @ephemeron is close to correct, but there is a mandatory 3-level waiting period between buying off LAs.

Wednesday, 1st October, 2014

  • 03:35 PM - Boarstorm mentioned ephemeron in post Monster Relationships
    Drow: Slaves: Quaggoth Exiles: Driders (failed test of Lolth) Priestesses can summon: Yochlol (Handmaidens of Lolth) Wizards can summon: Shadow Demons(?) I didn't get very far last night, but ephemeron beat me to most of the ones I did see.

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Tuesday, 27th June, 2017

  • 02:05 AM - Oofta quoted ephemeron in post Character Portraits
    At least some of the old portraits are still on the D&D site moved to There are also some new ones at Thanks, I had lost track of that page.

Saturday, 24th June, 2017

  • 05:02 AM - TheYeti1775 quoted ephemeron in post Converted T1-T4
    There are conversion notes in the ENWorld download library -- from Herzog here and from TheYeti1775 here. I haven't used either myself, though. Yup. I've run it in both 1E and 3.5E. The conversion is good, just power levels don't translate that well though. So you have to pay attention to your characters power compared to the rebuild of the conversion. One thing you might consider is picking up the Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil it is 3.5E already.

Sunday, 23rd April, 2017

  • 06:07 AM - twizty quoted ephemeron in post Running T1-4 (ToEE) for the first time. Any advice?
    The brigands in those notes are only deadly to 4 1st level PCs, but I don't think you should do that anyways. The PCs should be level 2 by the time they reach the moathouse from random encounters. I always like to run a few random encounters first so the PCs can get accustomed to the abilities of their comrades. That encounter is only medium if they're level 2. It's only 4 CR 1/8 and 1 CR 1/2. As for the frogs, when I ran it I ran 2 regular Giant Frogs and 4 gimped Giant Frogs (half hp, half damage, size small so no swallow) that I called CR 1/8. My PCs crushed it. They had a harder time with the brigands, which I ran as a Thug, a Guard, and 3 or 4 Bandits. Yeah, but Lolth's involvement doesn't make sense at all. If we take the 3e story then nobody wants to help Tharizdun, and if you just stick to 1e stuff and you know anything about GDQ1-7 it doesn't make any sense for Lolth to be interested in helping the Elder Elemental God at all. I mean, sure, you can say that this all happe...

Sunday, 23rd November, 2014

  • 08:02 AM - aramis erak quoted ephemeron in post Iconic Settings; Iconic Mechanics; Iconic Stories
    Mystara is a tricky one, because it evolved from a generic setting into a crazy freewheeling sort of thing with room for D&D-ized versions not just of various historical cultures, but of entire genres. On their way to becoming first rulers and then Immortals, PCs from a fantasy version of the Byzantine hinterlands could visit lands inspired by spaghetti Westerns and "lost world" pulp adventure stories. I guess "awesome theme park that doesn't take itself too seriously" is an identity, but not the easiest one to market. :D As I mentioned in the other thread, Mystara also has lots of mono-racial or bi-racial empires; demi-humans are rarely seen outside their homelands (tho' elves have several homelands to pick from...). It's got flying boats, but not proper spelljammers - they don't hold the air in unless they're sealed. And a barrier shield which holds the world's air in. It's got cities in the clouds - populated by a whole different regime of "peoples"... It's got one Kingdom whos...

Monday, 17th November, 2014

  • 04:49 PM - Spatula quoted ephemeron in post Rangers done wrong?
    Oh, man, those 1e rangers. :devil: In the last 1e campaign I ran, the table joke was that the ranger's steely glare was enough to make humanoids drop dead as the variety of humanoids he didn't even need to bother rolling damage against gradually increased. Combine the damage bonus with the rule that fighter-types get one attack per level per round against enemies with less than a full HD, and it doesn't take very many levels before a ranger can kill every kobold or goblin within reach, each round. And the damage bonus always stays useful, because it also applies to big nasties like trolls and giants. The post-1e history of the ranger class has been all about trying to find the right amount to tone it down. :D ...and to tack on two-weapon fighting. ;) 2e was the worst, IMO - +4 to hit (and some social penalties) vs. one particular race is just really, really weak. Unless you just happen to be waging a war against that race for the entire campaign. 3e & PF are a little better but it's s...

Wednesday, 29th October, 2014

  • 04:28 AM - Samloyal23 quoted ephemeron in post A Post-Zeus Greek Pantheon
    Note that he doesn't need to marry anybody to do that -- Homer has him escorting the souls of the dead to the underworld, and historically, people were invoking Hermes for magical purposes by at least the 4th century BCE. Yes, he was the psychopomp already. I want some weddings and new gods, so Athena, Hermes, and some of the other younger Olympians need to hookup and get to begetting. Old gods need to be replaced and new positions that are more specialized need to be added to the pantheon.

