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Monday, 7th May, 2018

  • 12:27 PM - Coroc mentioned Baumi in post Is rewarding the best roleplayers considered Favoritism?
    Baumi In fact it has, watch the tricks that the Players of Perkins at Pax whatever stage sessions pull off. It is about the DM, some are strict and won't allow totally silly stuff, but e.g. flipping over an Opponent with boots of jumping by a simple DC15 acrobatics check should pose no Problem at all at most tables. Some overdo it a bit but if they have fun with it e.g. jumping on the back of a Dragon or running up straight walls by passing some extreme DC check. I think everything for which the slightest possibility exists should be doable by passing one or more Fitting skill checks.

Wednesday, 4th November, 2015

  • 07:21 PM - pukunui mentioned Baumi in post Mike Schley's MASSIVE Forgotten Realms Map From SCAG!
    carlbobo: I meant that it's either bigger or smaller depending on what map you're looking at. There's been no real consistency when it comes to the scale, which Chris Perkins brushed off with his "scale drift" comment. Baumi: The purpose of the pdf is to allow you to just use certain sections of the map at high resolution. There's nothing to toggle on or off, unfortunately.

Monday, 3rd August, 2015

  • 03:27 PM - Desh-Rae-Halra mentioned Baumi in post VAMPIRE Gets A 4th MASQUERADE From Onxy Path!
    V20 was only in 2011, that's WAY TOO SOON for a new edition. They still havent fulfilled Mage 20 (print version) for Christ's Sake. If this is taken to be true, then Werewolf IV can be next years announcement, Mage IV in 2017, oh wait, maybe they can milk out a V25 edition next year too. Seriously, this would be like if Evil hat announced The Dresden Files 2nd Edition right now. I have moved from a place of liking Onyx Path to feeling like it is a conveyor belt cash-grab based on re-hashing old products. This announcement makes me view them more with suspicion than excitement. Baumi The God Machine Chronicle was for Vampire: The Requiem (which is also in a second edition)

Thursday, 30th July, 2015

  • 12:58 PM - Quickleaf mentioned Baumi in post Advice for a DM's first-time using Roll20 to run 5e?
    Baumi Thanks, I started up a test run, and there's just so many questions I have! How do I designate something a token? How do I add a turn to a token once designated? And I have to add a turn to every token of every enemy in a fight? Ugh, tedious. Why can't I get rid of fog of war easily and quickly? Why are "tokens" grossly oversized compared to maps? (using "Roll20 approved" Devin's tokens & geomorphs) How on earth do I label rolls? And why do dice rolls take up so much damn space in the dialogue box? Is there a way to shrink the space dice rolls take up? Haha, this is definitely going to take more time than I thought to figure out.

Saturday, 19th July, 2014

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Tuesday, 5th February, 2019

  • 09:29 PM - jmucchiello quoted Baumi in post Strongholds & Followers: A Review
    What do you thing about the Follower-Rules? I love the simplicity of it, but nobody seems to talk about them.. I don't like them. They are too pidgin holed. IMHO, a companion is not someone who wants to learn from you but someone who wants to help you. A fighter needs a mage or cleric for support. A wizard would want a fighter perhaps. I also found them too simplistic. I don't buy into the concept that someone cannot handle running a second full character (of lower level) at the table. It's not that hard.

Monday, 3rd December, 2018

  • 11:07 PM - epithet quoted Baumi in post Mike Mearls Happy Fun Hour, Nov 27 2018
    I'd make it 3D3 for balance sake. Just make the Trident a simple weapon and its balanced again. I really don't care much about balance in this instance. We're talking about plus-or-minus 1 or 2 points of average damage per hit, which isn't completely trivial at 1st level, but becomes altogether meh by the time you hit level 5.

Sunday, 2nd December, 2018

  • 07:30 PM - Leatherhead quoted Baumi in post Mike Mearls Happy Fun Hour, Nov 27 2018
    But if you are not concerned about balance, the why do you want to change the Trident? I am concerned with balance, that's why I'm not worried about balancing against something that is as obviously imbalanced as the rest of the martial one-handed list.

