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Tuesday, 27th October, 2015

  • 11:36 PM - Connorsrpg mentioned Shieldhaven in post [EN5ider #42] Heroes of the Night
    Shieldhaven. Thanks for the reply. I certainly did not mean to come across as harsh. I am not sure why I am being so wary/sceptical on adding so many subclasses to the game. I guess I was coming from the 'bloat' side, but I need to relax ;) I am actually a very open DM willing to give many things a go. (I am not the sort to bar things - I have already added every subclass etc to our website as options). Besides, not all options have to be available all the time. Setting can dictate that. (And I am surprised we haven't had a monster Halloween article yet, but that is not your fault ;) I was sounding way too bitter ;)). I am more inclined to use these now, I just found some a little confusing on the first couple of reads. But I am sure it would be sorted during play. Not really worried about the mechanics of the 'ghost' - just the wording. Is it separate to your 'spirit' companion? Does your spirit advance to ghost? Does it revert back to companion when the hps run out? Do you have both operat...

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Monday, 29th October, 2018

Thursday, 8th June, 2017

Tuesday, 21st February, 2017

  • 11:28 PM - Xeviat quoted Shieldhaven in post Unearthed Arcana Mass Combat
    The trouble is that those veterans have the same outcome against an unlimited number of hill giants, because the hill giants never win a contested roll. Fatigue should probably exist, or you should always take 1 point of damage from an attack. I don't have my MM on hand; what's their AC to attack difference? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  • 09:35 PM - Krachek quoted Shieldhaven in post Unearthed Arcana Mass Combat
    Okay, if I am getting this wrong, please tell me, because I feel like they would have accounted for this. But don't 400 ogres form 4 units at BR 100 each, and thus always lose to 400 berserkers who form 1 unit of BR 400? I'm not seeing how the d20's range is large enough to factor into some fairly common use cases, and opposed rolls are no help. I got same issue here. 400 veteran, CR 3, BR 400 x 2BR = 800 vs 100 hill giant, CR 5, BR 100 x 4BR = 400 Hill giants cannot even damage the veterans unit. Nice if you want to make a remake of the "300" movie. Work as intended?

Wednesday, 4th May, 2016

  • 05:24 PM - Rich Baker quoted Shieldhaven in post AMA: Richard Baker, author of lots of stuff!
    Did you ever develop plans for the lands at the edge of the Cerilian map, in case the BR product line continued? Yes, we did. We developed a little bit of information about Aduria. I think some of that appeared in some old articles (you might find them over on There was also a wacky plan from Lorraine Williams--one day she came in after reading a book about Eleanor of Aquitaine, and she informed us that we would now add Aquitaine to the Birthright setting. That was pretty surprising, since in my time at TSR I never saw her try to exercise creative direction over anything that wasn't artwork or super-big-picture stuff. We threw out what we had in mind for Aduria and penciled in Aquitaine, but as it turns out that plan never got implemented (probably for the best). Rich

Tuesday, 27th October, 2015

  • 10:35 PM - Barachiel quoted Shieldhaven in post Pathfinder BESTIARY 5 Is Coming!
    Absolutely true - if you think of every monster in every book as coexisting in a setting. But if you took a fistful of monsters from each book and hung your campaign's story on them (with or without designing a whole new setting), you might paradoxically get more bang for your buck. Not that I'm here to defend Pathfinder's content model - as it happens I think that 5e's slow rollout of content is perfect. Perfect? In terms of game mechanics, I agree. Let that be a slow crawl. In terms of campaign material, not perfect. In fact, completely underwhelming. Worse than 4E (at least they had Dragon Magazine to add campaign material). I prefer the 2nd Edition speed of campaign material release (and size).

Thursday, 7th August, 2014

  • 05:23 AM - Sitara quoted Shieldhaven in post Finally
    Have you spotted any effects that force Strength, Intelligence, or Charisma saving throws? I'm interested in the development of the healing economy outside of the Basic rules. Does it look like bards, druids, paladins, or anyone else could reasonably carry a party's healing load without giving up all of their spell slots? Thanks! I am sure Druids, at least Circle Druids should have no problem. Just have Cure Wounds prepared, and you can cast it whenever you want.

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