Saturday, 11th October, 2014

  • 07:04 PM - Morrus quoted ephemeron in post So why no PDFs? Is their fear of piracy -that- bad?
    It must be a business decision to not sell core rules as PDF's, but I'd love to know the reasoning for that and for those exceptions. I think that's fairly obvious, isn't it? They've decided to support those already playing older editions with no intention of moving to the latest one. They don't want to direct players [i]into]/i] older editions.

Tuesday, 7th October, 2014

  • 11:49 AM - Li Shenron quoted ephemeron in post Monster Manual - What pictures really stood out, or changed your view on a monster?
    Went to check out the MM from the local FLGS yesterday, and actually tried to keep this thread in mind to decide which monsters to check out! :) Two that come to mind are the cockatrice and merrow. Forgot to check the Merrow, but I did check out the Cockatrice. It's a really good scary picture, but actually it's remarkably similar to the same picture in the 3e MM... which was in fact great, and after reading your comment I was wondering how could they make it better. They couldn't, but they made it almost the same :D The griffon ... griffons are weak. I think it's quite ok. It doesn't look particularly epic, the 3e picture looked more epic but had some strange artifact in the printing that gave it a very odd black lining IIRC. On the flip side, the owlbear was a huge disappointment, especially after all the awesome concept art. Agreed, this was one of the worst I noticed. I'll still resort to the 3e MM to show a picture of an Owlbear to the players. Worgs look like Peter Jackson's Wa...

Thursday, 2nd October, 2014

  • 08:26 AM - Henrix quoted ephemeron in post Monster Relationships
    Gith, grimlocks, and kuo-toa all have histories of being subject to mind-flayers Is it just me who has a memory of grimlocks being associated (and perhaps even created by) aboleths previously?
  • 06:33 AM - DracoSuave quoted ephemeron in post Monster Relationships
    Slaadi were inadvertently created by Primus Winona's got a big death slaad and she's showin it off to all her friends One day you know the slaadi tried to cleaver so she locked it in a chaos fence Along came Lou the Orc Dragoon and said "Recognize that smell?" "Smells like seven layers. That slaad eats in Baator's hells!"

Wednesday, 1st October, 2014

  • 09:32 PM - Scorpio616 quoted ephemeron in post Monster Manual - What pictures really stood out, or changed your view on a monster?
    I enjoyed the mind flayer picture....I found it very menacingI really dug how the head harkened back to the 1E design. 64345 I'll second the vote for Merrow. That piece of art is just menacing. It's cool, though what I thought at first was somebody wanted their Slitherblade Tidehunter miniature statted up. And the carrion crawler, I love this pic!! woot!Yeah, nasty and ugly as it should be and it nicely echos the 2E Monstrous Manual version. Myconids! I strongly suspect these guys started out as a joke about psychedelic mushrooms, but the 5e art is majestically unearthly.Well, the psychedelic colours are an homage to the colour palette old school D&D artist Erol Otus often used.
  • 03:52 PM - GameDoc quoted ephemeron in post Monster Relationships
    Gith, grimlocks, and kuo-toa all have histories of being subject to mind-flayers. Duergar as well.

Tuesday, 30th September, 2014

  • 03:51 PM - Nellisir quoted ephemeron in post Campaign plotting - looking for ideas.'s probably most accurate to say it's an "elemental" intelligence of some kind; something neither human nor divine. I cribbed the whole idea of the Ice from Michael Scott Rohan's Winter of the World series; the books themselves are a bit of a mixed bag, but the setting work is amazing. I have Vornheim on my desk from yesterday's game of (some strange version of) D&D, so I'm going to use it to create four NPCs who are leaders of various factions. I really need to get Vornheim. This is great stuff. Ala that game, since they have the Banner, possibly the last one known to exist... the Ice is now marching again on all of civilization. Its now up to the PCs to lead who they can out of harms way, gathering friends and allies as they retreat south from the invasion... but people flock to them as they hold the last banner of freedom and eventually they will make their stand. I hadn't thought of that; I really like that idea. Initially (now) there'll be small scale forays and deals (per ephemeron's suggestion), but then suddenly...bang! Invasion. It'd thrust the PCs into a whole new role (which they may or may not welcome). The Postman, by David Brin, is an amazing book. The movie was absolute trash, but the book was amazing as the (inadvertent) postman eventually embraces his role as a symbol and leader. Maybe a collection of micro dungeons. An order of druids needs them to recover item(s) from ancient barrows spread around the area, you can have encounters overland and a few in the barrows themselves. The item in the end won't be evil or anything but sometimes the neutral or balanced between man and nature goals of the order of druids don't sit well with some characters, so the end result might end up being undesirable. I like the idea of bringing the druids into it. It could set up a conflict for the party if the druids don't care about a lot of people dying, or are slightly myopic in their vision and underestimate the Ice. The party can go along with the druids (making i...