Friday, 30th November, 2018

  • 06:50 AM - Leatherhead quoted Baumi in post Mike Mearls Happy Fun Hour, Nov 27 2018
    That would not work. It would be balanced vs the Spear/Javelin, but suddenly overpowered compared to all other one-handed Martial Weapons. Lets be honest here: The current One-handed martial weapon list isn't balanced to begin with. 1/4th of them are just 1d8 damage with no ability (and probably in need of some kind of balance pass themselves). Longswords and Rapiers blow out the rest of the competition by virtue of being useful and having a plethora of magic variants, along with the dubious honor of being a "freebie" weapon proficiency for various classes and races that wouldn't otherwise have martial weapons. And logically, that situation should be the reverse, if every elf and the person trying to pick their pocket can learn how to use a sword, why are they better than the weapons that are more exclusive? And also, who is going to be regularly throwing their primary melee weapon? If we are realistically speculating what is going to happen from giving the Trident a d8, here it i...

Wednesday, 28th November, 2018

  • 08:09 PM - Leatherhead quoted Baumi in post Mike Mearls Happy Fun Hour, Nov 27 2018
    Thanks! Seems like a really interesting Video. I once tried to make a more balanced Weapon Chart .. which I thought that couldn't be so hard, but it was actually really problematic since you don't have many Options to balance if a Weapon gets a feature. I still think it would be fine if the Trident did 1d8 damage when one handed. For one thing, it's a martial weapon, not a simple one. Secondly, even then the Javelin would still provide a preferable ranged option due to it's lower cost, longer range, and lesser weight. Heck, now they even have the Yklwa, another pointy simple weapon that out-performs the Trident in some fashion. If they absolutely had to, they could remove the versatile property from it (and put it on the war pick). They really need to make a second pass at the weapon table, there is so much about it that is questionable.

Tuesday, 25th September, 2018

  • 02:22 PM - ChaosGenerators quoted Baumi in post A Generator for 5E Prep in 5 Minutes
    This tool gets better and better! 8D Thanks!! The only thing I don't get is how to use the 5 Room Dungeon. Most Rooms are way to vague to use it on the spot. Any tips on that? Thanks for the support! Hmm first thing to check out on 5-Room Dungeon is the description at 1d4chan. But I'll admit it's hard to use as I've had a similar problem when using the gen with 5-room dungeons. I was thinking of creating a few templates or adding more detail specific to 5E / fantasy. Are there any areas you find harder to use than others? Or anything that works well with the 5-room dungeon?

Thursday, 6th September, 2018

  • 04:31 PM - Oofta quoted Baumi in post Season 8 Changes (Adventurers League)
    I love the new abstract points, this makes bookkeeping and calculations much easier. But they really have to revise the Gold Rules or at least let you use Treasure Points more effectifly to buy Plate Armor*, come up for Material costs and scribe Scrolls. * Plate Armor for me is the worst offender. Heavy Armor is just 1 AC higher than light or medium Armor and has many disadvantages (cannot sleep in it, takes forever to don, Stealth Disadvantage,..). But now you even need 10+ Level to afford a non-magical Version! One iteration of the rules said that you could buy non-magical armor with treasure points. Is that gone now? Because I can no longer find it. Which ... yeah. So I can get 50 GP per treasure point which means I would have to "spend" 50 treasure points to get mundane plate armor? Please tell me I'm missing something. Oh well, just another nail in the coffin for non-dex based PCs. Guess my next fighter will be dex based or stuck in chain until he can afford magic a...
  • 02:42 PM - Jester David quoted Baumi in post X & O For More Fun
    What is the big advantage of an "X" Card versus just saying "this makes me unconfortable, lets skip this"? I understand than in a Convention or a group with total strangers it might be easier to just tap a Card instead of speaking up (might be shy), but in such a Constellation I would never use problematic Elements anyway (torture, sex,..). And in my home group I would like to talk about that so I understand the problem for future Adventures. 1) They might not feel comfortable at the moment talking. 2) Talking up derails the adventure. This is a simple, understood gesture. You move on.

Friday, 27th July, 2018

  • 01:14 PM - oreofox quoted Baumi in post So Now We Are Paying for Early Access?
    The only thing that I was not happy about, was that it wasn't clearly labeled as a Play-Test. But I think they rectified that quickly. And while it is a Playtest and therefore subjetc to future Updates and changes, it doesn't feel like an unfinished Product. It has more than enough Setting Information and Crunch to play in Eberron. The only big thing Missing (as far as I know) is the Artificer. It is also missing any monsters. As for this discussion: I bought the Wayfarer's Guide. The biggest reason I bought it was so WotC might realize that people want Eberron, and might actually make something more for it. I voted with my wallet (well, credit since I had $22 from selling things on the site) because I want more Eberron, and less Forgotten Realms. The more people who do might open WotC's eyes and perhaps make them expand beyond FR.

Saturday, 9th June, 2018

Tuesday, 5th June, 2018

  • 05:21 PM - Markn quoted Baumi in post Here's The Pathfinder 2nd Edition Skill List!
    I wonder what the difference between Arcana and Occultism is. I believe there are 4 spell lists now. Arcane, Divine, Occultism and Primal. Presumably Occultism is for that list of spells (as in identification, etc).
  • 12:36 PM - Aldarc quoted Baumi in post Here's The Pathfinder 2nd Edition Skill List!
    I wonder what the difference between Arcana and Occultism is.Possibly tied to their Occult Adventures book in PF1, but I also vaguely recall that it may have something to do with runes. My first reaction to the skill list was to groan when I saw that Performance is still there. It's mostly a bard-only skill was previously something of a skill tax. But who knows how Paizo will change things up for PF2 when it comes to this skill.

Friday, 25th May, 2018

  • 05:30 PM - jgsugden quoted Baumi in post Warlock as Full Caster
    I don't think that this is good example because it includes quite powerful Items...2 uncommon items, one purchased, one found... and most Warlocks end up with Pact keeper Rod pretty early on in my experience. ... and Hex might last all day, but is a Concentration Spell and therefore broken as soon as you cast your Image Spells, Guidance and many other spells. Very true. I have to decide when to cast the Hex, and it does cut off some of those options while I have it in place... but even when it is up I have useful options. And Tome Warlock is also ment to be the Spellcasting/Utility Warlock .. if you take Chain or Blade you are also much more limited in your Resources.Yes. And if a fighter only has melee weapons they are horrible at ranged fighting. I'm pointing out that you can have a lot of options, not that every build will have a lot of options. But my OP was not ment to start a big SR vs LR discussion or to fix the Warlock itself (which I love and in the right campaign is absolute...

Thursday, 24th May, 2018

  • 03:50 PM - DEFCON 1 quoted Baumi in post Warlock as Full Caster
    That would not work since the Subclasses need the Incovations. A Bladepact without the second Attack or damage-boost later on is useless. Also the Warlock Spelllist is very limited compared to the Sorcerer/Wizard. Of course just taking another Class and working the Character around that would work (the Pact just as a Story thing), but I really like the Warlock-Theme of the Invocations and Pacts. You have to give up something to get something. To get invocations and pacts you give up full spellcasting. If you go the way of the sorcerer, you potentially give up Extra Attack, invocation boosts to Eldritch Blast, and you have less spells in your spell list than a sorcerer/wizard. But that's the price of doing business. To think you can get full access to pacts and invocations *and* a suite of full spellcasting is a little unlikely if you ask me. Unless of course you and your DM choose and agree to give you that sort of additional power. But if that's what happens, then happy gaming...
  • 02:01 PM - jaelis quoted Baumi in post Warlock as Full Caster
    Then it just hit me .. why not swap out the Short Rest Slots to the typical Caster-Spellsslots. So for Example at 5th Level he would have 3 first Level, 3 2nd Level and 2 3rd Level Slots which resets with a long rest .. instead of 2 3rd Level Slots which resets with a short Rest. I suspect this would make the warlock noticeably stronger than other casters, but it is hard to be sure. There are quite a few powerful invocations, you might end up wanting to limit those or tone them down.
  • 12:35 PM - Li Shenron quoted Baumi in post Warlock as Full Caster
    I love the Warlock. But the 2 Spells per Short Rest for the most of his Career is frustrating, especially if you have a Campaign where Short Rests are not much more common than long Rest (Overland Travel). Then it just hit me .. why not swap out the Short Rest Slots to the typical Caster-Spellsslots. So for Example at 5th Level he would have 3 first Level, 3 2nd Level and 2 3rd Level Slots which resets with a long rest .. instead of 2 3rd Level Slots which resets with a short Rest. Cantrips and Spells Known would not be affected. Is that reasonable or are there Problems with that? The idea is interesting, certainly doable, with some additional adjustments. IIRC, the Warlock gets almost the same (with slight delay) the same amount of spells known as the Sorcerer. The Wizard gets more than double that amount, plus the ability to buy more in exchange for gold. In terms of cantrip known, the Sorcerer knows one more than the Wizard who knows one more than the Warlock. However, w...