Monday, 15th September, 2014

  • 01:55 PM - Desdichado quoted ephemeron in post Pick-and-Choose World Building
    And Claudio Pozas has already illustrated them: 64038 I admit that the concept came to me years ago after seeing his Pax Hobgoblinica work. Then the Skorne Empire of Iron Kingdoms further fired my imagination on the concept. Then reading the Legacy of Dhakaan series of novels by Don Bassingthwaite finally made it a reality. I developed the concept of a civilized hobgoblin khaganate as a modular setting element, and whipped up a few details of it on my setting wiki. Even the Lord of the Rings movies, with their wargs-as-giant-hyenas visual played a role.

Thursday, 11th September, 2014

  • 01:22 PM - Alzrius quoted ephemeron in post Clerics of a Force or a Philosophy?
    What about druids? 2e's take on them is very much "specialty priests of nature." I don't recall the exact wording in the PHB, but the actual characters I saw in various sourcebooks tended to be druids of nature deities (again, Athas notwithstanding).

Wednesday, 3rd September, 2014

  • 03:20 PM - Scrivener of Doom quoted ephemeron in post 18-level Megadungeons are Real!
    Those are some great pictures. I first heard about Derinkuyu a now-shockingly-long time ago, via a Dragon magazine article by Allen Varney -- in issue #201 if you have it, or you can read the text here on Varney's site. Either way, I recommend it for more about the history and atmosphere of the place. I think that article was the first time I learnt about this city as well.

Sunday, 31st August, 2014

  • 06:42 PM - Oryan77 quoted ephemeron in post Why do D&D players put such an emphasis on rules and tactics?
    I'd love to see more threads about worldbuilding/narrative/etc., and not just because I personally feel that I have more to contribute in those areas than in rules discussions. The thing is, in all of the years I've been visiting ENworld, worldbuilding/narrative/character fluff threads barely get any responses. They pop up quite frequently, but they get maybe a couple replies and that's it. The only time the thread gets going is when it goes into discussions about rules, or debates on how the OP is screwing over his players or DM. Basically, people only respond when they get to be emotional about something. I guess it just has to do with the fact that people find threads about fluff to be boring. Sometimes the original post is boring to read. Sometimes I can give some replies, but it's rare for me to read one of these threads and be inspired enough to give feedback. For me, it is kind of like hearing about a persons character. Sure, I'll nod my head out of respect as if I am interested. Bu...

Tuesday, 19th August, 2014

  • 08:02 AM - pemerton quoted ephemeron in post Would a typical D&D town allow adventurers to walk around?
    This is an area where I like to take inspiration from Westerns (or samurai movies, if you prefer :)). When somebody who is dangerous, and famous for being dangerous, comes to town, some of the locals will hide, some will try to ingratiate themselves, and maybe a reckless individual or two will try to test themselves against the legend. And the local authorities might fall into any of these categories.Just adding to this - in the real world, there were social practices adapted to the presence of wandering, dangerous people. Westerns and samurai movies draw on those real practices in presenting their fictionalised versions. There is also inspiration to be had from how Conan is treated in the REH stories, or how Aragorn, Gandalf and others are treated in LotR. I think the default attitude that is both plausible, and easy to work with from a GMing point of view, is healthy respect combined with underlying suspicion. Players can lose the respect (but perhaps have it replaced by fear) by hav...

Sunday, 17th August, 2014

  • 06:28 PM - Gargoyle quoted ephemeron in post IMHO level progression is too fast
    E6, from this very forum? There's also a blog post by Justin Alexander on extending the idea -- E(X). Thanks, couldn't for the life of me remember. I think it's a good method, not for me, but I've had some campaign ideas that it's perfect for.
  • 04:41 PM - TerraDave quoted ephemeron in post Mearls Interviews: Hints at the new model
    I'm jumping into the middle of a discussion here, but the earliest things I'm aware of that I'd consider splatbooks were for Traveller. Starting with "Book 4: Mercenary" in 1978, GDW put out a series of volumes that each expanded the character-creation options for one type of character (ground-forces soldiers, space navy, Scouts, merchants...). Which also produced much more capable characters than the standard rules, thus producing the classic splatbook problem of power creep. (Traveller also had metaplot controversy ahead of just about everybody else, and edition wars that rival D&D's. I find it all kind of fascinating and have spent more time studying the culture/history around the games than on the actual games. :D) Blame Traveller. I can accept that.

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