Wednesday, 23rd May, 2018

  • 01:44 PM - Jer quoted Baumi in post Looking At The Pathfinder 2 Wizard Class
    P.S.: Found it ... "Reserve Feats" from Complete Mage. There were quite a few cool Options (can breath in water, does d6/level of the reserved Spell,..), but as the name says, you only can use them if you have a fitting Spell unused. Yup. And one of those "Complete" supplements in 3e introduced the Warlock who had an at-will spellcasting attack as well, which showed that it wasn't really a balance issue that prevented unlimited at-will casting but just a question of how to balance it.

Wednesday, 25th April, 2018

  • 08:05 PM - Saelorn quoted Baumi in post Concealment Confusion / How to use Fog Cloud
    How do I use Fog Cloud to protect myself from Ranged Attackers? It seems that if I cast it on the enemies they gain Disadvantage (they cannot see me) but also Advantage (I cannot see them) which results in a normal Attack. The same is true if I cast it over ourself or in between.You don't have to attack them. You can cast the spell between yourself and a group of ranged attackers, and then do stuff on the other side of the cloud; or you can do other things within the cloud (drink potions, for example), and gain the benefit of a free Dodge action every round. You also have the option of hiding, which is normally impossible in the middle of combat.
  • 07:00 PM - Nevvur quoted Baumi in post Concealment Confusion / How to use Fog Cloud
    Nevvur, don't you automatically know where the enemies are, except if they are actively hiding (which cost an action)? Kinda. You'll find variation among DMs in how they adjudicate stealth. I think the part that confuses most new players (especially rogues) is the expectation they can hide, sneak up behind an opponent, and do a melee backstab. In 5e, everyone has 360 degree vision at all times, as far as the mechanics are concerned, making that impossible - unless the opponent is blind or something, but then you're already getting advantage, so being hidden en route to the attack provides no extra advantage, and then your location is revealed after the attack anyway. At my table, if you were standing in a fog cloud and not doing anything, you're hidden (unseen and unheard, per the block I posted earlier), no stealth check necessary. Cast a spell with a verbal component? You're no longer hidden. Move a few spaces within the cloud on your next turn and quaff a healing potion? Hidden aga...
  • 05:56 PM - Oofta quoted Baumi in post Concealment Confusion / How to use Fog Cloud
    Thanks for such a fast response! 8D Coroc, my Problem got pointed out by Nevvur's PHB Text. They gain disadvantage because they cannot see you, but at the same time also gain Advantage because you cannot see them .. which cancels out. Which is a counterintuitive, but I can live with that (most RPGs have some Rule-Quirks), it just makes Fog Cloud quite hard to use, except out of combat for stealth purposes and I was wondering If I just did read it wrong. Nevvur, don't you automatically know where the enemies are, except if they are actively hiding (which cost an action)? Advantage and disadvantage always cancel each other out, so from a tactical perspective there may not be a lot of reason to cast the spell in some situations. Whether or not someone knows exactly where you are unless you succeeded in a stealth check versus their perception check is really up to your DM. In my campaign it depends on too many factors to boil down into a simple answer other than "should someone reas...

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